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Te Houghton College: Another Name For The Best Liberal Arts Studies In New York

images (16)The education is one of the necessities of the human life to make it better. The education is the medium via which the people can make themselves established in their lives. It is known to everyone that the New York university is the place where the education system is very much updated. They use the most improved techniques and equipments and follow the most innovative systems to create the best possible environment for the students and give them the best education for the establishment in their lives. Therefore students for various countries in the world come in the New York university to study over there and get the best education for their lives.

Houghton college:

There are numerous educational institutes in the New York university which deals with several courses those are relevant to the present world. the Houghton College is one of the popular institutes of New York university NY which offers a lot courses to the students. this is mainly a Christian college which is famous for the subjects of liberal arts among the institutes of New York university NY. The college is affiliated by the Wesleyan Church and is situated in Houghton in Geneese valley which in the southwestern part of the New York university NY. The college is founded by Willard J. Houghton in the year of 1883. The college was established as the Houghton Seminary then slowly it grew itself and came to be known as the Houghton college.

download (12)The campus of the college:

The area of the college of university New York is 1,300 acres and the main campus is situated in the Hamlet of the place Houghton near the Allegany County in the new york. It is about 65 miles from the Buffalo and almost 70 miles from the Rochester.

The academic programs of the college:

There are various departments in the college of university New York and the special feature of the college is that the students can pursue the distant education from the college. The departments of studies in the college are the Arts, communication, English, Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, religion, education, physical and health education, world language and literature, leisure studies, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics and earth science, business, economics, history, psychology, sociology and political science. There are the major and minor programs for the students and the students can choose from the courses and study for making their future good with it.

The sports part of the college of  University New York is very much active. The students who study over here can make their active part in the sports also through the active sports arrangements in the college. The college also has the financial aids for the needy students who do not have the ability to bear the expense of their studies. The college gives the pupils financial aids to the students to make them enable of studying their preferred subjects and get the establishment easily in their lives after passing out from the college.

Get An Exciting Opportunity Of Enhancing Your Existing Skills And Knowledge To Increase Your Esteem

images (21)We basically attain education to increase our value in this competitive world and even obtain brighter employment opportunities to sustain in life. But attaining education is not enough these days as the world and the industry have become highly dynamic and competitive. It is important to be capable of curbing each and every challenge that too effectively. Hence, the University of New York provides distinct courses of continuing education to cater to such needs of students, organizations, and even working professionals who seek to enhance their capabilities to an advanced level.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) of the University New York is open to all; from students to professionals, to post graduates and even organizations who which to advance their career to meet the challenges of any profession. The courses at NYU SCPS are developed in such a manner that they aim match up with the existing challenges of the industry so that the participants who pursue these courses become competent enough to tackle al l the challenges and even come up with innovative solutions. There are distinct courses offered by the New York university SCPS to cater to the diverse needs of people wishing to increase the bar of their esteem by enhancing their intellectual knowledge and their existing set of skills.

At New York university SCPS, the continuing education courses are developed in the most advanced manner. The lectures are delivered by highly professional and knowledgeable professors who have excelled in their respective field of study. They have the best potentiality of delivering lectures in such a manner that the participants get thorough knowledge about the concept. The lectures are highly demonstrative and interactive also. The concepts are explained to students using some advanced demonstrative methods like PowerPoint presentations, video clips, case studies, etc. Students are even asked to give their feedback in the form of assignments so that each and every student can share his/her opinion clearly and precisely.

download (8)At University New York, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies is dedicated to offer courses that can be attended by even working professionals. Hence, the time slots offered are much more flexible to suit the needs of the working professionals and not having them give up their jobs. Thus, a student gets an opportunity to upgrade his/her skills and even enhance knowledge greatly by pursuing continual education courses from the SCPS, New York University.

The SCPS of the University of New York offers an MBA degree which is meat for graduates seeking to enhance their managerial and leadership skills in order to help businesses find some apt solutions to the dynamics of business environment. Even managers can pursue this program to polish their existing skills and take them to a newer level. This program is offered in a very unique manner and the coursework is also comprehensive to provide students an in-depth knowledge about various concepts of business management.

Obtain greater knowledge by enrolling in one of the continuing education program at the University of New York and increase your esteem.

A Closer Look Into The Campus Life At The New York University

images (13)A closer look into the campus life at the New York University

We all know that campus life is really happening. At various universities, there are various clubs, students’ unions, and event organizers which make the campus life for students livelier. One such University which is famous for its happening campus life is the University of New York.

The University New York has always taken pride and boasts of its campus life. It has a historic significance. The campus life reflects tremendous spirit of students who participate in various events and programs organized by the campus at a higher level. All the students, their parents, University alumni, and even professors are welcomed very warmly by the New York University in New York. The academic endeavor at NYU is really full of celebrations and great participations.

The University of New York always welcomes new concepts and ideas which are inculcated on a larger extent for organization of various cultural fest and events. This allows various reluctant students to put forth their ideas and serves as a common platform for students to share and discuss their views and opinions about various ideas of events. Hence, many clubs and fest organizing unions exist in the campus of the New York University in New York which handle and co-ordinate all the activities related to organization of these cultural events. The reason why events are organized and co-ordinate properly is because large number of people participates in these events and NYU just cannot afford to disappoint their spectators and participants.

images (4)Another big event which is celebrated with great enthusiasm at the campus of the University New York is the sports event. The sport event is organized at inter-department, inter-school, and inter-university levels. Innumerable students take part in the sports event with great spirits. May new sport games are added in the sports event every year. Even alumni are allowed to take part in these sports event. This is the time when students actually get along with each other very well and play with great team spirits. The bonding between students really gets stronger in this particular period of time.

Besides, the University New York also organizes various events which are meant for a social cause. Various social issues are picked up every year and are made as a theme of spreading awareness for the same. Rallies, processions, meetings, and discussions are organized on a large scale to allow innumerable participants and attract attention of large number of people towards a social cause so that its awareness can be created on a very big scale. Social issues related to environment, health, AIDS, cancer, etc have already been promoted by the New York University in New York in the past few years. All the schools and colleges which come under the University New York participate in all these events with great enthusiasm.

Undoubtedly, the University of New York pays special attention to the overall development of all its students by providing an atmosphere with multifarious opportunities.


Get Unbeatable Study Experience Only At The New York University

images (11)Studying abroad has become a trend for many students and also is a secret desire of countless students because the entire study atmosphere is quite different in different Universities located in different countries. It has become really competitive to get into one of the international universities because of increasing population of students applying abroad for different leading universities. It really becomes difficult for universities to screen and select students to get admitted in the respective universities. One such university which has become greatly popular is the University of New York. Let’s take a closer look into the University of New York.

Located in the heart of the city of Manhattan of the New York City, the University of New York is an educational hub for pursuing all kinds of course across all the levels of education. All you need to do is identify your area of study and the University New York will definitely have something for you to offer to fulfill your requirement.

The New York University in New York is one of the leading universities in the world. It ranks at the 22nd position worldwide because of its superior quality courses and education. Many national and international students just wish to pursue their studies from this University because it is one of the prestigious universities in the world. Having a degree of the University New York is obviously is a big achievement. It is sure to add great credentials to one’s profile.

Be it an under graduate course or a post graduate course or even a doctoral course, The New York University in New York is one of the best universities to pursue course across all the levels of education. The University has developed state-of-art educational facilities for all its students. It library is worth mentioning. The library is updated with latest edition of books, reference materials, guides, journals, and research papers. The laboratories present at various Research centers within the University New York facilitate students to do their research very easily.

images (10)The New York University in New York has world’s best renowned and knowledgeable professors who are the backbone of the University New York. Their extensive knowledge about their respective topics and subjects is commendable. They provide never-ending support to all their students. They are highly skilful in their own spheres. Most of the professors are doctoral degree holders because of which, their knowledge is unbeatable. These professors are so renowned that they even are invited for guest lecturers into different Universities.

Besides, the campus life at the University New York is vibrant and full of life. Students get an opportunity for overall development because various cultural events are organized within the campus. Being ideally located within the heart of the city of New York, various national and international events are hosted within the city. This gives an opportunity to students to interact with countless international multi-ethnic people.

Have a relishing study experience at the University New York and give a boost to your career.

Come At The Campus Of Columbia University, A World-Renowned Campus In New York

images (7)It was founded in the year of 1896 as the name of Columbia University, the new york university but before establishing this one it has to pass many stages like at first it was known as the King’s college or the center for the royal families only but later it was reformed as the Columbia School and then from increasing the domain it has introduced itself as the new york university.

The campus of the Columbia university:

The main campus of Columbia, the new york university almost covers the 32 acres of the land that means six city blocks. The campus owns 7800 apartments for the students and the stuffs in the university new york. The campus is called the Morningside Heights and it has a lot of buildings. The buildings are:

  • Low memorial library. This is the main library building of the university new york having the classical architecture and now it is served in the administrative works of the university new york and the central hall of the library which was primarily the reading room now used as the hall for the special events and exhibitions.
  • Low plaza: it is the open air place within the compound of the university which is used in the outdoor programs of the nyu new york university.
  • Kent: this is used as the East Asian library and the books related to the eastern culture and the language are found in nyu new York university.
  • Philosophy: the sculpture of The Thinker is the symbol of this building of philosophy comparative literature, English, French etc..
  • Buell Hall: this is the department of French, American Literature and Japanese architectural studies.
  • St. Paul’s Chapel: this is mainly used as the religious purposes in nyu new York university.
  • Avery Hall: this is used for the department of architecture, preservation and planning.
  • Fayerweather: this building at the northeast end serves for the department of History and Sociology.
  • Jerome Green Hall: it is the main building of the Law School of the university.
  • CASA Italiana: is the new building of the Italian academy and the advanced American studies.
  • International affairs Building: this is from the school of international affairs of Columbia.
  • Schermerhorn: this is the building for the study of the natural science.









  • Uris: it is the main building of the business school.
  • Schapiro center: this is the building of engineering and applied science.
  • Social work: the school of social work is studied over here.
  • Pupin Hall: this is a hall of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center: this is for all the members of the university.
  • Havemeyer: it is dedicated to the study and research of chemistry.
  • Mathematics: the name suggests the study over here.
  • Earl Hall: it is the headquarter of the religious studies.
  • Lewisohn: it is the school of general studies.
  • Dodge Hall: it is the school of art.
  • Journalism: this is for the study of journalism.
  • Alfred Learner Hall: the study center.
  • Butler library: the academic library.
  • Hamilton: the main college building.