Hilbert College Of New York University: One Of The Best Study Institutions Across The Globe

downloadLocated in the Hamburg, Hilbert College is a Franciscan college of New York University and was named after Mother Collette Hilbert of the Franciscan Sisters of Saint Joseph whose basic agenda was to train teachers. Founded in 1957, the college is coeducational liberal arts institution and offers both undergraduate as well as the master’s degree to 1100 enrollments.

Academic Programs:

This college of New York University carts around 16 bachelor’s programs which includes subjects like digital media and communication, psychology, forensic science, criminal justice, computer applications and security etc. And it is the first college which offers Rehabilitation Services Program as an undergraduate course. Moreover, its baccalaureate programs also embrace degree programs like conflict studies and dispute resolution and organizational development and Associate in Applied Science and Associate in Arts Degree. Hilbert College in New York University follows a semester style. It also bestow s upon its students honors program in majors like Accounting, Business Management, Criminal Justice, English and much more. The student faulty ratio for undergraduates is 13:1. The First Year Experience (FYE) program helps the students adapt the college life which embraces things like teaching faculty/ staff monitoring, seminars, workshops, lectures from guests and others to bestow upon them academic success promoting their interests in graduation courses.

imagesCampus and student life of Hilbert University in New York:

The college is spread across 60-acre land and comprises of about eleven buildings and many athletic grounds for students. The college is associated with around 30 clubs and organizations which are run by the students itself. Here students can take part in various activities like theatre, drama, criminal justice, debates and competitions and much more. The college in one of the biggest college of New York University and provides about 300 housing spaces to its students. The rooms are fully furnished with amenities like cooking, laundry, lounges and recreational activities. The security services of the college are unquestionable for the safety officers patrol throughout the day.  Known as one of the best study institution of the New York University in New York also contains wellness centre ensuring your medical fitness. The students who have a good leadership quality can enroll this School of New York University for it provides several leadership programs such as Leadership Scholarship Program, Emerging Leaders Program, Leadership Workshop Series and Leading Training Camp.

Athletics in New York University’s Hilbert College:

The college is a participant of NCAA Division III Athletics. Various men’s and women’s teams exist in this college like that of basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, lacrosse, baseball etc.

Notable Alumni of Hilbert University in New York:

While the college welcomes students from across the world, it is also known for rolling some gems which today are renowned faces in different fields. Patrick Johnson, Marc Smith, Nicole Becker, James Iglewski, Jack Gaylord Jr. are to name a few.

So what is stopping you to join this fabulous college of New York University in New York? Come and get the best education for a bright career.

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