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Te Houghton College: Another Name For The Best Liberal Arts Studies In New York

images (16)The education is one of the necessities of the human life to make it better. The education is the medium via which the people can make themselves established in their lives. It is known to everyone that the New York university is the place where the education system is very much updated. They use the most improved techniques and equipments and follow the most innovative systems to create the best possible environment for the students and give them the best education for the establishment in their lives. Therefore students for various countries in the world come in the New York university to study over there and get the best education for their lives.

Houghton college:

There are numerous educational institutes in the New York university which deals with several courses those are relevant to the present world. the Houghton College is one of the popular institutes of New York university NY which offers a lot courses to the students. this is mainly a Christian college which is famous for the subjects of liberal arts among the institutes of New York university NY. The college is affiliated by the Wesleyan Church and is situated in Houghton in Geneese valley which in the southwestern part of the New York university NY. The college is founded by Willard J. Houghton in the year of 1883. The college was established as the Houghton Seminary then slowly it grew itself and came to be known as the Houghton college.

download (12)The campus of the college:

The area of the college of university New York is 1,300 acres and the main campus is situated in the Hamlet of the place Houghton near the Allegany County in the new york. It is about 65 miles from the Buffalo and almost 70 miles from the Rochester.

The academic programs of the college:

There are various departments in the college of university New York and the special feature of the college is that the students can pursue the distant education from the college. The departments of studies in the college are the Arts, communication, English, Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, religion, education, physical and health education, world language and literature, leisure studies, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics and earth science, business, economics, history, psychology, sociology and political science. There are the major and minor programs for the students and the students can choose from the courses and study for making their future good with it.

The sports part of the college of  University New York is very much active. The students who study over here can make their active part in the sports also through the active sports arrangements in the college. The college also has the financial aids for the needy students who do not have the ability to bear the expense of their studies. The college gives the pupils financial aids to the students to make them enable of studying their preferred subjects and get the establishment easily in their lives after passing out from the college.

Albany Medical College – A College In New York

Albany Medical CollegeAlbany Medical College is situated in Albany, New York. It’s a private institution. It was established in 1839. This college is actually a part of Albany Medical Center. It’s one of the oldest medical schools of United States. Some alumni of the college have won 2 Nobel Prizes and 2 Lasker Awards.


Some of the academic programs of the college are explained below:-
M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies- Expanding medicare and healthcare industry needs more and more professionals. There are good possibilities for people looking for career options as physician assistant.

M.S. in Nurse Anesthesiology- It is an advanced course for nurses, enabling them to manage patients while anesthesia practices. It takes career of nurses to next level.

M.S. in Bioethics- This programs acquaints students with ethics of biological and medical research. In other words it’s a study of ethics and moral values in biomedical sciences.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Sciences- Cardiovascular science is related to study of functioning of heart. It entails all diseases and disorder related to heart and blood vessels. Modern lifestyle of people has made such ailments a very common thing to do. So students pursuing this degree cam expect good career opportunities.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Cancer- Also known as cytology, cell biology is a science relating to physiological properties and structure of cell. Increasing number of cancer patients has made it necessary to have more professionals in this field.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbial Disease- A lot of person can be seen complaining about loss of immunity or not having proper immunity. So, a degree in immunology and microbial diseases can open doors of lots of career opportunities.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience- Neuroscience is study of functioning and structure of nervous system. On the other hand neuropharmacology is the study of effects of drugs on nervous system.

The college is always there to guide you on any financial problems. Financial aid office of the college suggests students all scholarships, grants and loans they can apply for. It also runs psychological counseling for students facing emotional disturbances. These counseling sessions are being conducted in a very confidential manner so that privacy of the students doesn’t disturb. Moreover being a medical college itself it offers state of the art healthcare facilities to students.