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Webb Institute – A College in New York

Webb InstituteWebb Institute was established in 1889 as a private undergraduate engineering college in Glen, New York. It offers Bachelor of Science degree in two programs Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Webb Institute is well known in marine industry because of its unique focus on ship design, systems engineering and practical work experience. This institute offers various programs and these programs are categorized into years whose descriptions are given below.


Some of the programs being offered by the Institute are:-
Naval Architecture – Whole program is divided into four years- freshman year which gives introduction to naval architecture and marine industry, next is sophomore year which is also a kind of introductory year to the course but it also covers hydrostatics about ships like buoyancy, weights and metacenters. The third year is junior year; it includes study about ship resistance and propulsion (effects of important hull parameters and components of ship are discussed under this) and ship structures (covers ship structure and design using finite technologies) and last year is senior year which include ship dynamic, propulsion design and marine transportation.

Marine engineering – It includes courses pertaining to marine machinery which begins with the introduction to marine engineering system followed by detailed description of gas turbine, diesel and steam. In the following years, students will go through detailed study of machinery and systems including designing aspect of steam generators, diesel engines, pumps and blowers.

Ship design – This program is basically categorized in two years which is again a part of naval architecture and marine engineering. Knowledge from these two programs will be applied to ship designing course. Students in this field work on both individual as well as group projects.

Humanities – Courses in humanities are designed to explain students with the western civilization heritage. In freshman year, students will learn technical communication and political philosophy. In sophomore year, lessons will be given regarding the western culture traditions but in two semesters. In junior year, they will study about humanities or social science elective and development of American government. In last year professors will teach about ethics accompanied by moral inquiry about person’s living style, his behavior towards other etc. They will also have to go through professional presentations as in naval architecture and marine engineering.

Science – This is divided in two years and in first year; teachings will be given for chemistry, physics (elementary level), physics (simple harmonic motion, light and sound) and material science. In second year, students will have deep study about physics (electricity and magnetism).

Webb Institute also provides various sports like basketball, sailing, soccer, tennis and volleyball.