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Te Houghton College: Another Name For The Best Liberal Arts Studies In New York

images (16)The education is one of the necessities of the human life to make it better. The education is the medium via which the people can make themselves established in their lives. It is known to everyone that the New York university is the place where the education system is very much updated. They use the most improved techniques and equipments and follow the most innovative systems to create the best possible environment for the students and give them the best education for the establishment in their lives. Therefore students for various countries in the world come in the New York university to study over there and get the best education for their lives.

Houghton college:

There are numerous educational institutes in the New York university which deals with several courses those are relevant to the present world. the Houghton College is one of the popular institutes of New York university NY which offers a lot courses to the students. this is mainly a Christian college which is famous for the subjects of liberal arts among the institutes of New York university NY. The college is affiliated by the Wesleyan Church and is situated in Houghton in Geneese valley which in the southwestern part of the New York university NY. The college is founded by Willard J. Houghton in the year of 1883. The college was established as the Houghton Seminary then slowly it grew itself and came to be known as the Houghton college.

download (12)The campus of the college:

The area of the college of university New York is 1,300 acres and the main campus is situated in the Hamlet of the place Houghton near the Allegany County in the new york. It is about 65 miles from the Buffalo and almost 70 miles from the Rochester.

The academic programs of the college:

There are various departments in the college of university New York and the special feature of the college is that the students can pursue the distant education from the college. The departments of studies in the college are the Arts, communication, English, Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, religion, education, physical and health education, world language and literature, leisure studies, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics and earth science, business, economics, history, psychology, sociology and political science. There are the major and minor programs for the students and the students can choose from the courses and study for making their future good with it.

The sports part of the college of  University New York is very much active. The students who study over here can make their active part in the sports also through the active sports arrangements in the college. The college also has the financial aids for the needy students who do not have the ability to bear the expense of their studies. The college gives the pupils financial aids to the students to make them enable of studying their preferred subjects and get the establishment easily in their lives after passing out from the college.

Houghton College – A College In New York

Houghton CollegeHoughton College is situated in Houghton, New York. It’s a liberal arts college affiliated with Wesleyan Church. It’s a private college. The college was established in 1883 as a coeducational institution. Student to faculty ratio of the college is 11:1. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The college hosts students from 66 countries.


Some of the programs offered by the college are:-
Accounting,Biochemistry,Mathematics,Music,Political Science,Spanish

Pre professional programs- in Therapy, Dentistry, Law, Medical, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Seminary, Veterinary etc

The college also offers a number of master’s, dual degree and adult degree programs.

The college offers various scholarships and grants for the students who can qualify for them. Excellence and James S. Luckey Scholarships, National Merit Scholarship, Alumni Grant, Timothy R. Fuller Grant, Missionary Kid, Campus Challenge and WBB scholarships, Willard J. Houghton Ministerial Scholarship are to name a few. People who don’t qualify for these scholarships don’t need to be sad, there are student loans for the purpose. The college is going to provide complete assistance in obtaining these loans on low finance cgarges.


To revamp the campus life of the college, it operates lots of students organizations and clubs including:-
Allegany County Outreach – connects students with local children to mentor them

Black Heritage Club- encouraging black students to have fun in the college

Climbing Club- for those who are interested in climbing

Encore- organizing dramas to be played in the college

Equestrian Society- for those who love to horse ride

Environmental Club – for enhancement of environmental conditions

Global Christian Fellowship- developing global outlook in students

Gospel Choir- a student operated choir

Imitators of Chris- for developing Christian faith in students

Intercultural Student Association– for those who want to celebrate diversity

Mercy Seat- a worship group led by the students

Paddle Sports- for those who are fond of water sports

Psychology Club- for better analyzation of human behavior

Gold Bar Club- developing discipline and commitment in students

Salvation Army Student Fellowship– for involvement with the salvation army

Shakespeare Players- organizing plays of Shakespeare

Sociology Club- for those who are interested in the field of sociology

Student Government Association- acts as liaison between students and administration

Teachers of Today and Tomorrow – for those who are pursuing education programs

Theological Society- for openly discussing issues related to Christian faith

Youth for Christ- providing opportunities to work with children of local schools

Young Life- supporting youth who need someone to pay attention to them

Career services of the college make sure that all the students and alumni choose good career and be successful in it. They provide students with information on latest job openings and internships. The college also prepares students for interviews. Alumni looking for some career assistance for promotion in current jobs or change in employment can contact the college.