Bankstreet College Of Education – New York

Bankstreet College Of EducationBankstreet College of Education is located in Manhattan, New York. It’s a private school mainly offering graduate programs. It was founded in 1916.


Some of the popular programs conducted by the college are:-
General Teacher Education Programs- in Early Childhood General Education, Childhood General Education or combination of both

Special Education Programs- in Early Childhood Special Education, Childhood Special Education, Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special and General Education etc

Museum Education Programs- in Museum Education (Childhood), Museum Education (Non-Certification) and Leadership in Museum Education

Infant and Family Development Programs- in Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special and General Education, Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education and Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention dual degree program with Hunter School of Social Work

Child Life Program – program preparing certified child life specialists with career opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes etc

Special and General Education Programs- in Early Childhood Special and General Education, Childhood Special and General Education, Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special and General Education, Early Childhood Special and General Education Dual Degree with Columbia University School of Social Work, Childhood Special and General Education Dual Degree with Columbia University School of Social Work etc

Reading and Literacy Programs- in Teaching Literacy and Childhood General Education, Teaching Literacy (Classroom), Teaching Literacy (Clinical), Reading and Literacy: Clinical Practice, Advanced Literacy Specialization etc

Bilingual Programs – in Bilingual Childhood General Education, Bilingual Early Childhood Special and General Education, Bilingual Early Childhood Special Education etc

Individualized Programs- in Studies in Education, Leadership in Community-Based Learning and Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention dual degree with Hunter School of Social Work

Leadership Programs- Leadership for Educational Change, Early Childhood Leadership, Leadership in Technology and the Arts (Creative Writing Focus), Leadership in Museum Education etc

Bankstreet College offers some scholarships for deserving students. Some of them are Bank Street Incentive Scholarship, Ruth Saltzman Deutsch Scholarship, Hearst Minority Scholarship, Rust Family Scholarship Fund, Charlotte Winsor Public School Intern Program, African American Scholarship, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Financial Aid for Foreign Nationals, Yellow Ribbon Program etc.

For a better academic life experience Bankstreet College offers counseling services for students in a very confidential manner. Students can have consultation and support on any private or student life related issues. The college also provides career services to students and alumni. They collect sample of resumes and cover letters and maintain a database for current openings.

Marymount Manhattan College – New York

Marymount collegeMarymount Manhattan College is an independent and private college located in New York City, New York. It was founded in 1936. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This college offer liberal arts education. This college specializes in imparting education in performing arts. The college keeps its student to faculty ratio at 12:1 for ensuring adequate attention to each student.

The college offers various scholarships for qualifying students like New York City Scholarship, Student Leadership Scholarship, Diplomatic Scholarship, Community College Honor Society Scholarship, Dollars for Scholars Collegiate Award, Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship, Margaret Mary Connolly Memorial Scholarship, Sister Edmund Harvey Scholarship, Zeuschner Family Endowed Scholarship etc. It also assists students if they want to obtain student loans. Students can also go for employment opportunities provided by college while their academic life in the college.


Major Programs offered by the college are
Accounting – opening number of career opportunities

Acting- for those who want to become actors

Theatre Arts- for excellent understanding of theatrical study

Communication Arts – for those who want to gain adroitness in communication skills

Interdisciplinary Studies- program offering choices from a number of courses

Psychology- for proper knowledge of human behavior and psyche

International Studies – for studying relationship among various countries from various points of view like economical, cultural etc

Sociology- understanding functioning of humans as a society


Minor Programs
Business Management – for those who want to acquire managerial or administrative positions in business organizations

Arts Management- opening various career options

Music- for those who have flair for music

Studio Art – for those artistic natured people who are interested in making career in the field

Creative Writing- for those who are gifted in writing and want to make it their career

Gender and Sexuality Studies- interdisciplinary program analyzing gender and sexuality concerns and issues

Media Studies – program entailing details of mass media

Religious Studies- program throwing light on different religions

Chemistry- for pursuit of career in chemistry field

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Asian Studies- for those who want to understand Asian culture

Political Economy- program amalgamating courses from political science and economics

Social Work- for those who want to serve others

Career services provided by the college are very efficient if enabling students in pursuing an excellent career. The college provides full assistance in finding good jobs. It also provides tips on preparing resumes and cover letters. The college also provides internships for willing students.

U.S Merchant Marine Academy – New York

U.S Merchant Marine Academy

This academy was established in 1942 and it is from among the five United States Services Academies. Students in this academy are referred as Midshipmen and they are trained in navigation, marine engineering, maritime law, ship’s administration, international law, and custom and personnel management. This academy is located in Kings Point, New York, U.S.A. academy has divide its academic departments into six main departments under which different midshipmen are taught differently. These departments are listed below


Departments of Academy
Department of Marine Engineering – this department provides facilities and faculties to teach programs like marine engineering, shipyard management, and marine engineering systems. Faculty of this department also prepares midshipmen for Coast Guard Licensing examination. Midshipmen works in laboratories specially designed for diesel and steam engineering, refrigeration, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, control systems, welding and electrical machinery.

Department of Humanities – under this department faculty gives knowledge about origin and nature of modern culture and society. Subjects under this department are literature, politics, history, social thoughts, philosophy, religion and fine arts. Department also offers two introductory English courses, one gives primary stress to composition and the second one focuses on literature of different varieties and ages.

Department of Mathematics and Science – courses offered under this department are related to very basic science i.e. chemistry, physics and mathematics. Courses under this are specially designed for midshipmen will give them theoretical knowledge about fundamentals concepts which might later be used by them in engineering and marine transportation curriculum.

Department of Marine Transportation – marine transportation means carrying goods from one place to another. So in this department midshipmen are given knowledge of nautical science, transportation processes as well as management skills which will be helpful for them in their career or profession in maritime industry. Department offers courses in law, economics, logistics, seamanship, navigation, meteorology and marine safety.

Department of Naval Science – this department basically supports the mission of U.S Merchant Marine Academy by giving graduates with professional, academicals and ethical tools so that they can reach their potentials and can become commissioned officers in government servants, U.S armed forces etc.

Department of Physical Education and Athletics – this department basically focuses on the physical fitness, personal growth and development of midshipmen. This department also emphasizes team work, initiative and self-confidence. Various Physical Education Activities courses are also offered under this department. Department also gives additional knowledge and instruction regarding ship’s medicine i.e. aids given in emergency healthcare problems.

Saint Thomas Aquinas College – New York

Saint Thomas Aquinas CollegeSaint Aquinas College is a private college located in Rockland County, New York. It’s a liberal arts college primarily offering four year programs. The college was founded in 1952. It’s a coeducational college. The college maintains its student to faculty ratio at 18:1. It offers a wide range of programs from accounting to therapeutic recreation.

The college assists all students in their efforts of raising funds for the education. The college provides lots of scholarships and grants options including Academic Scholarships, Grade Point Average, Academic Scholarships for New Freshmen, Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students, Commemorative Scholarships, The Lavelle Fund for the Blind Scholarship Program, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Ed Gran, NYS Tuition Assistance Program, NYS Flight 587 Memorial Scholarships, NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence, NYS Regents Awards for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans, etc. The college also provides services for students who want to obtain funds from student loans.

The Office of Student Activities offers a wide range of clubs and organizations to students of the college. Moreover, it is ready to start some new ones if students have some suggestions. Some of the organizations are Equestrian Club, Spartan Dancers, Omega Phi Beta, Pi Chi Interest Group, Art Therapy, Chess Club, Council for Exceptional Children, Forensic Science Club, History & Philosophical Society, N.E.R.D., Recycling Club, Spartan Volunteers etc. Students can choose from any of the organization as per their inclination.

Saint Aquinas College pays utmost attention to health of the students. The college knows role of good health in academic performance of a student. Keeping it in view the college runs the Office of Health Services to take care of all medical needs of the students. Students can access health services to assess illness, health counseling or treatment of minor injuries. This office also provides health education. This office has hired a registered nurse on fulltime basis to meet any emergency situation.

The mental health of the students is also taken good care of. The college offers excellent counseling services for students tackling any kind of emotional, mental or psychological issues. The college offers these services through individual or group counseling sessions. Details of these sessions are kept quite confidential and no records of them are being made public.

Career services provided by the college have helped a lot of students in achieving success in their life. The college assists students in exploring careers, making career goals, finding ways to achieve such goals, job listing etc. It also helps in resume building and developing interview skills.

New York Chiropractic College

New York Chiropractic CollegeNew York Chiropractic College is a nonprofit institution imparting education in natural healthcare. It’s one of the leading colleges in its type. The college is authorized by the New York State Board of Regents and has received regional accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It has also obtained some program specific accreditations

Programs offered by the college are
Doctor of Chiropractic – This program prepares primary care physicians. The program entails deep analyzation of neuromusculoskeletal issues. It covers all aspects of chiropractic in a very comprehensible manner. It inculcates in-depth knowledge of the topic by providing opportunities to participate in various researches and healthcare settings operations.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – This program offers comprehensive knowledge of acupuncture and oriental medicines with intense professional approach. Acupuncture is gaining popularity in whole world day by day. Various hospitals and nursing homes are in need of professionals of acupuncture therapy. A degree in this branch of medical methodology can open a number of career options.

Applied Clinical Nutrition – This program entails profound knowledge on nutrition and its importance in managing and preventing diseases. Increasing health disorders in people have rose demands of such professionals to great extent. This program enables students to seek employment in various healthcare settings.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction – This is a unique program offered by the college. It expands career opportunities of the students to great level. This program is being offered online which is the best part of the story. Students can access study material any time during college years.

Clinical Anatomy – This programs prepares teachers for clinical anatomy. This program includes teaching in chiropractic, nursing, medicines and such other healthcare professions. Students of this program are chosen according to their past academic performances and interview with the selection committee of the college.

Diagnostic Imaging – This program makes students adroit in chiropractic radiology. Students of this program are selected on basis of a written examination, oral examination and an interview taken by the residency selection committee of the college.

Bachelor of Professional Studies – A degree in this program enables graduates of professional programs to qualify in those jurisdictions where such degrees are legally required. It also makes students of the college eligible to register in those graduate life-science programs which require an undergraduate degree in the field.

Fellowship Program – This program of the college is effectively magnetizing lifelong learners to the college. It imparts postgraduate learning.

Though healthcare industry is really promising but the college doesn’t want to take any chances. It tries its level best to make sure that career of the students and alumni goes very smooth. It teaches job search strategies and interview skills to the students. It provides knowledge on good resume and cover letter writing. Moreover it has maintained an online database system for job listings.

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