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Study in Touro College for a Brighter Future

images (8)Touro College is an independent and Jewish sponsored institute of higher studies set up under The University of New York. The institute was established basically to serve large portion of American community and also to enrich the Jewish heritage.  The college stands accredited by Middle States Commission on higher education and offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Science, liberal arts and Jewish studies serving the diverse aspects of Jewish community. College is well set up and has different courses to serves candidates from diverse fields thus offering them range of courses to choose from.


School for undergrads

New York School of Career and Applied Sciences– An eminent part of The New York University this school offer a range of diverse career programs such as Computer Science, Human Services, Business Management and Administration, Education Concentration, Bachelor of Arts, Science in Paralegal Studies etc. All this programs with detailed modules are designed to match the needs of candidates aspiring for career in different fields.

School of Health Sciences Undergraduate StudiesUniversity of New York has established this college to offer degree programs like Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Health Science to match the demands of Undergrads studies in the department of health and Science.


School for Grads

Graduate School of Business – Touro college set up under New York University (NYU) offers wide range of courses like Masters of Science in International Business Finance (for students who aspire a career in the field of money investment in international markets), Masters in Business Administration (who for students who wish to pursue career in managing business), Masters of Science in Human Resource Management (specially designed for students who wish to learn the techniques of managing human resources and its operation in globalized world), Master of Science in Accounting (for students who wish to pursue their career in the field of accounts).

images (10)Graduate School of education– An eminent part of Touro College this Grad School offers various degree programs like MS in Mathematics, M.S in School Leadership, MS in Instructional Technology, MS in Teaching Literacy and MS in teaching English.

Grad School of Psychology – This school offers only degree programs. Programs offers are Master of Science Psychology with focus on improving student academics, their social and emotional character, Master of Science in School Counseling with focus on counseling school students in their future career and solving their problems, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with focus on mental health of students in hospitals, counseling centers etc.

 Graduate School of Technology – This School under NYU rankings is one which offers various degree programs like Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design with diverse career options in field of 3D animation, Creations, Design Developer, Web Developer etc. Master of Science in Information Systems with openings in career options like database administrator, engineers of network etc, Master of Science I Instructional Technology with career options in the field of corporate trainers, faculty developers etc.

Te Houghton College: Another Name For The Best Liberal Arts Studies In New York

images (16)The education is one of the necessities of the human life to make it better. The education is the medium via which the people can make themselves established in their lives. It is known to everyone that the New York university is the place where the education system is very much updated. They use the most improved techniques and equipments and follow the most innovative systems to create the best possible environment for the students and give them the best education for the establishment in their lives. Therefore students for various countries in the world come in the New York university to study over there and get the best education for their lives.

Houghton college:

There are numerous educational institutes in the New York university which deals with several courses those are relevant to the present world. the Houghton College is one of the popular institutes of New York university NY which offers a lot courses to the students. this is mainly a Christian college which is famous for the subjects of liberal arts among the institutes of New York university NY. The college is affiliated by the Wesleyan Church and is situated in Houghton in Geneese valley which in the southwestern part of the New York university NY. The college is founded by Willard J. Houghton in the year of 1883. The college was established as the Houghton Seminary then slowly it grew itself and came to be known as the Houghton college.

download (12)The campus of the college:

The area of the college of university New York is 1,300 acres and the main campus is situated in the Hamlet of the place Houghton near the Allegany County in the new york. It is about 65 miles from the Buffalo and almost 70 miles from the Rochester.

The academic programs of the college:

There are various departments in the college of university New York and the special feature of the college is that the students can pursue the distant education from the college. The departments of studies in the college are the Arts, communication, English, Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, religion, education, physical and health education, world language and literature, leisure studies, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics and earth science, business, economics, history, psychology, sociology and political science. There are the major and minor programs for the students and the students can choose from the courses and study for making their future good with it.

The sports part of the college of  University New York is very much active. The students who study over here can make their active part in the sports also through the active sports arrangements in the college. The college also has the financial aids for the needy students who do not have the ability to bear the expense of their studies. The college gives the pupils financial aids to the students to make them enable of studying their preferred subjects and get the establishment easily in their lives after passing out from the college.

Come At The Campus Of Columbia University, A World-Renowned Campus In New York

images (7)It was founded in the year of 1896 as the name of Columbia University, the new york university but before establishing this one it has to pass many stages like at first it was known as the King’s college or the center for the royal families only but later it was reformed as the Columbia School and then from increasing the domain it has introduced itself as the new york university.

The campus of the Columbia university:

The main campus of Columbia, the new york university almost covers the 32 acres of the land that means six city blocks. The campus owns 7800 apartments for the students and the stuffs in the university new york. The campus is called the Morningside Heights and it has a lot of buildings. The buildings are:

  • Low memorial library. This is the main library building of the university new york having the classical architecture and now it is served in the administrative works of the university new york and the central hall of the library which was primarily the reading room now used as the hall for the special events and exhibitions.
  • Low plaza: it is the open air place within the compound of the university which is used in the outdoor programs of the nyu new york university.
  • Kent: this is used as the East Asian library and the books related to the eastern culture and the language are found in nyu new York university.
  • Philosophy: the sculpture of The Thinker is the symbol of this building of philosophy comparative literature, English, French etc..
  • Buell Hall: this is the department of French, American Literature and Japanese architectural studies.
  • St. Paul’s Chapel: this is mainly used as the religious purposes in nyu new York university.
  • Avery Hall: this is used for the department of architecture, preservation and planning.
  • Fayerweather: this building at the northeast end serves for the department of History and Sociology.
  • Jerome Green Hall: it is the main building of the Law School of the university.
  • CASA Italiana: is the new building of the Italian academy and the advanced American studies.
  • International affairs Building: this is from the school of international affairs of Columbia.
  • Schermerhorn: this is the building for the study of the natural science.









  • Uris: it is the main building of the business school.
  • Schapiro center: this is the building of engineering and applied science.
  • Social work: the school of social work is studied over here.
  • Pupin Hall: this is a hall of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center: this is for all the members of the university.
  • Havemeyer: it is dedicated to the study and research of chemistry.
  • Mathematics: the name suggests the study over here.
  • Earl Hall: it is the headquarter of the religious studies.
  • Lewisohn: it is the school of general studies.
  • Dodge Hall: it is the school of art.
  • Journalism: this is for the study of journalism.
  • Alfred Learner Hall: the study center.
  • Butler library: the academic library.
  • Hamilton: the main college building.

Get Awarded With A Certificate In Accounting From The Most Reputed University In The World, NYU

images (1)Being ranked on the 22nd position, the New York University is an ultimate hub of high quality education and extra-curricular activities. There are 18 schools and colleges which are affiliated to NYU and follow the course work framed by the University. All the schools and colleges falling under NYU are equipped with latest technology laboratories, world class educational facilities and rich libraries. Students are sure to attain overall development while studying here.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers programs not only for existing students at the New York University but also for visiting and working professionals. Various non-credit certificates, intensives, and online offerings are offered by NYU-SCPS to allow working professionals to gain knowledge about latest skills and even enhance their existing knowledge about specific subjects. One such certificate course offered by SCPS is a Certificate in Accounting.

The Certificate program designed by New York University is meant to build a strong foundation of students by teaching them concepts and principles of financial accounting and reporting. Additionally, this program seeks to introduce students to the latest related disciplines including forensic accounting, auditing, taxations, and financial planning so that students gain better knowledge about finance-related aspects thoroughly and can become easily accustomed to solving and deriving solutions to tax related problems.  This program demands prior knowledge of fundamental accounting to pursue this program further so that students understand all the concepts, principles, and theories thoroughly.

NYU awards certificates to students who successfully complete seven courses which comprises of four required courses and three elective courses.

Required courses are as follows:

  1. Financial Accounting Part I (ACCT1-CE8101)
  2. Financial Accounting Part II (ACCT1-CE8102)
  3. Intermediate Accounting Part I (ACCT1-CE8103)
  4. Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT1-CE8105)

Students are required to enroll in any three of the following elective courses:

  1. Intermediate Accounting Part II (ACCT1-CE8104)
  2. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT1-CE8106)
  3. Management Planning, Control, and Effective Budgeting (ACCT1-CE8108)
  4. Advanced Accounting (ACCT1-CE8109)
  5. Managing Accounting Operations (ACCT1-CE8111)
  6. Writing Skills for Accounting and Finance Professionals (ACCT1-CE8112)
  7. Internal Auditing (ACCT1-CE8201)
  8. Introduction to Forensic Accounting (ACCT1-CE8401)
  9. Introduction to Not-for-profit Accounting and Governmental Reporting (ACCT1-CE8501)
  10. Federal Income Tax Planning for Individuals (TAXN1-CE8002)
  11. Introduction to Corporate Taxation (TAXN1-CE8003)
  12. FP1: Fundamentals of Financial Planning (FINA1-CE9940)
  13. Global Financial Reporting (IFRS) Governance Strategy (ACCT1-CE8115)

images (2)Upon successful completion of this program, students would have gained solid knowledge of key aspect of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and their application in ground reality. Students would also have gained information about recording and preparing financial; transactions and financial statements. Accounting aspect would also have been covered and understood by each and every student.  The students would have also acquainted knowledge about the key principles and concepts related to fiancé and accounting spheres such as taxation, auditing, budgeting, and financial planning.

Isn’t it great that the University of New York offers such distinguished and apt programs for students and working professionals? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and enroll in one of these special programs and give a boost to your career.

Know About The Best Library Of The University Of New York

university-club-library-new-york“A room without books is likely a body without a soul”

It is a very true saying followed as a principle by the New York University. The New York University in New York has always been living up to the expectations of the students by providing apt and distinguished education along with world-class facilities for studying such as high-tech laboratories for research purposes, various specialized research centers and richest libraries.

Speaking of libraries, New York University is equipped with one of the best and the greatest libraries in the world. The renowned and the sumptuous Elmer Bobst Library is the main library in the university campus which is named after its benefactor Elmer Holmes Bobst who had contributed 11.5 million dollars towards its conclusion and opening. Mr. Elmer was a renowned personality in the fields of public health, pharmaceuticals, philanthropy.

The Bobst Library at NYU was built in 1972 which is now one of the largest libraries in the university and one of the largest academic libraries in the United States. It is twelve-storey structure with nine libraries embedded within. 5.1 million-volume system allows students and the faculty members to get access to this intellectual structure. The Bobst Library comprises of more than 3.3 million volumes, 3.5 million microforms, and 20,000 journals in addition to access to thousands of electronic resources in the nature of e-journals, licensed database, and other forms for campus NYU students and to university community across the globe through Internet. The library has the capacity of accommodating 7,400 users per day. The library circulates about one million books per year.

Within the Bobst library at the New York University, there are two special archives and collections- the Tamiment Library focuses on history of left politics and labor; and The Fales Library specializes in food studies, literature and the New York City culture development. The Library also conists of the Avery Fisher center for Music and media which is a specialized studio focusing on assistance to digital projects and collection of data and statistical computing and the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation Department for utmost care of audio, visual material, and paper.

Besides, there are some other specialized libraries also which are at the Institute of Fine Arts, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, SCPS Jack Brause Library, institute for the Study of the Ancient World Library, NYU Law Library and the NYU Health Sciences Libraries. All these libraries are updated with latest editions of books, journals, research guides and reference guides. All the students and faculty members within NYU and the global NYU community easily get the access to all these libraries for research work and projects.

The New York University has been appraised for its advanced study facilities which help students complete their projects very easily with the presence of computer lounge, science laboratories, auditoriums, seminal halls, and studios for music and art performances. The success mantra of NYU is providing superior quality education across all levels of study with the best amenities and facilities.