The Specialty Of Cornell University: The Programs And The Financial Aid

download (7)In some of the few decades the trend of studying in the foreign countries has increased in a rapid manner. The people in the world who are in the study prefer to get their education from the institutes of the foreign countries. The university of new york is one of the famous names for the dynamic system of education over there. There are numerous colleges and universities in New York which offers the various types of courses for the welfare of the students. These courses not only give the students the proper knowledge regarding the subject but also make them prepared for the professional life ahead. The area of expertise is given the maximum stress at the university of new york.

The Cornell University of New York:

The Cornell University is the famous university of new york. This was founded in the year of 1865 by two persons called Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. This is the university where all the subjects are taught regarding any field. Most of all the studies are done over here. The institute has approximately 100 departments which are concerned with almost all types of courses. It is the oldest new york university in new york and it had been maintaining the reputation very strictly.

The campus:

The campus of the new york university in new york is huge as it has the facilities of studying all the subjects. Initially when the university was started then the area was about 300 acres all together but now after expanding itself it has revealed itself containing the area of almost 2300 acres. There are many branches of the Cornell University like the New York university in New York city. The main campus of the university is called as the Ithaca Campus which is situated on the Ithaca hill of new York. The total university has images (11)260 buildings which are divided into the central campus, north campuses, west campus and the south campus. The central campus has the academic building, administrative buildings, laboratories, museums, auditoriums and so on. There are the residential facilities in the college buildings. Each campus has a separate residency for the students like the university of new york.


Every year  from many countries the application of the studying in the university of new york for the students are received by the university but very few among them are selected. The merit is only considered as the eligibility criteria of the students. There are undergraduate programs, graduate programs and also the programs for the doctoral courses and the professional courses are taught here.

Financial support:

The founder of the university Ezra Cornell established this university for making the scope for every person irrespective of anything. Therefore the financial aid to the needy students are given the university of new york. The minimum charge is taken from them and there is the system of scholarship to help the students in the higher studies. This is the characteristic which made the university special.


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