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Vassar College – A College In New York

Vassar College

Vassar College is a private and coeducational liberal arts college which was established in 1861 and is located in the town of Poughkeepsie, New York. This college was first founded as women’s college in 1861 but later in 1969 it was transformed in coeducational college. College offers varieties of programs and plus there are some departments which proffer various programs.


Programs of College
Africana Studies Program – it promotes the study of people, cultures and institutions of Africa and the African Diaspora.

Earth Science and Society Program- In this program student’s gain knowledge of natural processes related to water, fossils etc.

Environmental Studies- it involves arts and humanities, natural and social sciences. It discovers he relation between environment and humanity.

Geography-Anthropology program – it is a combined program to examine the cultural, spatial and ecological relations of various societies.

Jewish Studies- it approaches to the history and diversity of Jewish culture of western and non-western societies.

Science, Technology and Society Program – this program engages the interaction between science, technology and political, historic and economical contexts which has been shaped by science and technology.

Women’s Studies Program- students make their own choices of courses but they must need to study have feminist theory as subject in their courses.


Departments of College
Biology Department – this department has various courses which are divided into levels like introductory, intermediate and advanced which offers study related to biological sciences.

Dance department- this department of Vassar College offers elective and non-major courses in dance.

Economic Department- there is all types of courses in this department, for whom who want to learn basics about economics or who want to have deep knowledge about economical facts.

English Department- for those who want to enhance their creative writing skills, want to have knowledge about literature etc, then this is the place to start from. Music Department- this department offers a general program which encompasses opportunities for majors and minors to discover the history, composition, performance and literature of the music in depth.

Department of Mathematics- this department offers various flexible majors i.e. students can tailor their courses as per their interest. Department of Religion- particular department gives an understanding of religions of diverse cultures, religious traditions and also an opportunity to explore religious problems which are prevailing in any society.

Student’s life at Vassar College

Students at Vassar College live a quality life. College offers various facilities to all students like bookstores, dining area, opportunity of athletics also so that they can create diversified opportunities for them.