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Study in Touro College for a Brighter Future

images (8)Touro College is an independent and Jewish sponsored institute of higher studies set up under The University of New York. The institute was established basically to serve large portion of American community and also to enrich the Jewish heritage.  The college stands accredited by Middle States Commission on higher education and offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Science, liberal arts and Jewish studies serving the diverse aspects of Jewish community. College is well set up and has different courses to serves candidates from diverse fields thus offering them range of courses to choose from.


School for undergrads

New York School of Career and Applied Sciences– An eminent part of The New York University this school offer a range of diverse career programs such as Computer Science, Human Services, Business Management and Administration, Education Concentration, Bachelor of Arts, Science in Paralegal Studies etc. All this programs with detailed modules are designed to match the needs of candidates aspiring for career in different fields.

School of Health Sciences Undergraduate StudiesUniversity of New York has established this college to offer degree programs like Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Health Science to match the demands of Undergrads studies in the department of health and Science.


School for Grads

Graduate School of Business – Touro college set up under New York University (NYU) offers wide range of courses like Masters of Science in International Business Finance (for students who aspire a career in the field of money investment in international markets), Masters in Business Administration (who for students who wish to pursue career in managing business), Masters of Science in Human Resource Management (specially designed for students who wish to learn the techniques of managing human resources and its operation in globalized world), Master of Science in Accounting (for students who wish to pursue their career in the field of accounts).

images (10)Graduate School of education– An eminent part of Touro College this Grad School offers various degree programs like MS in Mathematics, M.S in School Leadership, MS in Instructional Technology, MS in Teaching Literacy and MS in teaching English.

Grad School of Psychology – This school offers only degree programs. Programs offers are Master of Science Psychology with focus on improving student academics, their social and emotional character, Master of Science in School Counseling with focus on counseling school students in their future career and solving their problems, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with focus on mental health of students in hospitals, counseling centers etc.

 Graduate School of Technology – This School under NYU rankings is one which offers various degree programs like Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design with diverse career options in field of 3D animation, Creations, Design Developer, Web Developer etc. Master of Science in Information Systems with openings in career options like database administrator, engineers of network etc, Master of Science I Instructional Technology with career options in the field of corporate trainers, faculty developers etc.

The NYU School of Law- A Great Hub To Pursue Law Studies

images (21)To pursue law courses, there are plenty of colleges and schools for aspirants looking to make a good career in the law field. But the challenging part comes when students need to choose a university that offers an appropriate program on Law. If you are stuck up in such a situation, then you should definitely give a thought to the New York University for pursuing law or further studies in law.

The New York University School of Law is renowned and notable for its distinguished courses that are offered in Law. The New York University is located in Manhattan and is one of the oldest universities and schools in the City of New York. The School offers varied courses for under graduation and graduation levels. Students can even pursue an advanced level program from this school. Known for its peculiar study curriculum, the School of law at NYU is believed to be one of the most renowned law schools in the entire United States of America. The School has been ranked on the 6th position in USA which is rather enough to explain why.

The School of Law at NYU is specially noted for its peculiar tax law and international law programs which have been ranked 1st consistently in the country. All the programs are delivered by professors who are extremely qualified and knowledgeable and even keep themselves updated with dynamics of the law field that keep happening within the legal system of the nation. They try their best to pass on the same knowledge and skills to the students so that they too develop the skills and acquire knowledge and even understand the importance of enhancement of knowledge by means of updating. Numerous class assignments related to the law field are assigned to students at individual and team levels. This is incorporated by the New York University to prepare student thoroughly by means of self study. Thus, students get to learn and understand the concepts of law on their own by mean of individual and team presentations.

images (20)The L.L.M in the taxation program of the NYU School of Law is believed to be one of the most strongest and challenging programs in the United States of America. Students can choose to enroll either in a full time regular program or even in specialization programs that are dedicated to specific areas related to law such as business taxation or estate planning. Specialization programs come under the advanced level programs and can be pursued only when students have successful completed their graduation in the Law field. The course and curriculum of these programs is really tough which is why; greatly qualified professors and noted practitioners; who themselves hold PhD degrees in that particular elective; are chosen to deliver lectures on the concepts contained in these programs.

As the New York University is into tie-ups and partnership programs, students can now earn LLB and LLM Degrees within a period of only three and a half years rather than four years which is really worth mentioning because students get a post graduate degree within such a short span of time and even six months get saved. The NYU School of Law even offers a dual degree program because of its association with the Faculty of Law University of Melbourne Law School and National University of Singapore.



College Of Nursing At The University Of New York Offers Professional Nursing Degree Course

images (5)Health care sector has been on the lines of rapid development in which; nursing field has matured intensively. Learning Nursing demands dedication and high-quality course of study which the College of Nursing at the New York university offers with comprehensive curriculum across all the levels which focuses on meeting today’s nursing needs.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science through its 15-month accelerated program and a traditional four-year degree program. The program educates students with the exciting challenges of nursing at professional level. The program focuses on building a strong foundation of students in the fields of liberal arts and sciences. Students are allowed access to the most renowned medical center in the world for enhanced clinical education. Students are even taken to the Clinical Simulation Learning Center.  With the best faculty and education system, NYU students clear the passing exam for nurses’ registration very easily.

The master’s and advanced certificate programs of the College of Nursing at NYU, the University at New York are meant for existing nurses who wish to enhance their existing skills in clinical practice, education, nursing administration, and informatics by providing the essentials for building foundation for doctoral study. Graduates are molded for gaining leading positions in advanced nursing practice in mental health, care of the adult, care of infants, adolescents, holistic nursing, nurse midwifery, and many other. All the programs are inculcated with educating students with the basics of research, nursing theory, issues and trends while delivering health care, and many more.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a PhD program in Nursing Research and Theory Development for nurses aiming to do a download (3)comprehensive research. Philosophy of scientific inquiry, qualitative and quantitative research designs, theory development in nursing science, and methodological approached to management and analysis of data are all a part of building foundation of the students enrolled in this program. Upon successful completion of the PhD program, students gain leading positions in health care, academics, research, and practice settings. Either students can apply to this program after completing the master’s degree or even at an early stage wherein they wish to explore the trajectory path of baccalaureate to masters and then PhD.

The DNP program of the New York University College of Nursing is an innovative program meant to mould nurse practitioners and nurse midwives into clinical leadership positions across the health care sector and practices. This program is extended over five semesters.

All the programs offered by the University at New York are meant to build a strong foundation of students and nurses to excel in whatever specialization they choose. The college posses highly qualified faculty members and professors who are dedicated to provide best course of study to the students. Besides, there are acclaimed researchers and mentors to mentor students to motivate them for doing a high-quality research in whichever area they elect. Students’ skills are polished with the college’s state-of-the-art facilities which aim at meeting today’s and tomorrow’s high-tech challenges across the health care sector.


The University of New York:The Right Place If You Are Looking For World Class Courses

images (1)A university is a place where apart from studies a student looks out for a campus that is well according to the latest technology, amenities and milieu. This is perfectly delivered by the NYU. This esteemed university is well known all round the world for providing the courses that make a student excel in the undergraduate fields or the post graduate fields which has equal amount of demand all over the world. There is thousands of students who migrate just to be a part of this reputed university and to be a part of the educational intellect that it has been providing for years now. Not only studies this university also makes project that is worthy for the social relevance that they provide. We need programs to change different prevailing societal problem all across the world and this is aptly done through the various projects that the student, faculty and staffs be the part of.

The New York University is the melting point of students who take up different courses and study and work with a group consisting of their peers who come from the 50 states and also from over 127 countries of the world. The intellect of this university consists of viewpoints, voices of dissent, affirmation, and of course protests. NYU’s graduate students and undergraduates are though diverse in their background still having a lot in common. Each and every student stands out to be competitive and efficient in their own way and want to be a resourceful enthusiast to change the ever changing society. They have their mark on the rest of the world after perusing their career and dream of studying a subject matter. A wide range of students and scholars from all round the world come to pursue images (2)the advanced degrees that are offered by the esteemed university. The university is the amalgam of different fields, study matters and diverse backgrounds.

New York University in New York offers graduate studies in the field of science and arts; however the courses also include professional ones like law, dentistry, medicine, education, public administration, social work, business and the arts. Commitment for an excellent campus in what is provided by the university and so there the participation of university sponsored programs and services included more than 15,000 students, faculty and staff. The courses will make the students reach the zenith in the near future as the recognition of the courses is found worldwide. The programs which create social awareness are not necessarily related to the courses but also HIV/AIDS awareness, painting of public schools, visiting a place with senior citizens, Tutoring and many more. These are to name a few apart from this the campus also provides a lot of other opportunities. The University of New York is a place which provides every possible amenities to all the students, faculties and staff along with the dedication which makes it one of the best universities of the world.



New York University: A University That Provides The internship You Would Love To Join As Social Worker

imagesThere are many universities around the world who give emphasis on the fact that students as able part of the world should indulge in community service programs of different sorts. One such university is NYU which gives the choice to student to be a social worker and get involved in a community based service program.

The University of New York has community program for fund internship which tries to provide full- time knowledge to student and all the necessary skills required for the entry level positions of the various non -profit organizations. The program of community fund internship is a semester long non-paid internship which is non-credited. This program is in partnership with non -profit organization of the ones who have received funding through the community fund of NYU in Lower Manhattan. New York University has the program which entails full one year of volunteer work followed by the chance to continue work in additional semesters. The admission process is under the slot of summer semesters or fall spring. The community fund is the workplace of the university’s charitable program.

The service project of NYU gives the opportunity to the students to learn about varied societal issues and the different perspectives they come from. The assigned team brings advocates from different backgrounds together to engage in trainings, conversations, downloadservice and planning sessions. The students may get the golden opportunity of working as an intern at 30 non-profit organizations or intern at any government agency within the government of New York City. Though these internships are unpaid, still students are able to fit the program who are able to qualify for Federal Work-Study.

The good news is the service project might have students with previous volunteer experience and can surely apply for a non-profit or government agency. The details could be received by contacting the respective department. However, there are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled so that the students can apply for the internship. It is best to contact through mail or by calling to know the details of the program and the process of applying. There are students from all across the world who can join this program and can be a proud part of it. Though it is unpaid still the relevance that it has on societal background is immense and can open up future prospect for students.

The criteria are well set to filter students who would excel in the programs and could be a responsible part of it. The applicants are from all around the world and so the competition level is pretty high. Other than the different graduate and undergraduate studies, programs like this could be great future prospects for the students who want to move ahead will social work in life. This gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction to be attached with a program like community service that too with a university like NYU. Being a part of the New York state agency is always worth it.

Earn A Certificate From The University Of New York In Global Transactional Banking To Cater To Today’s Economic Challenges

downloadThe most happening educational hub in the world is the New York University located in Manhattan, New York. The University of New York not only boasts of fine quality educational programs and curriculum but also of extra-curricular events which lead to an overall development and growth of students. The unique School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the University at New York offers a wide range of non-credit certificate programs for existing students, visiting students, and adult learners/working professionals.

The Certificate program in Global Transactional Banking is one of the finest and the most required program designed by NYU, the University at New York with an intention to overcome challenges which prevail in the economy because of the unfortunate economic collapse of 2008. The global financial community is trying hard to find people who can come up with solutions to tackle all these challenges for a prolonged period. The transactional banking although is performing consistently with stability since 2008, there still needs to be a strategy to boost the same. This certificate program intends to cater to these needs in today’s economic industry and also prepare students to face future challenges because the economic sector is one of the most dynamic and altering sectors.

In the current market environment, the cash management, payments, trade finance, and securities services organizations have been performing although with stability, but have been characterized by stable earnings, low capital requirements, and product growth. All imagesthe more, transaction banking on a wholesale level signifies stable source of funding and inexpensive funding to meet the requirement of liquidity for banks. All these situations need to be thoroughly understood only then, some good strategies and solutions could be put forth to enhance the economic situations. All these aspects are covered under this certificate program designed by NYU-SCPS.

NYU, the University at New York expects fresh graduates and working professionals to enroll in this program who have prior knowledge about banking and global economy principles and concepts so that their knowledge can be enhanced and their decision-making process can be thoroughly polished and shone so that all the participants, upon successful completion of this program can be capable enough of making decisions for organizations and thus, reviving the economy.

The New York University awards certificates to students who compulsorily complete five required courses which are as follows:

  1. Principles of International Banking
  2. International Corporate Finance
  3. International Cash Management and Working Capital
  4. International Trade Finance
  5. Issues in Globalizing Economy

This is indeed one of the most unique certificate programs designed by the University of New York which intends to educate students thoroughly about liquidity management, working capital, management accounting, international banking, and globalized economy.  Students are sure to gain knowledge and how to handle challenges that exist in today’s real world of economy by learning foreign exchange transactions, principles of banking products, and concepts related to today’s market environment which comprises of trading securities, stocks, and commodities.

The University Of New York Is The Hub Of New York Academics

academics_photoCollege or university life could be the best days of a person’s life just because of the fun, zeal, vigour and the crazy moments that they bring in. apart from studying and the dull moments that might be spent in a library, it is that part of life when friends become the best support. The time spent together becomes memorable and cherishing through the rest of their lives. Working together on assignment, project or course study makes it all the more interesting.

Leaving the enthusiastic and well known professors the university of new york has an environment that is competitive yet spirited for the academicians who come across. The staffs are very helpful and any query is entertained with complete help from the staff. The campus also help scholar from different background, countries, or academic courses to meet and they can speak and interact with each other. The new york university also have researchers from all over the world. NYU operates performance and theatre facilities. This pretty often is used by the university in the Tisch School of the Arts and also in their conservatory. There are external productions that are held in NYU at times. The Greenwich square has attracted talented writers, musicians, intellectuals and artists for generation after generation. The centre of NYU is the campus of the Washington Square.

The new york university ny in United States of America have program study that is offered under academic resources includes Acting: Graduate, taxation, accounting and business law, advanced digital appliances, animation, anthropology graduate and a host of academicsBanner4other courses that continues in the list. The list is long enough and hardly so many courses are offered by the different universities across the globe. The recent graduates can even request a transcript in NYU. The website gives each and every information necessary of the university. The university of new york have a very efficient leadership team for reaching the enterprise and fulfilling the objectives of the university. The transportation in New York is very feasible and easy and there is ample number of options for the academicians to travel. The MTA runs the subway, bus and trains that will get one where they need to go. Other than these there are yellow cabs that could be availed at any point of time.

The office of the president present in the university campus is the highest ranking office. Other than this there are administrative offices as well. NYU have a number of clubs of sports that includes baseball, badminton, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, tennis, crew, lacrosse, equestrianism, softball, squash, martial arts and many more. The prestigious history has given a number of well ground achievements to this institution and it continues to offer the world a large number of brilliant students each year. The faculty and the professors are helpful enough to bring the best out of a student and show the right way to a glorious future. There is an alumni community of this renowned institution as well.

Study Law In The New York University

NYU Law Review, NYU Annual Survey of American law, NYU journal of International Law and Politics, review of Law and Social Change, Environmental Law Journal, Journal of Legislation and Public Policy, Journal of Law and Liberty, Journal of Law and Business and lastly, Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law.There are plenty of schools and colleges which offer Law courses for students who wish to make a career in Law. It is indeed a tough choice for students to choose one of the best universities to pursue Law education. Undoubtedly, to have a distinguished learning experience about law, New York University is one of the best universities.

The NYU School of Law has great recognition for its distinct courses offered in the field of Law. Located in the campus of the New York University in Manhattan, the school is one of the oldest schools in the New York City. The school offers various graduation and post graduation degree courses for students who aspire to be attorneys and lawyers. Known for its distinguished study coursework, the law school of NYU is believed to be one of the most prestigious law schools in USA. The School has been ranked 6th in the country of USA which is sufficiently enough to describe why so.

NYU School of Law is specially recognized and distinguished for its tax law and international law which has been on the first position consistently in the nation. All the courses and programs of law are delivered by highly qualified professors who keep themselves updated with the recent changes and amendments happening within the law of the nation. Same is passed on to the students so that they too are updated with recent changes. Various class projects and assignments are allotted to students in individual and in groups which are all related to the law. This is a part of the coursework adopted by the New York University. This gives an opportunity to students to understand the law thoroughly on the own by individual and group presentations.

Law in the New York UniversityBesides, nine student-edited law journals are published by NYU which is worth mentioning. They are NYU Law Review, NYU Annual Survey of American law, NYU journal of International Law and Politics, review of Law and Social Change, Environmental Law Journal, Journal of Legislation and Public Policy, Journal of Law and Liberty, Journal of Law and Business and lastly, Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law.

The LL.M. in taxation program of the New York University school of Law is considered to be one of the most challenging and strongest programs in the entire USA. Students get an opportunity to either enroll in a regular course of study or even enroll in specialization courses devoted to specific areas of law such as estate planning or business taxation. Specialization courses are mostly considered to be of advanced level. These courses are mostly delivered by various eminent practitioners in their corresponding fields.

Because of The New York University’s partnership programs, it is now possible for students to get their LLB and LLM degrees in a period of only three and a half years instead of the four which is highly commendable. The school of Law of NYU also offers dual degree courses in association with National University of Singapore and Faculty of Law University of Melbourne Law school.


Certificate Courses Offered By NYU

Certificate courses offered by NYU

NYU_TORCH_TEXTDo you wish to give a boost to your career? If you wish to reduce the number of years spent on completing degree courses, you definitely must give a thought to enroll into a certificate program offered by the New York University in New York. The New York University offers a unique course- Continuing and Professional Studies. By enrolling into one of the certificate programs, you definitely are on the right path to get better career opportunities.

The certificate programs at NY University enhance the expertise of individuals in the respective area without even spending that much time as would have been required for a degree program. The New York University has designed these unique certificate programs in such a manner that an individual finds it feasible to attend these programs even during the busy schedules. The programs ensure offering deep knowledge about the subject and all the related topics. Undoubtedly, on successful completion of the course, an individual receiving a certificate from New York University will have high recognition and credentials which would give a boost to his career.

NY University offers distinct courses in the field of business management. One of the most popular courses is to pursue a certificate course in Marketing. The objective of this popular course is to expose you to the dynamic nature of the marketing field as well as to educate you about application of various principles and theories of marketing in the practical business world. The marketing course typically is composed of six total courses.

Another certificate course offered by NY University is in Financial Analysis. This course focuses on educating individuals about the analytical theories and practices used by expert managers and financial analysts across various sectors. Individuals who aim to work in investment firms, broking firms, corporations and various other professional services, this certificate program is ideal for them. Within a period of nine months, students are awarded with their certificates.

21.-Online-Graduate-Education-CoursesThe New York University also has designed a certificate program in Project Management. Individuals who do not have bit knowledge in project management can enroll in this course. Even individuals who wish to enhance their existing skills in project management can enter into this program. Various industries seek project managers to fulfill various projects assigned by clients. The individuals who pursue this program get a scope to enter into such industries. Five courses are required to be completed by the students.

Individuals anticipating to learn enhanced set of skills in the management field as well as have an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of corporate politics can find it beneficial to complete a certificate program in Management Practices offered by the New York University. This program will give a great start to beginners in management. Various management practices, executive communication skills as well as leadership strategies are covered under this program. To learn to plan and implement technology solutions, individuals can also enroll in the certificate program of NYU in Business Technology. This program consists of four compulsory courses and one elective course.

Information About Summer Classes in NYU

557-pYou are free in your summer holidays and wish to do something interesting or pursue a course. The best place to pursue summer courses and take additional classes in the months of summer is the New York university summer classes. These classes can give acceleration to students who wish to further take admissions in graduation. The New York University summer classes are mostly conducted in the Greenwich Village campus. This location is exact within the New York City making the city accessible very easily. The quality of education is highly superior here in the University of New York. Approximately, 3000 national and international students apply for these summer classes to accelerate their graduation processes. Obviously, having an NYU degree will automatically enhance the value of a student and will easily be granted admission for further studies.

The University of New York offers distinct courses for summer classes from which student can choose according to there are of interest. It is unbelievable that the New York University offers over 1000 distinct courses at graduation and under graduation levels. But being NYU, students disregard their area of interest and seek admissions in any of the summer courses just to get through NYU. Mostly, students apply for those courses which offer an opportunity to students to go abroad for studies. The summer classes are so popular that the University of New York needs to issue even waiting lists of students and sometimes, over-responses even lead to conduction of interviews for selection of students.

The University of New York realizes and believes that the students should get an opportunity for overall development during the process of learning. That is why; NYU hosts and organizes various cultural events which involve participation of all the national and international students. The students get exposed to the diverse cultures and ethnicity which even increase the knowledge of the students.

new york-imageThe Greenwich Village campus of New York University gives an opportunity to students to experience the diverse and rich culture of the City thoroughly. This area of the City is the most happening area because it is a hub to various artists and arts performers who perform here in Greenwich Village. The academic life at the campus of the University of New York is very dynamic and vibrant. The University believes in offering world-class educational experiences to all its students. With its campus facilities, students get an endeavoring experience of learning.

It is said that life is the greatest teacher. Therefore, life at NYU is also one of the greatest teachers through its summer classes conducted every year. These summer classes are conducted in a healthy environment which offers calm and study atmosphere to students for learning and focusing more on studies. These part-time students are even allowed to participate in various events and activities organized during their course of study.

Undoubtedly, New York University has been one of the most distinguishing universities which offer the best educational experiences to students.