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Saint Lawrence University – New York

Saint Lawrence UniversitySaint Lawrence University is a liberal arts university situated in saint Lawrence County, New York. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It offers four years programs. It was founded in 1856. Student to faculty ratio of the university is 12:1.

Some undergraduate degrees being conferred by the university are:-
African Studies– for study of African culture and traditions

Asian Studies- for understanding Asian traditions and history

Canadian Studies- for knowledge of Canadian literature and culture

Communications- for enhancement of communication skills

Creative Writing- for those who have flair for writing

Economics- for understanding importance of resources available to us and utilization of them accordingly

Environmental Studies – programs establishing relationship between environment and humans

European Studies- for knowledge of European traditions and culture

Geology- for studying earth through its surfaces

Global Studies- for studying relationships of various countries in light of politics, trade, culture etc

Journalism- for those who want to pursue career as journalist

Mathematics – for making career in fields related to mathematics

Neuroscience- program dealing with functioning of brain and nervous system

Philosophy- for understanding world through thoughts of great thinkers

Sports Studies and Exercise Science- for knowledge of effects of physical activities on human body

Theatre– for pursuing career in theatrical field

Pre-Professional- with specialization in Dentistry, Management, Seminary, Law, Medical and Veterinary

Counseling and Human Development- for pursuit of career as a counselor

General Studies in Education- preparing teachers through various degree programs

Lots of student organizations operate in Saint Lawrence University. Some of them are Association of Campus Entertainment, American Chemical Society, Chinese Culture Club, Commons College Club, Democracy Matters, Gamma Sigma Alpha, L.I.G.H.T House, Men’s Hockey Club, Outing Club, Photo Club, Ray Ross, Singing