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New York University- A World Of Best Education Courses

images (4)There are many reasons to go and study abroad, one can learn a new languageexplore a new world, study the world’s best program, and choose the best promising field. The no of people studying abroad is increasing day be day and and for good reasons. Countries across are making it easier and simpler for students to immigrate from all over the country and study in their institutions and one of the name is New York University. University of New York opens up the gate of private and non-denominational Union College which was founded in 1795 with a motive to impart liberal arts to students wishing to go for higher studies. The college dedicated itself in molding and shaping the upcoming future of students with their top faculty, staff and upgraded administration and strong supervision.

 University of New York has always been first choice of students when it comes to studying abroad as it offers cheaper tuition fees and all programs to get enrolled into to increase the pool of students. Union college, a premier institute of University of New York has grown and expended its Education tentacles in all fields such as Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, East Asian Studies, etc and has warmly welcomed additional programs like Classics, Jewish Studies, and African Study. The University of New York welcomes young and fresh talents from across the borders into their community and closely work with them to nurture seeds of the future by providing extensive and deep knowledge in all fields. Getting globalized is as simple as studying abroad at University in New York.

Cultural sensitivity, language skills, adaptability and be the first choice of all employers is one of the major concerns when it comes to getting graduate at abroad. With all Major and Minor programs that Union College at University in New York one can develop not only independence but can enlarge circle of internationally fields and contacts which plays a major part in future of any student. Some of the courses in Unions fold are – Arts for those students who wish to pursue creative thinking in their work and flair be it a profession images (3)related to dance, theatre, music, visual arts, writing, etc. Classics for those who want to get rooted and at the same time get themselves involved in the current world by distributing the ancient past. In this program one can study ancient languages originally written in Greek and Latin. Environmental Science, Engineering and Policy for those who wish to pursue their career in the field of Science, Environment, Human Resources, and Politics. Various Programs related to Women and General studies for those who have interest in Gender analysis, feminist studies, how ones construction affects men and women life.

Neuroscience is one of the emerging and most promising for students who have interest in biology and studying brain psychology, behavior and its functioning. Nanotechnology is a program for those who have interest both for science and engineering. Astrophysics, digital media, film studies are also the fields which gives you an opportunity to explore the world of astronomy, computational processes and cultural communication of films. Jewish Studies and Worlds Music and Culture are also minor course available for students thinking in different aspects. The student life at Union College in New York University is full of experience. Students across border meet on a huge platform and connect socially, locally and globally and promote innovation and creativity.




Union College – A College In New York

Union College

Union college was founded in 1795 which is located in Schenectady, New York. This college is a private and non-denominational liberal arts college and also first institution for higher learning. College dedicated itself in shaping the future of students. Faculty, staff and administrator work together and welcome young and talented generation into their community and work with them very friendly to provide extensive and deep education and knowledge and even guide them in finding their and executing their passion. Freshly Union College has expended its academic area by including additional field such as Nanotechnology, Bioengineering, Neuroscience and East Asian Studies. The College offers various majors and minors programs and some of them are listed below


Majors and Minors
African study – it involves the study of history, intellectual heritage, culture, social development of citizens of African descent.

Arts- for students who have creative thinking and flair of writing dialogues and scripts. Options in this field are dance, music, visual arts, theatre etc.

Bioengineering- is for those who like to explore interface between engineering and life science.

Biochemistry- in this program students learn deeply about chemistry and biological factors.

Classics – students can study about ancient languages in original Greek and Latin.

Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering- for those who have interest in science, political issues and interface between environment and human.

Modern languages and Literature- students will learn and study about foreign language.

Neuroscience- students who have interest in biology and psychology, this is the field for them as it focuses on brain functioning, behavior and cognitive processing.

Women’s and Gender Studies- students in this field uses gender analyst and feminist theory to know that how their construction and gender assumptions effect men and women life.


Astrophysics – it is a combine study of physics and astronomy.

Digital Media- this field gives students an opportunity to explore interaction between computational processes and creativity.

Film Studies- it develops awareness about basics of film and also the widespread medium of cultural communication of film.

Jewish Studies – in this, students examine the different aspects of Jewish history, culture, tradition etc.

Nanotechnology- this minor is the combination of science and engineering major.

World’s music and cultures- theory courses in this field are taught by professional composers, and students are also given chance to compose music of their own.

The student life at Union College is full of experience. Students connect socially, locally and globally to think innovatively. They learn, live and lead their life in unique and confident manner.