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Sarah Lawrence College – A College In New York

Sarah Lawrence CollegeSarah Lawrence College is a private college located in Westchester County in New York. The college was founded in 1926. It’s a liberal arts college. The college was founded in 1926. Its students come from 35 various countries. The college keeps student to faculty ratio at 9:1 to ensure excellent academic performance of all the students.

Some of the disciplines in which the college imparts education are –
Africana Studies – for those who want to know about African culture

Asian Studies- program explaining culture and traditions of Asian civilizations

Computer Science- for studying principles on which the computer works

Economics- program entailing relationship between available resources and possible usages of them

German – for knowledge of German language and culture

History- program explaining story of human traditions and past events

Japanese- for those who want to have knowledge of Japanese language and culture

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies- program including interdisciplinary courses concerning gender and sexuality issues

Modern Languages and Literatures – for those who want to study language and literature of various cultures

Physics- for those who want to make career in this branch of science

Psychology- program depicting nature of human psyche and behavioral pattern

Russian- for those who want to understand Russian language and culture

Sociology- program describing structure and functioning of human society

Visual Arts- program opening a number of career opportunities

When it comes to financial assistance, Sarah Lawrence College is doing quite well. The college offers all possible options. It provides a number of scholarship options to students. Qualifying students can avail these scholarships. But if anyone finds oneself unable of qualifying, student loans are there to meet the need. The college helps students in finding and obtaining appropriate loan.

Health services of the college include treatment for general illness and injuries. It provides all kinds of routine, preventive and emergency treatments. It also grants referrals for long term treatments if necessary. The college conducts educational programs on various health issues now and then to keep students informed about health problems. It pays good attention to the mental health of the students as well. The students can contact the college for guidance on any kind of psychological issues. If they find difficulty in adjusting in the college, any family issues or problems in relationships; the college is there to help them out.