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Teachers College – A College In New York

Teachers CollegeTeachers College is affiliated with Columbia University in 1898 and was established in 1887 in New York. It is the largest and the oldest graduate school of education of United States and this college is expertise in four main areas, they are education, health, psychology and leadership. College has many different departments which offer an array of programs. These departments are listed below.


The Departments of College
Arts and Humanities – this department offers various programs like Applied Linguistics, Arts and education, Arts Administration, Bilingual/Bicultural Education, English Education, History, Music education, Philosophy and Social Studies education.

Biobehavioral sciences – programs which comes under this department are Curriculum and Teaching in Physical Education, Movement Science and Education, Applied Philosophy, Kinesiology, Motor Learning and control, Physical Education, Neuroscience and education and Speech and language pathology.

Counseling and Clinical Psychology – this department offers only some of the programs namely Clinical Psychology, Psychology in education, Counseling psychology and Psychological Counseling.

Curriculum and Teaching – these programs are offered under this department-Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Teaching, Master of Education, Professional Certification Program in Elementary and Secondary education, early childhood education and special education, Elementary and Secondary Inclusive education, Teaching Students with Disabilities and also Literacy specialist.

Education policy and Social analysis – this department offers four of the programs such as Economic and Education, Leadership Policy and Politics, Politics and education and Sociology and education.

Health and Behavior Studies – this department offers wide variety of programs such as Applied Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Diabetes education and Management. Health Studies includes programs Health Education, Nursing Education and Diabetes Education and Management. Programs related to special education are Deaf and hard of hearing, Guidance and Rehabilitation, Intellectual disability in childhood and early childhood education, physical disability and teaching of American Sign Language as foreign language.

Human Development – this department offers programs like Cognitive studies in education, Development psychology program and one more program which will include Measurement, evaluation and Statistics.

International and Transcultural studies – department offers programs in two fields. First is Anthropology and courses offered are Anthropology and education and Applied Anthropology. Other is Programs in International and Comparative education and courses under this are comparative and international education and international educational development.

Mathematics, Science and Technology – programs under this department are Communication, Computing and Technology in education, computing in education, instructional technology and media and science education.

Organization and Leadership – education leadership, executive programs for nurses, higher and postsecondary education and social-organizational psychology are some of the programs offered by this department. Apart from these departments and programs there are many other additional programs offered by Teachers College like conflict resolution, family and community education, law and educational institutions and urban education.