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LIU Global Provides Best Quality Learning Experience

a9adWhen we talk about pursuing higher studies, you need definitely would want to study in such a university which has high credentials and great recognition. With similar credentials, the LIU Global is one of the campuses of the Long Island University, university at New York. It is one of the campuses of LIU located in Brooklyn.  It is one of the best campuses to pursue B.A. in Global Studies. It offers a unique program which integrates old cultures. This B.A. program is of four years which on completion awards students with a Bachelor Degree in Arts.

LIU Global of LIU, university of New York, boasts of a prestigious history of more than forty years. It was previously known as Global College of Long Island University and the Friends World Program. It is one of the most prestigious establishments which offer a unique educational experience. Students are provides with an individualized global experience and wide-scope-based liberal arts learning from one of the most honored and comprehensive universities in USA, the LIU, university, New York.

The unique program of LIU Global affiliated to LIU, university, New York, leads students to earn B.A. in Global Studies along with options to study abroad for semesters or years. Only visiting students are offered these options. The unique structure of the B.A. program is such that students need to spend the first three years of the program in the various campuses of LIU Global overseas where they live and learn their programs. The overseas campuses of LIU Global are in China, Costa Rica, India, Turkey, Australia, Peru, Taiwan, Ecuador, and Thailand. Thus, students get exposure to various cultures and people throughout their fieldwork, coursework, internships, service learning projects, immersions, and independent studies.

BK_CostaRica-Jun26The LIU, university at New York, offers students with foundation studies in their first year at the Costa Rica Center. In the second year, students at their discretion can choose to study at the Centre located in India or they can take part in the Comparative Religion and culture Program (CRC) which is for a year and thus, students can reach Thailand, India, Taiwan and Turkey. Being juniors, students can choose to spend one year the Center in China or keep travelling with CRC. Students also are given the option of spending the fall semester which is an integral part of the Global Issues in South America (GISA). This semester brings students to Peru and Ecuador or they can choose to spend their spring semester in Byron Bay in Australia. The final year of the program usually begins with a detailed independent research project in that location where the students wish to live. The program is at peak when students come to campus of university, New York where students are required to complete a continuous series of crowning experiences and a high quality thesis.  Throughout the program, the students get to learn and develop various language skills, great experience through fieldwork and cross-cultural learning experience and all these aspects are extremely necessary in today’s globalized economy.

Gain Wisdom And Learning By Enrolling Yourself At Fordham University

images (6) - CopyFounded in 1841, Fordham University is one of the best institutions of New York University. With 8325 undergraduates present in this university, the area is spread across 93 acres. Running on the semester system, the university held the 57th position in 2014 edition of best colleges of New York. With big campuses across the urban land of New York, students get the best study experience. Bronx Campus, Rose Hill is the original campus of the school but the university has two other campuses. One of them is Lincoln Center and the other is Westchester campus. Overall this college in New York University in New York comprises of four undergraduate schools and six graduate institutions.

Studies at Fordham University:

The faculty of the institute is very knowledgeable and has a distinguished experience in teaching. Embracing the undergraduate, graduate and professional courses, the college follows the Jewish tradition. The teachers work on the overall development of the child bestowing on them a lot of care and attention and also instilling in them the basic ethics of humanity. The coeducational research university is listed as the “more selective” university in New York University, New York.

Academic Life at Fordham University in New York:

images (5) - CopyThe academic life at Fordham College is inspired by Jesuit religion. Fordham College of New York University has major subjects as Business Administration and Management, Speech Communication and Rhetoric, Psychology, Accounting and Finance under General category. All the undergraduates need to clear 17 courses divided across nine courses which are English, Mathematics, Social Science, Philosophy and Ethics, History, Fine Arts, Religious Studies, Natural Science, Modern or Classical languages. The core curriculum is same for all the schools all over the world so that every student gets the best liberal arts education. This university in New York University, New York is also associated with NCAA athletic conference.

Libraries and Museums at Fordham University:

The Fordham University of New York adorns a vast repository of periodic as well as electronic journals. The students can access over 20 million volumes of New York Public Library. Besides they can also get their preferred material from universities like City University of New York, the New York University, Columbia University and much more.

Honors Programs offered at Fordham University:

This University of New York offers honors program under all undergraduate courses which is in the form of Core Curriculum. For instance, the college has a Great Book curriculum where various seminar classes are organized and a thesis is a major part of every student’s subject.

Services offered at the New York University’s Fordham institute:

The university carts out all kinds of services. Whether it is non-remedial tutoring or placement service, health service or any other facility, the place is best for the students who want to be a part of this college. Besides, the security services like 24-hr foot and vehicle patrolling, escort service, late night transportation, 24-hrs active emergency helpline and controlled access to university ensure extra comfort to the students. Alcohol is permissible only for students of legal age.


Get An Exciting Opportunity Of Learn While Earning From One and Only NYU-SCPS

nyu-scps-bannerThe New York University in New York has always thrived to provide the best of the best education to the national and international students with an aim to bring overall development in the students and also prepare them thoroughly for the challenges of the today’s competitive world. With 18 colleges and schools operating under the University of New York, the university is one of the most renowned and highly accredited universities in the world.

One of the schools at the University, New York NYU Schools of Continuing and Professional Studies, has three centers at NYU-SCPS which offer to the career beginners with undergraduate courses, the professionals with the graduation courses and other noncredit courses to all students in a balanced atmosphere of theory and practical sessions.

One of the centers of NYU-SCPS is the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. Students can enroll in this Center who are passionate and are willing to make a professional career in the same. It offers undergraduate degree programs to prepare students to be the future leaders for enhanced career opportunities. The Tisch Center also offers scholarship through the NYU financial aid programs.  Students get an opportunity to earn a B.S. degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and B.S. Degree in Sports Management.

The Tisch Center here in the University, New York, offers unique Master’s degree and graduate certificate programs in Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management for professional students who wish to enhance their existing skills and even learn new analytical skills and concepts of the 21st century world.  These dynamic fields are taught by experienced and highly-devoted faculty members who throw light on various new and traditional concepts of all these fields.

images (6)If you are a working professional and still wish to add credentials to your profile and career, you should definitely enroll in one of the noncredit courses offered by the New York University in New York Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management. All these programs are scheduled at the students’ convenience which are onsite as well as online. This gives students the flexibility to earn and learn simultaneously without even having given up their jobs. By pursuing these noncredit courses, all the enrolled students are provided with essential training via advanced methodology in the current sphere of the students. The training also guides students properly and systematically who wish to change their careers in the spectrum of Hospitality, tourism, and sports. In the training sessions, students are made aware of all the challenges that they could face in cases of career switching in the current scenario across the hospitality sector.  Students are put into systematic courseware which enhances students’ skills and concepts matching the 21st century.

With so many opportunities present in the University, New York, grab it soon so that you learn while you earn without sacrificing your job. You could even apply all the new theories learned during sessions at your workplace so that you could boost up your firm. Get the best study experience here, only at NYU-SCPS is the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management

Choose The University Of New York And Get The Best Education

Albany_Law_School_Law_School_in_Albany_New_York_1_39983Going abroad and studying out has become a trend because of the world class education facilities there. Students across the globe study out of their native countries to have distinguished education experience. Besides, overall development also matters with a dynamic academic life. Globally ranked 22nd, University of New York is a residential educational hub for thousand of internationals students who come with an aim of pursuing higher studies. Which is why; New York University has created distinct educational programs and courses for its students. All these courses are available at graduation, under graduation, post graduation and doctoral levels of studies.

University of New York is highly recognized and renowned worldwide because of the superior education and distinct programs. The University has been successful in overall development of its students because of its numerous cross-cultural activities and events held throughout the year. All the students need to participate and contribute a bit in all these events so that they get exposure to different traditions ad ethnicities.

Located in the City of New York, University of New York has some of the finest colleges which offer distinct educational degree courses in different fields. Besides, the University of New York also offers some part time summer courses and certificate programs which are steps to gain momentum in getting admission into advanced level of respective course in different renowned colleges. The responses of applications are so huge that even the University needs to conduct interviews for admitting students to its campus. Known for high quality of education, New York University also ensures high quality of delivery of lectures by proficient and experienced professors. They guide all the students thoroughly giving them an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

images (11)It is of great honor and appreciation to receive a degree from the University of New York. It automatically increases the credentials of an individual with such a prestigious degree in hand. The New York University is located within the New York City which makes it even more preferable for students to select it. Being within the City, the facilities become easily accessible. Enjoying City life after college hours can be fun and refreshing for various students. Besides, students get an opportunity to attend various cultural events which are organized within the City round the year. Education with amusement refreshes a student’s mind providing an opportunity to learn study and grasp even more with a fresh mind all the time. Typically, this is the culture and pattern followed in the academic life at the University of New York, New York.

With the presence of countless international students every year, the New York University also has taken steps to ensure safety of all its students via implementing various legal amendments and laws. Therefore, the campus life is also believed to be safe and secure, especially for girls. All the areas within the campus are under CCTV surveillance 24/7 to ensure maximum safety.

Some Key Aspects Of The University Of New York

imagesThe University of New York has been ranked 22nd amongst the leading universities across the globe. Well, numbers speak for themselves. 18 schools, institutes and colleges are affiliated to NYU and the best part is most of the colleges are located within the New York City. Such a setup has made it possible to enjoy campus lifestyle along with city lifestyle. Students get an opportunity to participate in most of the cultural activities and events hosted by the city to manifest its diverse culture. NYU is an ancient university in New York which has matured and flourished with the passage of time.

New York City is a hot-spot for education because of the presence of the New York University in New York. NYU colleges offer distinguishing courses at various levels of higher education from undergraduate to doctoral levels. The coursework of all the courses is created in such a way that it provides in-depth knowledge about the subject to the students. The delivery of lectures by experienced faculties and professors provides a better understanding about the subject to the students. The University of New York makes it sure that all its faculties are accredited and possess teaching credentials because it is the question of a student’s career which is a priority to the New York University in New York.

The New York City in New York offers varied courses across different spheres of studies such as Medical, law, Business Management, Mathematical Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Median and Journalism and yet more. With best campus facilities and infrastructure, The University of New York is one of the preferred choices for pursuing education by national and international students. Global exchange programs of the university in New York offer an opportunity to exchange global students. The financial aid system of The University of New York has been successful in providing financial support to various eligible students.

new york collageStudents get an opportunity to join any students unions which thrive in ensuring improvement in the facilities of the university in New York. The governing student body at NYU is the Student Senators Council. Besides, on campus, there are 450 students’ organizations and clubs.  There are various organizations which aim at arts, culture and entertainment in addition to fraternities, sports teams, study clubs and soroties.

The enrollment procedure of NYU is simple. Admission forms are available which need to be filled and submitted before deadlines. For international students, passing GRE and TOEFL tests with excellent scores is mandatory. After furnishing of relevant documents and enrollment fees, the application goes into processing. A student, who gets selected to any of the university in New York, is sure to get molded into a fine person because all the universities aim at producing excellent students who would have rich knowledge after successful completion of the course. The recognition on the degree received from any of the university of New York would create an impact impression of the student.

Choose the best destination for education and transform your career.

Roberts Wesleyan College – A College In New York

Roberts Wesleyan CollegeRoberts Wesleyan College is a private college offering liberal arts education. The college is situated in North Chili, New York. The college is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It’s gained membership from a number of organizations like the Association of Colleges and Universities of the State of New York, the Association of Free Methodist Educational Institutions, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, the Rochester Area Colleges and the Council of Independent Colleges. The student to faculty ratio of the college is 14:1. The college is comprised of two schools named School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Professional Studies.

The college knows very well about importance of recreation in student life. They operate a number of student organizations for students. Students can choose them according to their conscience. Some of the organizations are Intramurals, Social Life, Criminal Justice Club, Nursing Club, Student Social Work Association, And He Made Me, Association of Catholic Students, Dance Ministry, Roberts Ultimate Intramural Network, Jazz Ensemble, RWC Theater Productions, Art Club, Key of She etc.

When it comes to financial assistance, Roberts Wesleyan College is doing quite well. About 97% of the students of the college receive financial help from the college. It offers a number of scholarships and grants like Roberts Merit Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, The Capital Scholarship, Achievement Scholarships, Christian Ministries Dependent Grant, International Student Scholarship, Partnership Program, Young Life Scholarship etc. Anyways, if students don’t qualify for these scholarships or grants, they can seek guidance on student loans from the college.

The health of the students always remains one of the main concerns of the college. The college maintains that good health is quite necessary for academic success of the students. So, it runs a Health Center very effectively. The Health Center dispenses all routine services medical services. Besides, it also some other health services and provides outer referrals.

The Counseling Center of the college provides world class counseling services to the students. It understands what issues a student can face. Whether it’s academic adjustment problems, family issues, or troubles in relationships; the Counseling Center is always there to help students out. The students of the college can avail these services either individually or in groups.

Career services offered by the college help lots of students every year in pursuit of their desired career. The Career Services Office provides a vast range of resources for the students. Some of the services offered by this office are Individual Career Advisement, Job Listings and Credential File Maintenance.

Paul Smith’s College – A College in New York

Paul Smith's College

Paul Smith’s College is a private college located in Paul Smiths, New York. The college was founded in 1946. The college is constituted of various colleges named the School of Forestry and Natural Resources, the Division of Hospitality and Resort, the Division of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Business and Culinary Management.

Programs Offered by the College
Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts – for those who want to gain dexterity in baking and pastry arts and pursue career in confectionaries, hotels, restaurants etc

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts and Service Management- for those who want to pursue career in various hospitality settings at good positions

Associates in Arts and Studies in Hotel and Restaurant Management- for those who want to hold management positions in hotels and restaurants

Bachelor of Science – in biology, business and environmental science

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies- for those who want to study relationship between environment and humans

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts General Studies- program entailing courses from both liberal arts and general science

Associate of Applied Science in Arboriculture and Landscape Management- preparing tree surgeons, turf specialists, landscape designers and city arborists

Bachelor of Science In Forestry – program for those who love mother nature and want to stay around it all the times

Bachelor of Professional Studies In Recreation, Adventure Travel, And Ecotourism- program developing skills of conducting outdoor recreation opportunities supporting human health and ecosystem

The college offers top notch financial assistance for all students who want to join the college but find them incapable of funding education on their own. Such students can contact concerned staff at the college have solution to all their financial problems. The office is ready to guide students on various loans, scholarships and grants. It also provides work while study opportunities for willing students.

Paul Smith’s College Provide all required services to its students to excel in academic studies. Academic Success Center of the college offers a number of such services which make students capable of achieving all their academic issues. Moreover, counseling services of the college are there to take care of students in need of any kind of consultation while confronting emotional or psychological issues.

Career services provided by the college are also very efficient. The college provides internship and job opportunities to students of the college. It also provides tips on resume making and interview facing. Alumni of the college are also eligible to avail these career services.