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United States Military Academy

United States Military academyUnited States Military academy was established in 1802 and situated in West Point, New York and it is a four year coeducational federal service academy. This Academy is affiliated by Patriot League, Atlantic Hockey Association. Academy has different departments which conducts various majors and minors.


Majors and Minors Programs
Department of Behavioral Sciences and leadership – this department offers majors in behavioral sciences which has five disciplinary options of majors including Psychology, Leadership Development Science, Engineering Psychology, Management and Sociology.

Department of Chemistry and Life Science – in this department, teaching and research are conducted within the exciting and large discipline of chemical engineering, chemistry and life science.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering – faculty of this department educate cadets in mechanical and civil engineering in such a way that each graduate is a commissioned leader of his character implement, understand and can easily manage technology which will also inspire cadets to make career in United States Army and for their personal growth also.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – this department offers degree programs in Information Technology i.e. Bachelors of Information Technology, Bachelors with Honors and Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Information Technology Systems, bachelors and bachelors with honors degree in electrical Engineering including subjects like robotics, computer architecture etc and bachelors with honors degree in Computer Science.

Department of English and Philosophy – majors offered by this department are in arts, philosophy and literature subject.

Department of Foreign Languages – it offers majors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.

Geography and Environmental Engineering – this department offers undergraduate programs in Geography, Environmental Engineering and Geospatial Information Science.

Department of History – department emphasizes historical knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills necessary for leadership.

Department of Law – it promotes law and legal studies which gives cadets an insight of into legal matters and functions of law. It offers American Legal studies, International and comparative legal studies.

Department of Mathematical Sciences – this is to educate cadets in operation research, mathematics and applied stats.

Department of Physics and Nuclear – this department offers specialized study i.e. Honors in Advanced Physics program, graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering and majors in Interdisciplinary Science.

Department of Social Science – students can learn about American Politics, Comparative Politics, Economics and International Relations.

Department of System Engineering – this department offers degree program in System engineering, Engineering Management, Systems Management, Operation Research Management and Core Engineering Sequence.

Apart from academics, Academy also provides facilities of competitive sports, hobby clubs, military clubs, religious clubs and support clubs. Other sources of entertainment and exploring hobbies are dancing, theater, restaurants etc.