Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of ReligionThe Hebrew Union College is established in 1875 and situated in America. It is the oldest existence of Jewish Seminary which educates men and women for giving services being educators, rabbis and communal service professionals. This college has four centers of learning in Cincinnati, Los Angles, New York and Jerusalem. The Hebrew Union College and its four centers are accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher education. The main aim of this college is to creating Jewish professionals and leaders to the values and responsibilities of their tradition to their life. This college offers graduates and undergraduate programs.


Programs of the College
The Master of Arts in Judaic Studies Degree – it is a two year program for doctoral studies which focus on individual academic interests and needs. This program is specially designed for students who want to enhance their work in Jewish professional and communal life. This program makes master of Hebrew language including its literature, religion, law and philosophy. To do masters in this study, it is must to have B.A degree or equivalent from an accredited university or college. It is also essential to know Hebrew language and for entrance in this program, students have to clear Hebrew competence exam. Students having ability in other skills are also given preference in this program. To get this degree, students have to give 45 hours of work with thesis.

Master of Arts in Religious Education -this program is offered by New York School of Education. In this program every student completes their Judaic and education courses with internship in their specialized fields such as family and adult education, day school education and informal education.

Interfaith Doctor of Ministry Program – this program gives fundamental knowledge of psychodynamic theory applies to individual and families. It develops skill in diagnosing spectrum of affective and personality disorder. It also builds confidence in steering the border difference between psychology and religion. To get admission in this program, one need to have master’s in divinity or related field plus five years experience in post-master.

The above two programs are offered by New York campus of the college. Numbers of other programs are also being offered by other campus of the college.

Students at Hebrew Union College are a part of different communities such as scholarship, activism and faith. Staff and students work together for social justice projects and worships. College-institute offers different graduate programs which enable students of different professional fields to study together. Different centers like diversity of geographic locations gives unique opportunity for internships, community service and student pulpits.

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