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Saint Joseph’s College – A College In New York

saint joseph's college new yorkSaint Joseph’s College is a private college situated in New York with campuses in Clinton Hill and Patchogue. It’s a liberal arts college. It is a member of lots of associations including American Council on Education, College Entrance Examination Board, Council for Adult and Experimental Learning, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and National League for Nursing. The collage is made up of two schools named School of Arts and Sciences and School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Both the schools are coeducational institutions.

The college offers education in various disciplines including –
Biology – program entailing study of living animals

Computer Science- for understanding various computer applications

Human Relations- program including courses from sociology, anthropology and psychology

Medical Technology – opening a number of career options including Blood banking, Hematology, Microbiology, Research science, Medicine, Nursing etc

Psychology- for those who want to study complexities of human psyche

Sociology- for those who want to understand functioning of human society

Moreover, the college also offers some pre professional programs like Adolescence Education, Classics, Drama and Theatre, Humanities, Physical Education, Physical Sciences and Secondary Education.

Saint Joseph’s College offers various scholarships including Presidential Scholarship, Scholastic Achievement Award, Housing Grant, Adult Program Learner Scholarship, Incentive Grants etc. Eligible students can apply for these scholarships. Students are free to contact college for any kind of student loans also. The college will find the most appropriate student loan for the student and help in funding that loan.

The college takes good care of the recreation of the students and operates lots of student organizations for the purpose. Some of such organizations in Brooklyn campus are Asian Awareness Club, Black Student Association, Child Study Club, Fashion Club, Hispanic Awareness Club, Lady Bear Athletics, Muslim Student Association, Philosophy Club, Student Alumni Association, Students Joined Through Christ etc. In Long Island campus, there are Accounting & Business Club, Biology Club, Criminal Justice Club, Graduate Nursing Student Organization, Matrix Club, Recreation Club, Society for Human Resources Management etc.

The college is all aware about importance of good health in student life. So, it offers state of the art health services to students. These services include treatment for routine illness and injuries. For further treatments students can be referred to outside healthcare settings as well. The college also provides services related to mental health. Students dealing with any kinds of issues like problems in adjusting to the college, family issues, problems in relationships, issues with roommate or any other such problem. The college conducts individual and group sessions for students. The college assists students in career development as well.