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Hofstra University: Connected To NYU?

download (13)New York city is the famous place of the world. It is a very dynamic city where the educational system, of course the most important one is very much updated. The system is so much for the students that they feel it perfect for their study. They are given the liberty and the freedom in studying their favorite subjects and make their future well established with it. There are miscellaneous educational institutes in New York like New York university and they offer several courses for the benefits of the students. The institutes consider their students’ passion to be taken care of and they build up their programs according to the ease and comfort of the students.

The Hofstra university:

Among the numerous institutes of New York university NYU the Hofstra university is one of the famous most. The institute is established in the year of 1935. It was previously connected with the New York university but later had become separated and came to be known as the independent university. It is basically located in the village of Hempsted near New York university. The independent status the university got since 1963.

The campus of the university:

The campus of the New York university NYU is about 240 acres and it consists of 113 buildings. The half of the campus is situated in the north of Hemsted Turnpike and the rest of campus is situated in the south Hempsted Turnpike. There are above twelve thousand students in the university and from the graduate to the higher studies are available in the New York university NYU.

Academic activities of the university:

There are miscellaneous programs and courses offered by the New York university New york. The departments are divided accordingly. The departments are accounting, anthropology, Asian studies, American studies, African studies, biology, chemistry, images (17)criminology, computer science, cognitive science, computer engineering, disability studies, economics, counseling and mental health, engineering, English, finance, foundations, forensic linguistics, geology, geography, global studies, exercise science, community health, physical education, information technology, Irish studies, Journalism, Media studies, labor and Democracy, Literary Studies, management, marketing, mathematics, medical physics, music, public health, philosophy, political science, psychology, public health, religion, romance, rhetoric, sociology, special education, teaching, women’s studies, writing studies etc.


Every year lots of students from several parts of the world come over here to get the admission and to study in the New York university New York. The admission procedure is not very complicated in the university. The students have to show their previous academic result, have to pay the fees of admission and then the counseling part is there for helping the students in making the right choice for the subject.  The application can be made online so that the students can make it without wasting any time.

The New York university New York has the financial aid for the students for whom the bearing of the expense of the study is bit difficult. They can apply for the financial aid to the university with the proper documents those are required for carrying on the process further and get the facility easily.