Cornell University – A University In New York

Emblem of Cornell UniversityCornell University is a Private University of New Ithaca York. It’s a private university. It’s an Ivy League University. Students from 120 countries come to study in this university. Cornell University provides top notch quality student services. Gannet health services are there to take care of health and wellness of all the students, faculties and administrative staff of the university. The university also provides financial assistance and career counseling services..

Colleges comprising Cornell University are :-
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Some of the major programs offered by this college are Agricultural Sciences, Biological Engineering, Food Science, Science of Earth Systems etc. In minors there are Agribusiness Management, Animal Science, Crop Management, Nutrition and Health etc. It also offers some pre professional programs.

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning – Under graduate degrees offered by the college are Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts or Science (dual degree program) and Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies. In graduate degree programs there are Master of Architecture (professional), Master of Architecture (post professional), Master of Science in Computer graphics, Doctor of philosophy, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Regional Planning, Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Planning, Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate, Doctor of philosophy and master of Landscape Architecture.

College of Arts and Sciences – Popular majors offered by the college are Anthropology, Psychology, Classics, German Studies, Philosophy, astronomy, Molecular Biology and genetics. Some of the minors are Archaeology, Biological Sciences, European Studies, Human Biology, International Relations, Law and Society, Southeast Asia Studies etc.

School of Hotel Administration– This college offers programs in Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, Master of management in Hospitality, M.S. in Hotel Administration and Ph.D. in Hotel Management.

College of Human Ecology – Programs offered by this college are Biology and Society, Human Biology Health & Society, Nutritional Sciences, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Design and Environmental Analysis, Human development and Policy Analysis and Management.

School of Industrial and Labor Relation – Programs conducted by this college relates to Labor Relations Law & History, Human Resource Studies, Economics, Organizational Behavior, International & Comparative Labor and Social Statistics.

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