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Paul Smith’s College – A College in New York

Paul Smith's College

Paul Smith’s College is a private college located in Paul Smiths, New York. The college was founded in 1946. The college is constituted of various colleges named the School of Forestry and Natural Resources, the Division of Hospitality and Resort, the Division of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Business and Culinary Management.

Programs Offered by the College
Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts – for those who want to gain dexterity in baking and pastry arts and pursue career in confectionaries, hotels, restaurants etc

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts and Service Management- for those who want to pursue career in various hospitality settings at good positions

Associates in Arts and Studies in Hotel and Restaurant Management- for those who want to hold management positions in hotels and restaurants

Bachelor of Science – in biology, business and environmental science

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies- for those who want to study relationship between environment and humans

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts General Studies- program entailing courses from both liberal arts and general science

Associate of Applied Science in Arboriculture and Landscape Management- preparing tree surgeons, turf specialists, landscape designers and city arborists

Bachelor of Science In Forestry – program for those who love mother nature and want to stay around it all the times

Bachelor of Professional Studies In Recreation, Adventure Travel, And Ecotourism- program developing skills of conducting outdoor recreation opportunities supporting human health and ecosystem

The college offers top notch financial assistance for all students who want to join the college but find them incapable of funding education on their own. Such students can contact concerned staff at the college have solution to all their financial problems. The office is ready to guide students on various loans, scholarships and grants. It also provides work while study opportunities for willing students.

Paul Smith’s College Provide all required services to its students to excel in academic studies. Academic Success Center of the college offers a number of such services which make students capable of achieving all their academic issues. Moreover, counseling services of the college are there to take care of students in need of any kind of consultation while confronting emotional or psychological issues.

Career services provided by the college are also very efficient. The college provides internship and job opportunities to students of the college. It also provides tips on resume making and interview facing. Alumni of the college are also eligible to avail these career services.