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Iona College: The Perfect One For The Study Of Arts, Science And Business

images (23)This is the very popular trend in the world among the young generation to get the education from the abroad. The educational system among the western countries in the New York is very much progressive in the sense. The people over here can have the allowance for study the subjects according to their wish and comfort level. There is no compulsion of studying anything which the students have to study out of compulsion or in which they are not comfortable. The university of New York believes in the expertise area. They want their students to acquire knowledge in the field so immensely that in their future the knowledge will help them for making their lives better.

The Iona College as a whole:

The college was founded in the year of 1940 by the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. It is located in the New Rochelle near the university of New York. It is a private college and is coeducational. It maintains the American Catholic tradition for the study. The college of New York university NYU was united with the Elizabethan Seton College of Yonkers in the year of 1989. The college of the university of New York is based on the area about 45 acres. There are various courses that are taught in the institute including the higher studies like the master degree courses and so on.

The campus of the college:

The college of New York university NYU consists of many buildings and halls that are for the different purposes. It include the halls images (24)like the Murphy Center, Hagan Hall, McSpedon Hall, Doorley Hall, Arrigoni Center, Amend Hall, Cornelia Hall, Ryan Library and so on. The recent Hynes athletic center is the department for the sports activities. There are also some more building in the Iona College of the New York university NYU which are very important in the sense. There are the Loftus Hall, Rice Hall and East Hall and the Eastchester apartments which are made for the purpose of student’s residence. The Loftus Hall is a 10th floor building having all the facilities for the students to stay over there. The Rice hall is very similar to the Loftus Hall and the rest two are a bit bigger than the former two.

Academics and the programs:

The academic programs of the college of university New York are divided into three main schools which are the school of Arts, the school of business and the school of Science. All the programs including the higher studies like the master degree programs, the Ph.D programs besides the undergraduate studies are done over here. All the subjects of these schools of the university New York are found here and they are taught with the expert faculties with a lot of care and knowledge.

The athletic activities of the college of the university New York are very much active and the students are encouraged by the faculties and the administration. There are the separate departments and the separate buildings for the sports activities.

Iona College – A College In New York

Iona CollegeIona College is a Roman Catholic College situated in New Rochelle, New York. The college was founded in 1940. It’s a. The college is chartered by the New York State Education Department and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It also has gained some program specific accreditation’s for its various programs.


The college conducts programs in following areas of study:-
Biology – for those who are interested in study of living organisms

Economics- for better understanding of utilization of available resources

Foreign Languages- for those who want to gain adroitness in foreign languages

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Pre-Law- program laying foundation towards graduation in law

Sociology- for analyzing the functioning of human society

Business Administration – for those who want to acquire managerial or administrative posts in business organization or to start their own venture

Computer Science- for enhanced knowledge on computer applications

Education– preparing educators for schools and colleges

Foreign Languages- for studying Italian or Spanish language

Psychology- for analyzing human psyche and behavior pattern

Student financial services of Iona college makes sure that any of the people willing to join the college don’t have to refrain themselves due to financial problems. The college offers endowed and outside scholarships. The college also provides assistance in choosing and obtaining apt student loan for students.

When it comes to health services, the college provides them through Iona Wellness Center. These services include first aid for injuries, treating health disorders, various immunizations, diagnostic services, physical check up, treatment of STIs etc.

The college runs a number of student organizations to keep students entertained as students. These clubs include Accounting Club, Computer Science Club, Marketing Club, Social Work Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Council for Greek Governance, Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine, Iona Players, Beta Chi Sorority, Phi Gamma Chi Sorority, Zeta Kappa Chi Fraternity, Animal Rights Coalition, Edmund Rice Society, Tara Knights Society, Students Uniting for Veterans, Cinema Society, Jewish Student Association, Iona International, Returning Adult Student Association etc.

Iona College also pays good attention to development of career of students and alumni. It determines skills and interests of students to suggest best career option. Programs to be pursued are also suggested on same basis. Moreover, the college provides you with resume building and cover letter writing tips. They also organize workshops on interviews and conduct mock interviews.