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Union Theological Seminary – New York

Union Theological Seminary

This is the independent seminary and graduate school of New York City which was established in 1836 under Presbyterian Church. Union Theological seminary is affiliated with nearby Columbia University. The seminary is also renowned as a center of liberal Christianity and neo-orthodoxy in 20th century. Seminary got its name from its largest theological library in Western Hemisphere.


Seminary offers various degree programs
Master of Divinity – a three year professional degree program is for those who look for engaging in the vocation of ministry whether in universities, hospitals, prisons, church or in social life. This program also includes the contemporary challenges of racial, cultural and social pluralism.

Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Social Work – it is a joint degree program which offers Master of Divinity/Science in social work and Master of Arts in religion. This program is for those students who want to either work or engage themselves in helping professions outside the church or want to gain vocations in traditional church ministry.

Master of arts – it is a two year program in which students focuses on graduate theological study in one of the field which they have opt from seminary’s curriculum. Although this program does not prepare students for any professional certification, it is undertaken in preparation for a variety of professional positions.

Master of Sacred Theology – to enter this program it is must for students to have Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in theological studies. This program is followed by two programs i.e. a general program and a research program. The first program is for those who have aim of earning more advanced knowledge of program and seminary as well and latter is for those who can devote their major part of time to the research and writing of original thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy – it basically prepare students for the purpose of teaching and research in universities, seminary or colleges and even for the position of leadership in church, social justice centers or any other social service area.

Union Theological Seminary also offers some other degree program after joining hands with Columbia University. These programs are Degree of Master of Arts in the field of Religion and Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Religion. Seminary also provides range of facilities from spiritual guidance to academic support.