The Hobert and William Smith College: A Combined College With All The Facilities

images (1)New York is the city where the educational system is very dynamic and also the student oriented. The term student oriented is referred to the syllabus or the courses that are chosen according to the preference of the students. There is no compulsion for taking some programs in which the student is not comfortable with. The passion and the wish of the students are given the priority and the curriculum is set accordingly. There are numerous colleges and the university in New York which provides thousands of courses to provide the students with the maximum options for studying and making the expertise in it to utilize the knowledge in the future ahead.

The H & W Smith college:

The Hobert and Willam Smith college in short the H & W Smith college is one of the most reputed colleges of New York university NY. The college was at first known as the Geneva college. The Geneva college which was formerly known as the Geneva Academy under the New York university was established in the year 1796. In the year 1860 it was named after the Bishop Hobert and came to be known as the Hobert college which was a men’s college. In the year 1903 the millionaire William Smith established the colleges of Seneca which was later named William Smith college of New York university NY. Later in the year of 1906 the two colleges were assembled together and became the coeducational institute called Hobert and Willam Smith College.

Academic programs of the college:

There are the major and minor courses for the students in New York University NY. in the major category there are the courses like African studies, American studies, architectural studies, studio art, history art, biology, anthropology, Asian studies, classics, dance, comparative literature, economics, English, Greek, European studies, computer science, French, chemistry, biochemistry, Latin, Spanish, philosophy, religious studies, music, media, physics, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology ans so on and in the minor category in the New York university there are education, classical studies, aesthetics, theatre, health, law, middle eastern studies, civic, child advocacy, german, social justice etc at the university in New York.

images (15)Campus of the studying:

The campus of the college of the New York university is big enough and it consists with many halls and buildings like the Coxe hall, Gulick hall, Scandling Campus center, William Hall, Smith Hall, Stern hall, Trinity Hall, Demarest Hall, Merrit Hall, Napier Hall, Warren Hunting Smith Library, Katherine D. Eliot Hall, Houghton House, Goldstein Family carriage Hall, Eaton Hall, Lansing Hall, Roseberg Hall at the university in New York.

Students’ area:

For the men there are the dormitories in the following halls like Geneva Hall, Medbery Hall, Durfee Hall, Bartlett Hall, The Mini Quad, Hale Hall and for the women’s dormitories are in the houses like Miller House, Comstock house, Blackwell House and the Hirshson House. There are coed dormitories also in the Jackson Hall, Potter Hall and the Rees Hall.

Fordham University: World’s Most Renowned University

images (7)In the earlier days the educational system was syllabus oriented and the students were not given the least importance even. The students had to study whatever was there in the curriculum. The co-curricular activities were not introduced at all then so the education was limited within the study only. Days have changed a lot and now the maximum importance is given to the students and their need. Studying in abroad has also been very popular for the young generation. Among all the metropolitan cities of the world the New York is the most progressive city for the educational system. There are numerous colleges and universities in New York where the students get almost all the subjects that can be taught in the institutes.

The Fordham University:

Fordham is one of the most reputed Universities of New York. It was established in the year of 1841 by the Catholic Diocese of New York namely John J. Hughes. This is a private and nonprofit institute where the coeducational system f education is maintained. Fordham University of New York has ten colleges altogether four of which deal with the undergraduate programs and the remaining six deal with the post graduate programs at the universities in new york.


The university of New York called Fordham has three campuses altogether. The campuses are Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, the Westchester of West Harrison, and Lincoln Center of Manhattan for the university in New York. The Rose Hill campus is the main campus of the Fordham New York University NYU. The campus consists of the Gabelli School of Business which deals with the professional studies with the continuation programs, graduate programs of the arts, science and religious education. The Lincoln center is another important campus of the New York University NYU where the education of law and the social service and also the business administration is taught beside the professional and continuation studies. The Westchester campus is for the study of the students consisting a very well environment and facilities of smart classes.

Programs and courses:

images (8)The under graduate program is very much strict in the New York university NYU. The students who are admitted in the university for completing the under graduate course have to pursue the entire 17 courses under the nine disciplines like English, Social Science, Mathematics, Ethics, History, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Classical Language, the modern language, religious studies. This is called the core curriculum. The optional programs of undergraduate school are the pre-medical and health professions program, pre-professional courses of law, criminal justice and law, engineering programs, teacher certification programs, public accountancy etc and in the graduate programs there are law, arts and science, education, social service, business administration religion etc. Except this there are the medical programs, research programs for the students to get the proper education to be established in the future ahead. The university has program for the eligible students to provide them with the scholarships and financial aid to make them progressing in their life with the career.

Columbia Law School-The Best Center For Law Studies

imagesAre you confused about your further studies? Are you even confused about which field to choose? If you are stuck up in this situation then; how about studying law from the Columbia University, University at New York? The Columbia Law School is one of the most prestigious schools in the world and has been in top five rankings ever since 1987. The Columbia School of Law at the Columbia University, university in New York is a professional graduate school and is located in Manhattan of USA.

It would be interesting for you to know that Columbia School of Law was among the first schools to establish both; international and comparative law centers. The School also has notable centers for the international law study including the Centre for Korean Legal Studies, the Center for Chinese Legal Studies, the Center for European Legal Studies, The Center for Japanese Legal Studies (the first and the only of its kind in USA), in addition to centers for Climate Change Law, Corporate Governance, Law and Politics, Law and Economics, and fourteen other centers for law studies and several law programs.

Interestingly, the Columbia School of Law at the Columbia University, university in New York established three new centers in July 2012:

I.            The Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership to provide studies in global financial markets and their distinct factors

II.            the Center for Constitutional Governance to study bringing together a dynamic roll of constitutional scholars who are closely engaged in the learning of the governmental relationships and structure which even includes experts who work on separation of powers and federalism issues

III.            the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration Law to study international arbitration at advanced levels

A lecturer in the Law School at the Columbia University, University at New York, Sonia Sotomayor was nominated as a judge to be images (1)a Justice of the Supreme Court by President Barrack Obama. Judge Sonia designed and co-taught “The Federal Appellate Externship” course in the Law School every semester. Such other Externships are offered by the Columbia School of Law every year.

Amongst other externship programs, the Law School offers an externship, which is full semester, on the federal government in Washington DC that allows students to gain real experience in government law establishments. Students are required to attend seminars conducted weekly and even write research paper. The Federal Government Externship comprises of the following three components:

  1. Field Placement: Students necessarily need to work for a minimum of 30 hours every week into legal work at any federal agency. There are various agencies that can be chosen to work in. some of them include the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and many others.
  2. Seminar: Each seminar in the Law School at the Columbia University, university at New York is lectured by eminent speakers and Law faculty at the Columbia. Students need to analyze these seminars and the role of lawyers in the federal offices thoroughly.
  3. Supervised Research: Students necessarily have to submit a research paper of 8,000-10,000 words on any topic associated with their field placement and externship.

With such a comprehensive coursework for law studies, any student is sure to have a bright career scope in the future.

Some Notable Aspects Of One Of The Most Dynamic Universities In New York-The Columbia University

images (1)When we talk about education, precisely high quality education, the Columbia University in the New York City is one of the most preferred institutions for higher learning. It is the fifth oldest university in the United States of America. The University campus was first located on the 49th Street and Madison Avenue and stood there for forty years but the president of the University, Seth Low thought of having a village of academics that has more space also that is why it shifted to its existing location on Morningside Heights in New York. It is considered to be the best university in New York for higher studies.

The architectural eye-candy of the Columbia University, University at New York, is its Low Memorial Library named after Seth Low’s father in his honor. The architecture of the building follows a Roman classic style which is also registered in the Register of Historic Places of the New York City. The library is filled with a rich collection of latest editions of books, journals, research, papers, and may other study materials.

The University in New York, the Columbia University offers a wide range of distinguishable courses across all the levels of education. It offers courses, programs, full time programs, part time programs, summer courses, fall winter courses, and certificate courses in diverse fields through its fifteen affiliated schools and colleges. The coursework designed by the Columbia University, university at New York is apt for all its courses offered which prepares students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their areas of study. The advanced level courses are unbeatable because the level and quality of research that is carried during the course of study is commendable. The research papers are also published on wider and renowned platforms to expose the quality of research that is carried out in this university of New York.

images (50)The Columbia University, university of New York offers distinct courses in varied spheres of study including Architecture, Dental studies, Medical studies, Engineering and Applied science, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, law. Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Business Management, and the list still continue. The campus is equipped with state-of-art educational facilities and infrastructure. Because of its wide sphere of courses, thousands of residents and international students desire to pursue education from this prestigious university at New York.

Columbia University is also remarkable for its dynamic and vibrant students’ life. The campus has many students union, clubs, sports clubs, social cause fraternity, and any other small students groups that function with an objective of addressing various issued in the campus that need to be improved. They also see to it that each and every student of the university is ensured security and safety. That is why; hardly few cases have been reported of abuse and discrimination. The university also has incorporated various laws and regulations to ensure safety of students in the campus.

The Columbia University in New York is known for its blend of education and extracurricular activities. That is why; students get an opportunity to develop in all aspects.


Advanced Certificate In Conservation From The Institute Of Fine Arts, University Of New York

images (45)Choosing an altogether distinguished field of study is quite difficult, especially when the options of universities offering such distinguished courses are also limited. But in such circumstances, you should definitely take a tour online to the New York University because it always has offered distinguished courses which other universities have started offering nowadays. So it is for sure, that the university definitely has something in-store for everyone.

If your aim is to have a professional career in conservation; NYU, the University in New York is the final destination. The Institute of Fine Arts at the New York University offers a distinct advanced certificate program in Conservation which is hardly offered by other universities. This Institute is dedicated to learn the conservation and technology of historic artefacts and works of art. The aim of the Centre is to prepare students for broad careers in conservation by offering a dual degree four-year program that blends scientific, archaeological, historical, and curatorial studies of construction of art works with practical experience in conservation. This unique program allows students to enrol in the MA program in the art history and simultaneously take up research projects, seminars, laboratory work in special areas related to conservation.

NYU, the university in New York has designed the curriculum in such a distinguished manner that students acquire intensive experience in conservation by means of rigorous fieldwork coupled with an internship of nine months. Additional experience is also provided to students through formal work projects such as summer archaeological excavations. Curses are also provided in technical art history for students already pursuing studies in archaeology, history, and curatorial studies with an intention to acquaint them with the need for preservation, physical structure of work of art, and the probabilities and drawbacks of conservations.

NYU, the University in New York has designed the curriculum of program with 69 points in total that are a summation of 24 points in MA in art history along with three electives and two compulsory seminars and the remaining 45 points come from fifteen courses in conservation. The first year of conservation introduces students to some basics but important areas of fundamentals of material images (44)science, preventive care, and conservation, so that a strong foundation is built for students. Students need to choose their area of specialization in the second year. They can choose from paper, objects, paintings, textiles, photographs, or new/digital media. If the students’ area of specialization is in library and archive conservation, then they need to begin with it during their first year only and they also need to mention the same in their application. Advanced level courses in any of these specified courses are also offered by the New York University.

In the fourth year, students’ internship in conservation gets over within two semesters. The internship could be at any establishment within the country or abroad also based upon the students areas of specializations.

A blend of studies with practical experience gives students maximum exposure in the field of Conservation which even broadens the scope of the students.



Stern School Of Business- The Best Hub For Management Studies

images (38)When it concerns studies or choosing field of specialization, the very first field that comes to mind is the management field and no other university can be better than the New York University. The Stern School of Business is one of the best hubs for acquiring management education with ace quality of studies and educational facilities.

The Stern School of Business at the University of New York offers a wide range of notable courses and programs across various levels of education. Their programs include full time and part time MBA in Westchester, Executive MBA, Part time MBA in Manhattan, Dual degree program, Global degree program, TRIUM Global Executive MBA, Executive Education, and PhD in Management.  The Stern School also offers super specializations in various subjects which include Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Economic Policy, Actuarial Science, Accounting, and many other fields. The objective of the School by offering undergraduate programs is to integrate business with a liberal, social, and a global view. The aim of the programs is to expose students with today’s challenges and needs of the business environment and marketing world. To attain this objective, the School organizes various presentations, seminars; study tours, guest lectures, and many other mediums t promote exposure. A unique degree in Business and Political Economy (BPE) is also offered by the Stern School which is also quite notable. Stern School also offers internships and career assistance to all its students so that they gain proper guidance for their career.

The full time MBA program, which is for two years offered by the Stern School of NYU, allows students to choose from a wide range of specializations from to gain an in-depth knowledge about the same. The campuses at Manhattan and Westchester provide part time MBA programs specially aimed at working professionals who wish to enhance their existing skills and upgrade their management knowledge theories. These programs are offered at flexible timings of that the working professionals do not need to give up their employment. The programs can be accomplishes within two years or up to a limit of six years. The accelerated 22- month Executive MBA is also offered by the New York University for working professionals. The classes are scheduled on every other Fridays and Saturdays. There are two Global Study tours also included in the curriculum of the EMBA.

The Stern School at the University of New York offers dual degree programs that contain subjects such as public administration, law, film making, medicine, and many other subjects also. The TRIUM Global EMBA is one of the most prestigious programs for senior managers and executives and has been ranked 2nd in the world. The curriculum aims at blending business with cross border economic and socio-political domains.

The PhD program offered by the Stern School at NYU is himages (39)ighly comprehensive program. It is provided with an aim to allow the researchers to have a close look at some core subjects of business management. The Stern School is equipped with world class facilities which allow students to complete their research very conveniently by gaining access to all the facilities.

Being a Sternie is highly valuable. Enroll at the New York University’s Stern School and be a Sternie.

Courant Institute Of Mathematical Sciences At The New York University

images (26)Mathematics and Science are the most technical fields and require dedication to be understood them thoroughly. If you hail from mathematics and science background and wish to pursue an advanced program in the same field for a bright career, then you probably should look into the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) at the New York University in New York. CIMS falls under the Faculty of Arts and Science and is one of the best institutes that offers ace quality course of study for mathematical research. Although CIMS is an independent institution, students receive a degree of NYU-CAS and NYU-GSAS.

CIMS at the University of New York offers an assortment of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs focusing on mathematics and computer science thoroughly. The primary objective of CIMS is to provide students excellent opportunities and educational facilities to students so that they can discuss mathematical research in-depth in an individual department known as the “math lounge”. The core aim of the programs is to build strong problem solving and quantitative skills within students by means of teamwork. For computer science students, the CIMS have a “computer lounge” built for students where students can access the computers for studying by advanced means of learning.

At the New York University CIMS, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science. The undergraduate course contains two minors; one in the web programming and applications and the other in the computer science and a combined major in computer science/ mathematics. Students can also choose to pursue honors simultaneously with B.A. Degree. The Department of Computer Science also offers a dual degree program in engineering and computer science and students obtain a degree of BS/BE on successful completion of this program. An Accelerated master’s program is also available at the CIMS in the University of New York which is in close association with NYU-Poly.

As far as Mathematics is considered, students can obtain a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at CIMS in the New York University in New York. The Department offers a wide range of distinct courses and programs focusing on Applied Mathematics. All the lectures in these programs are delivered by highly knowledgeable professors and renowned practitioners. Almost all the professors have excelled in the fields of research and have even obtained PhD Degrees.

images (25)The master program designed by the New York University in New York is an extensive and more précised program which allows students to acquire one degree out of six master’s degrees that are offered by the Departments at CIMS. The only objective of these masters program is to broaden the perspective of the students so that they obtain wider opportunities in life with update skills and knowledge in mathematics and computer science.

Students at the advanced PhD program in computer science at the NYU-CIMS need to acquire an A/A- grade in their final examination of algorithms, systems, applications, and in that course which is chosen by students at the PhD level.

For a PhD in Mathematics, students can opt for any of the course out of Computational Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Atmosphere Ocean Science. All the students are paid a stipend for 9 months in the PhD program. Students even can choose to pursue a master’s degree simultaneously with PhD program.


The College of Dentistry, New York University Provides The Best Dentistry Program

images (9)Dentistry can be pursued y only those who are passionate about learning dentistry. It is a highly specialized faculty that requires specific set of skills and appropriate knowledge as you would be treating humans in future. The College of Dentistry at the University New York (NYUCD) offers distinct courses in dentistry which includes pre-doctoral and postdoctoral programs. The NYUCD even offers an MS program in clinical research, biomaterials, and oral biology/biology.

Advanced Placement into DSS Program:

The New York University College of Dentistry offers a distinguished Advanced Placement into DSS Program for existing dentists who are trained on an international level and wish to practice dentistry in United States of America. Accredited by the Commission on dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, this program is a fulltime three year program; it allows students to enroll in this program after pursuing graduation in dentistry. This program equips students with all the educational needs that are necessary for licensure after completion of this program successfully.

The University of New York is always looked up as a renowned institution which automatically adds on credentials to the students’ life.  The NYUCD provides students with the best of the best educational facilities which includes high-tech laboratories equipped with the latest technology which allows students to do a quality research by accessing these facilities. After completion of this program, students can take the examination for licensure so that they can successfully practice dentistry in future. The NYU College of Dentistry is one of the most renowned and preferable colleges to pursue dental education.

Joint degree- BA-DDS program:

images (8)A joint degree BA-DDS program is offered by the College of Dentistry by the New York University. It is a combined degree program of seven years which includes comprehensive dental education. It is perfectly appropriate for high school graduates who aim to have a professional and good career in dentistry. Students can easily earn a Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees on successful completion of this program. The initial three years of this program are to complete in the undergraduate institution while the remaining four years at the original College of Dentistry. Educating students with behavioral and social sciences by virtue of understanding the requirements of the patients and even the professional dentists is the primary objective of this course.

Pre-doctoral DDS program:

The pre-doctoral DDS program curriculum designed the University New York aims at educating professionals in the healthcare industry who feel important to promote health. This program focuses on enhancing the existing skills of professionals in terms of diagnosing, maintaining, and preventing disorders, and other oral-affecting conditions. It emphasizes on educating students to broaden their perspective about behavioral sciences, clinical sciences and biomedical sciences which integrates social issues related to public well-being and general health. The curriculum designed by the University New York College of Dentistry is entirely a cross-disciplinary course. The extensive four-year curriculum emphasizes on promotion and prevention of health disorders, lifelong learning, critical thinking, and significance of evaluation of literature critically. Throughout the entire course of study, there are six identified fields that have their own significance in each advancing year but are integrated uniquely to prepare students thoroughly with an aim allow them beginning their practice in the general dentistry.



The NYU School of Law- A Great Hub To Pursue Law Studies

images (21)To pursue law courses, there are plenty of colleges and schools for aspirants looking to make a good career in the law field. But the challenging part comes when students need to choose a university that offers an appropriate program on Law. If you are stuck up in such a situation, then you should definitely give a thought to the New York University for pursuing law or further studies in law.

The New York University School of Law is renowned and notable for its distinguished courses that are offered in Law. The New York University is located in Manhattan and is one of the oldest universities and schools in the City of New York. The School offers varied courses for under graduation and graduation levels. Students can even pursue an advanced level program from this school. Known for its peculiar study curriculum, the School of law at NYU is believed to be one of the most renowned law schools in the entire United States of America. The School has been ranked on the 6th position in USA which is rather enough to explain why.

The School of Law at NYU is specially noted for its peculiar tax law and international law programs which have been ranked 1st consistently in the country. All the programs are delivered by professors who are extremely qualified and knowledgeable and even keep themselves updated with dynamics of the law field that keep happening within the legal system of the nation. They try their best to pass on the same knowledge and skills to the students so that they too develop the skills and acquire knowledge and even understand the importance of enhancement of knowledge by means of updating. Numerous class assignments related to the law field are assigned to students at individual and team levels. This is incorporated by the New York University to prepare student thoroughly by means of self study. Thus, students get to learn and understand the concepts of law on their own by mean of individual and team presentations.

images (20)The L.L.M in the taxation program of the NYU School of Law is believed to be one of the most strongest and challenging programs in the United States of America. Students can choose to enroll either in a full time regular program or even in specialization programs that are dedicated to specific areas related to law such as business taxation or estate planning. Specialization programs come under the advanced level programs and can be pursued only when students have successful completed their graduation in the Law field. The course and curriculum of these programs is really tough which is why; greatly qualified professors and noted practitioners; who themselves hold PhD degrees in that particular elective; are chosen to deliver lectures on the concepts contained in these programs.

As the New York University is into tie-ups and partnership programs, students can now earn LLB and LLM Degrees within a period of only three and a half years rather than four years which is really worth mentioning because students get a post graduate degree within such a short span of time and even six months get saved. The NYU School of Law even offers a dual degree program because of its association with the Faculty of Law University of Melbourne Law School and National University of Singapore.



College Of Nursing At The University Of New York Offers Professional Nursing Degree Course

images (5)Health care sector has been on the lines of rapid development in which; nursing field has matured intensively. Learning Nursing demands dedication and high-quality course of study which the College of Nursing at the New York university offers with comprehensive curriculum across all the levels which focuses on meeting today’s nursing needs.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science through its 15-month accelerated program and a traditional four-year degree program. The program educates students with the exciting challenges of nursing at professional level. The program focuses on building a strong foundation of students in the fields of liberal arts and sciences. Students are allowed access to the most renowned medical center in the world for enhanced clinical education. Students are even taken to the Clinical Simulation Learning Center.  With the best faculty and education system, NYU students clear the passing exam for nurses’ registration very easily.

The master’s and advanced certificate programs of the College of Nursing at NYU, the University at New York are meant for existing nurses who wish to enhance their existing skills in clinical practice, education, nursing administration, and informatics by providing the essentials for building foundation for doctoral study. Graduates are molded for gaining leading positions in advanced nursing practice in mental health, care of the adult, care of infants, adolescents, holistic nursing, nurse midwifery, and many other. All the programs are inculcated with educating students with the basics of research, nursing theory, issues and trends while delivering health care, and many more.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a PhD program in Nursing Research and Theory Development for nurses aiming to do a download (3)comprehensive research. Philosophy of scientific inquiry, qualitative and quantitative research designs, theory development in nursing science, and methodological approached to management and analysis of data are all a part of building foundation of the students enrolled in this program. Upon successful completion of the PhD program, students gain leading positions in health care, academics, research, and practice settings. Either students can apply to this program after completing the master’s degree or even at an early stage wherein they wish to explore the trajectory path of baccalaureate to masters and then PhD.

The DNP program of the New York University College of Nursing is an innovative program meant to mould nurse practitioners and nurse midwives into clinical leadership positions across the health care sector and practices. This program is extended over five semesters.

All the programs offered by the University at New York are meant to build a strong foundation of students and nurses to excel in whatever specialization they choose. The college posses highly qualified faculty members and professors who are dedicated to provide best course of study to the students. Besides, there are acclaimed researchers and mentors to mentor students to motivate them for doing a high-quality research in whichever area they elect. Students’ skills are polished with the college’s state-of-the-art facilities which aim at meeting today’s and tomorrow’s high-tech challenges across the health care sector.


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