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Union Graduate College – A College In New York

Union Graduate CollegeThe history of Union College can be traced from the beginning of 20th century. The college started with offering programs like The Masters in Electrical engineering in 1905. College’s economic department came into existence in 1960. Union Graduate College is accredited by different organizations such as MBA program of this college is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The mission of Union Graduate College is to give professional degree programs which endow promising students and employees which can shape their future very well. The college has different departments which offer different degree programs.

Degree Programs of College
School of Management – this department offers two selective and specialized MBA programs which are again accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Masters of Business Administration– this degree program meets the main standards of academic excellence

MBA in Healthcare Management– this program combines theory and fundamentals of business with practical application and specialization in healthcare industry.

School of Education – this department pays attention mainly on the teaching art and for that it offers degree programs such as-

Masters of Arts in Teaching- for those students who are beginners in teaching field. This program will give professional degree plus train students for becoming teacher

Masters of Science for teachers of Mathematics and Science- as its name suggest, this program gives degree to those students who want to become teachers of mathematics and

science and technology.

Masters of Arts in English, History- for those who want to make their career as teacher in English or history subject.

Masters of Arts in English and History- students who want to have dual degree of both subjects, an go with this program

Center of Bioethics and Clinical Leadership – this department of college is related to healthcare-field. This school offers advanced degree programs i.e.

Masters in Bioethics- it offers degree and certificate in clinical and research ethics.

Masters in Clinical Leadership in healthcare management- it is designed for present and future professionals in medicine.

Leadership in Medicine combine degree program- this program mixes graduate, undergraduate and medical education.

School of Engineering and Computer Science – it focuses mainly on applying practical knowledge and advancing fundamentals which are in demand in industrial company these days.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering- study related to mechanics, thermal-fluid system etc

Masters in Electrical Engineering- related to modern electric machinery or power electronics

Masters in Engineering and Management Systems-it is something new which mix engineering and science technologies

Masters in Energy Systems- this program gives understanding of economic, environmental and regulatory issues of energy industry