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Utica College – A College In New York

Utica College

Utica College is located in Utica, heart of the central New York and it is a private university. This college was established in 1946. It has outstanding faculty and excellent academic programs such as undergraduate and graduate degree. Utica College has obtained accreditation from Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. College integrates liberal and professional study, with diverse perspectives and experiences. Utica College offers various undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate programs
Different major and minor programs are offered under undergraduate programs and the lists of some of them are given below.


Accounting, Area Studies, Biochemistry, Broadcasting, Business, Chemistry, Child Life, Communication Arts, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Foreign Language, Geosciences, Government and Politics, Health Studies in human Behavior and Management, Journalism Studies, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Therapy, Public Relation and Sports Communication.


Anthropology, Computer Science, Communication Arts, Creative Writing, English language, Film Studies, Geosciences, Gender Studies, Human Right

advocacy, Journalism, literature, Management, Philosophy, Risk Management and Insurance, Theater, Spanish and writing.


Graduate Programs
Some of the graduate programs offered by the college are listed below

Masters in Cyber security (intelligence and Forensic) – this study is related to the providing measures to stop cyber crimes.

M.B.A in Economic C

rime and Fraud Management- designed to stop economic crime, fraud practices.

Masters in Economic Crime Management- for those who want to enhance their competencies in managing corporate and advanced technological tools related to combat financial crime.

Masters in Healthcare Management – this program emphasizes basically on three areas i.e. Acute Care, Service Organization and Nursing Home Administration.

Masters in Occupational Therapy- this program creates highly competent occupational therapists by teaching them about humanistic and adult education.

Physical Therapy (doctor and transitional doctor of Physical Therapy) – first prepare students for considerable professional opportunities at major medical centers and latter gives chance to become educator, consultant, clinical scholar and administrator and also to function properly in healthcare industry.

M.B.A in Professional Accountancy- for those who bachelor’s degree in accounts or business, this program is like a final stage of development.

Student’s life – Campus Office of Utica College ensures personal safety and well-being of students, guests and employees. Apart from this, campus safety also gives varieties of services like access to campus facility, vehicle registration or parking permission etc. There are also clubs and organizations for students where they can spend their time and can live their hobbies.