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U.S Merchant Marine Academy – New York

U.S Merchant Marine Academy

This academy was established in 1942 and it is from among the five United States Services Academies. Students in this academy are referred as Midshipmen and they are trained in navigation, marine engineering, maritime law, ship’s administration, international law, and custom and personnel management. This academy is located in Kings Point, New York, U.S.A. academy has divide its academic departments into six main departments under which different midshipmen are taught differently. These departments are listed below


Departments of Academy
Department of Marine Engineering – this department provides facilities and faculties to teach programs like marine engineering, shipyard management, and marine engineering systems. Faculty of this department also prepares midshipmen for Coast Guard Licensing examination. Midshipmen works in laboratories specially designed for diesel and steam engineering, refrigeration, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, control systems, welding and electrical machinery.

Department of Humanities – under this department faculty gives knowledge about origin and nature of modern culture and society. Subjects under this department are literature, politics, history, social thoughts, philosophy, religion and fine arts. Department also offers two introductory English courses, one gives primary stress to composition and the second one focuses on literature of different varieties and ages.

Department of Mathematics and Science – courses offered under this department are related to very basic science i.e. chemistry, physics and mathematics. Courses under this are specially designed for midshipmen will give them theoretical knowledge about fundamentals concepts which might later be used by them in engineering and marine transportation curriculum.

Department of Marine Transportation – marine transportation means carrying goods from one place to another. So in this department midshipmen are given knowledge of nautical science, transportation processes as well as management skills which will be helpful for them in their career or profession in maritime industry. Department offers courses in law, economics, logistics, seamanship, navigation, meteorology and marine safety.

Department of Naval Science – this department basically supports the mission of U.S Merchant Marine Academy by giving graduates with professional, academicals and ethical tools so that they can reach their potentials and can become commissioned officers in government servants, U.S armed forces etc.

Department of Physical Education and Athletics – this department basically focuses on the physical fitness, personal growth and development of midshipmen. This department also emphasizes team work, initiative and self-confidence. Various Physical Education Activities courses are also offered under this department. Department also gives additional knowledge and instruction regarding ship’s medicine i.e. aids given in emergency healthcare problems.