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Study in Touro College for a Brighter Future

images (8)Touro College is an independent and Jewish sponsored institute of higher studies set up under The University of New York. The institute was established basically to serve large portion of American community and also to enrich the Jewish heritage.  The college stands accredited by Middle States Commission on higher education and offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Science, liberal arts and Jewish studies serving the diverse aspects of Jewish community. College is well set up and has different courses to serves candidates from diverse fields thus offering them range of courses to choose from.


School for undergrads

New York School of Career and Applied Sciences– An eminent part of The New York University this school offer a range of diverse career programs such as Computer Science, Human Services, Business Management and Administration, Education Concentration, Bachelor of Arts, Science in Paralegal Studies etc. All this programs with detailed modules are designed to match the needs of candidates aspiring for career in different fields.

School of Health Sciences Undergraduate StudiesUniversity of New York has established this college to offer degree programs like Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Health Science to match the demands of Undergrads studies in the department of health and Science.


School for Grads

Graduate School of Business – Touro college set up under New York University (NYU) offers wide range of courses like Masters of Science in International Business Finance (for students who aspire a career in the field of money investment in international markets), Masters in Business Administration (who for students who wish to pursue career in managing business), Masters of Science in Human Resource Management (specially designed for students who wish to learn the techniques of managing human resources and its operation in globalized world), Master of Science in Accounting (for students who wish to pursue their career in the field of accounts).

images (10)Graduate School of education– An eminent part of Touro College this Grad School offers various degree programs like MS in Mathematics, M.S in School Leadership, MS in Instructional Technology, MS in Teaching Literacy and MS in teaching English.

Grad School of Psychology – This school offers only degree programs. Programs offers are Master of Science Psychology with focus on improving student academics, their social and emotional character, Master of Science in School Counseling with focus on counseling school students in their future career and solving their problems, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling with focus on mental health of students in hospitals, counseling centers etc.

 Graduate School of Technology – This School under NYU rankings is one which offers various degree programs like Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design with diverse career options in field of 3D animation, Creations, Design Developer, Web Developer etc. Master of Science in Information Systems with openings in career options like database administrator, engineers of network etc, Master of Science I Instructional Technology with career options in the field of corporate trainers, faculty developers etc.

Iona College: The Perfect One For The Study Of Arts, Science And Business

images (23)This is the very popular trend in the world among the young generation to get the education from the abroad. The educational system among the western countries in the New York is very much progressive in the sense. The people over here can have the allowance for study the subjects according to their wish and comfort level. There is no compulsion of studying anything which the students have to study out of compulsion or in which they are not comfortable. The university of New York believes in the expertise area. They want their students to acquire knowledge in the field so immensely that in their future the knowledge will help them for making their lives better.

The Iona College as a whole:

The college was founded in the year of 1940 by the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. It is located in the New Rochelle near the university of New York. It is a private college and is coeducational. It maintains the American Catholic tradition for the study. The college of New York university NYU was united with the Elizabethan Seton College of Yonkers in the year of 1989. The college of the university of New York is based on the area about 45 acres. There are various courses that are taught in the institute including the higher studies like the master degree courses and so on.

The campus of the college:

The college of New York university NYU consists of many buildings and halls that are for the different purposes. It include the halls images (24)like the Murphy Center, Hagan Hall, McSpedon Hall, Doorley Hall, Arrigoni Center, Amend Hall, Cornelia Hall, Ryan Library and so on. The recent Hynes athletic center is the department for the sports activities. There are also some more building in the Iona College of the New York university NYU which are very important in the sense. There are the Loftus Hall, Rice Hall and East Hall and the Eastchester apartments which are made for the purpose of student’s residence. The Loftus Hall is a 10th floor building having all the facilities for the students to stay over there. The Rice hall is very similar to the Loftus Hall and the rest two are a bit bigger than the former two.

Academics and the programs:

The academic programs of the college of university New York are divided into three main schools which are the school of Arts, the school of business and the school of Science. All the programs including the higher studies like the master degree programs, the Ph.D programs besides the undergraduate studies are done over here. All the subjects of these schools of the university New York are found here and they are taught with the expert faculties with a lot of care and knowledge.

The athletic activities of the college of the university New York are very much active and the students are encouraged by the faculties and the administration. There are the separate departments and the separate buildings for the sports activities.

Hofstra University: Connected To NYU?

download (13)New York city is the famous place of the world. It is a very dynamic city where the educational system, of course the most important one is very much updated. The system is so much for the students that they feel it perfect for their study. They are given the liberty and the freedom in studying their favorite subjects and make their future well established with it. There are miscellaneous educational institutes in New York like New York university and they offer several courses for the benefits of the students. The institutes consider their students’ passion to be taken care of and they build up their programs according to the ease and comfort of the students.

The Hofstra university:

Among the numerous institutes of New York university NYU the Hofstra university is one of the famous most. The institute is established in the year of 1935. It was previously connected with the New York university but later had become separated and came to be known as the independent university. It is basically located in the village of Hempsted near New York university. The independent status the university got since 1963.

The campus of the university:

The campus of the New York university NYU is about 240 acres and it consists of 113 buildings. The half of the campus is situated in the north of Hemsted Turnpike and the rest of campus is situated in the south Hempsted Turnpike. There are above twelve thousand students in the university and from the graduate to the higher studies are available in the New York university NYU.

Academic activities of the university:

There are miscellaneous programs and courses offered by the New York university New york. The departments are divided accordingly. The departments are accounting, anthropology, Asian studies, American studies, African studies, biology, chemistry, images (17)criminology, computer science, cognitive science, computer engineering, disability studies, economics, counseling and mental health, engineering, English, finance, foundations, forensic linguistics, geology, geography, global studies, exercise science, community health, physical education, information technology, Irish studies, Journalism, Media studies, labor and Democracy, Literary Studies, management, marketing, mathematics, medical physics, music, public health, philosophy, political science, psychology, public health, religion, romance, rhetoric, sociology, special education, teaching, women’s studies, writing studies etc.


Every year lots of students from several parts of the world come over here to get the admission and to study in the New York university New York. The admission procedure is not very complicated in the university. The students have to show their previous academic result, have to pay the fees of admission and then the counseling part is there for helping the students in making the right choice for the subject.  The application can be made online so that the students can make it without wasting any time.

The New York university New York has the financial aid for the students for whom the bearing of the expense of the study is bit difficult. They can apply for the financial aid to the university with the proper documents those are required for carrying on the process further and get the facility easily.

Hartwick College: Wide Choice For The Courses To Study

images (22)The education is the thing through which people can achieve the desired life and it also helps the people to get the best personality out of the oneself. Therefore proper education is needed for not only the person him or herself but also for the society and the country. The educational system in the earlier time was not student friendly but nowadays the syllabus and the courses are for the ease of the students. The universities in New York have all the facilities regarding studies to make them comfortable with the entire thing and the courses are for the better establishment of the career of the lives of the students.

The Hartwick college of new York:

The Hartwick college is one of the celebrated college under the universities in New York. This is basically founded on the Hartwick Seminary in the year of 1797 by the will of John Christopher Hartwick. It is a coeducational and nondenominational private college. Mainly the liberal arts and the Science subjects are taught over here. The college offers the four year courses for each program. There are over 1500 undergraduate students and there are not only the local students. The students from various countries come over here at the universities in New York to get the best education.

The courses and the programs of the college:

There are many programs in the college for the students. The programs are divided into the major and minor programs. There are altogether thirty one major courses and eleven minor courses. As it is said before that this is the college where the subjects of arts and science are taught only so the expertise in these areas can be acquired by the students in this college of new York university NYU. images (23)The course for the students are economics, accounting, biochemistry, education. criminal justice, English, French, german, finance, history, graphic communication, biology, art history, business administration, documentary photography, environmental science, geology, mathematics, nursing, psychology, political science, Spanish, religious studies, sociology, medical technology, latin, museum studies, philosophy, pre law, social education, theatre arts, ethics etc. There are also the pre-professional courses in New York university NYU like pre allied health programs, pre engineering, pre law, pre medical etc for making the students capable of studying the professional course further after they get the graduate degree. There are also the options for the students who want to research further with their studies. The college of New York university NYU gives the scope to the interested students.

The students’ life in the college of a New York university is very comfortable. The students have their special campus to utilize it in studies and also for sports. For sports there are separate campus for the students and the arrangement of the sports are very good in the college of a New York university. The total campus of the college of the New York university has eleven buildings altogether. The college also provides the fianancial aid for the students who cannot make their future better because if the lack of financial support.

Innovative Programs Of Boricua College For The Students

download (5)The every person of the world wants to lead a life with full of prosperity. Everyone wants to be self established and for the self establishment the proper build up of the career of the person is needed. Therefore the people in this world give stress on the education and it does not refer to some bookish knowledge but the knowledge of the depth. The New York is the city where the education is taught in the mean to make the student to gain the proper knowledge from it. There are several new university new york in New York which give the students the scope to achieve the knowledge for their career ahead. The institute of Boricua is one of the new university new York.

About the university in brief:

The Boricua College is one of the celebrated educational institutes of new university new York. The College was established in the year of 1974. From then onwards the institute has maintained the reputation of it. The students from several countries besides the students of the New York come over here to study in new york university nyu. This is a private college and it has the affiliation with the National Association of Colleges and universities. The college consists of four campuses like in the Washing heights, Brooklyn, Bronx, and in Williamsburg.

download (6)Procedure of teaching:

The thing that makes the Boricua College different from the other colleges is the procedure of teaching they follow to help the student in studying in new york university nyu. In general the colleges follow the traditional method teaching in which the students study the notes for getting marks and good result only but in this process adopted by the Boricua College of new york university nyu the students become able to understand the entire thing whole-heartedly to implement it properly in their practical life. Some of the processes are:

  • Individualized program: this is the most innovative and special process of Boricua College in nyu new york university for the student. In this process the student can meet the faculty members and the higher authorities for the needs regarding the study. They can be counseled individually and the importance to the particular is given in this process so that the students gain maximum benefits out of the course.
  • Colloquium Study: in this process the group of the students can meet the faculty for discussing and sharing their opinions regarding the program in nyu new york university they are availing.
  • Experimental way of study: the students here are given the power to get involved in the experiments of the college in nyu new york university regarding the improvement of the college as a whole including the study programs.
  • Theoretical study: this is a common method of lecture without which the process of study cannot be taken forward.
  • Cultural studies: the college gives stress in the creative cultural qualities of the students also beside the educational upbringing which the college thinks to be as important as the studies of regular programs.

Name Of The Perfect Study Center Of NY: Columbia University

images (8)New York is the city where there is the scope for the people to grow them for their future ahead. The education is the main way to get established in the lives. Proper education can make the people perfect for their lives. The prosperity and the well living style are desired by every person in the world and the education makes the person to achieve those. In the New York City there are lots of possibilities for the people. So the students from several countries come to this city to make their future bright with the help of the learning and the knowledge regarding the particular subject in the New York University.

There are numerous educational institutions in the New York City and all of it consists of many programs and courses. The Columbia University is the most renowned among them. This is the most prestigious and adorable New York University of the city. Every student wants to have their education from the university. The Columbia University is one of the oldest New York University of the city. It was at first the place for the royal families. The people of the royal family can only get their education over there. It used to be the school for the families at first. Then later in the school had been opened for all the people. After that the school had been enlarged and by increasing the studies and the subjects and other all associated things the school had become the college. People started getting the benefits of studying the graduate courses over there in the university at new York. The numbers of the subjects and the departments started increasing in a rapid manner. After that with the help of the faculties and the others the college has become bigger and the program of the college started increasing and then it introduced itself as the Columbia University among the university at New York.

images (9)There are separate buildings for the departments in the Columbia University. There are departments of arts, language, and literature of various states, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and many more in New York university nyu. Many languages are also taught over there. People from several countries and the students of New York also come here to learn the languages in the university at New York. There are a separate set ups for the sports also. If the one wants to progress with the sports then there is the option for the one also. The campus is bigger than any other universities. There is a separate study center for the students and also the huge library.

As it is the most renowned university of New York so anyone cannot get admission in new york university nyu. The student has to have that much of ability to take up the studies over there. The admission procedure is a bit stricter than the others. Many students come here to get their education on the basis of the scholarship in new york university nyu. The faculty members and the professors who are with the responsibility of the teaching are award winners for their scholars.