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Are You Passionate About Having A Professional Nursing Degree?

nurseswire31n-1-webHealth care sector has been on the lines of rapid development in which; nursing field has matured intensively. Learning Nursing demands dedication and high-quality course of study which the College of Nursing at the New York university offers with comprehensive curriculum across all the levels which focuses on meeting today’s nursing needs.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science through its 15-month accelerated program and a traditional four-year degree program. The program educates students with the exciting challenges of nursing at professional level. The program focuses on building a strong foundation of students in the fields of liberal arts and sciences. Students are allowed access to the most renowned medical center in the world for enhanced clinical education. Students are even taken to the Clinical Simulation Learning Center.  With the best faculty and education system, NYU students clear the passing exam for nurses’ registration very easily.

The master’s and advanced certificate programs of the College of Nursing at NYU, the University at New York are meant for existing nurses who wish to enhance their existing skills in clinical practice, education, nursing administration, and informatics by providing the essentials for building foundation for doctoral study. Graduates are molded for gaining leading positions in advanced nursing practice in mental health, care of the adult, care of infants, adolescents, holistic nursing, nurse midwifery, and many other. All the programs are inculcated with educating students with the basics of research, nursing theory, issues and trends while delivering health care, and many more.

The NYU College of Nursing offers a PhD program in Nursing Research and Theory Development for nurses aiming to do a comprehensive research. Philosophy of scientific inquiry, qualitative and quantitative research designs, theory development in BSN_in_Yorknursing science, and methodological approached to management and analysis of data are all a part of building foundation of the students enrolled in this program. Upon successful completion of the PhD program, students gain leading positions in health care, academics, research, and practice settings. Either students can apply to this program after completing the master’s degree or even at an early stage wherein they wish to explore the trajectory path of baccalaureate to masters and then PhD.

The DNP program of the New York University College of Nursing is an innovative program meant to mould nurse practitioners and nurse midwives into clinical leadership positions across the health care sector and practices. This program is extended over five semesters.

All the programs offered by the University at New York are meant to build a strong foundation of students and nurses to excel in whatever specialization they choose. The college posses highly qualified faculty members and professors who are dedicated to provide best course of study to the students. Besides, there are acclaimed researchers and mentors to mentor students to motivate them for doing a high-quality research in whichever area they elect. Students’ skills are polished with the college’s state-of-the-art facilities which aim at meeting today’s and tomorrow’s high-tech challenges across the health care sector.

Superior Quality Public Service Education From New York University At Wagner School

download (4)The high school is over and it is time to take the most important decision if your life, about choosing a career and a university. You should definitely browse the New York University for a multifarious courses and programs. NYU is located in the heart of the New York City which makes preferable for most of the residents and the international students because of ease of access to the city facilities.

Amongst one of the 18 colleges and schools of the New York University, the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, also known as NYU Wagner, Wagner, is one of the highly renowned schools which offer comprehensive courses in public administration and nonprofit policy and its management. NYU Wagner offers more than 150 distinct courses which give students the flexibility to not only choose courses for degrees or specializations but also according to the topic area.

The New York University Wagner Graduate School of Public Service offers a wide array of courses and minors which is only open to undergraduates. The Wagner School faculties are highly devoted and are highly  qualified in their respective fields because of which, students are delivered an in-depth knowledge about various topics and the subjects related to public policy issues faced by the policy makers and the local and the national practitioners today.

The NYU Wagner in New York offers some renowned degree programs namely- Master of public administration (MPA) in public and nonprofit management and policy, Master of Public ministration in health Policy and Management, Master of Urban Planning (MUP), Master of Science in Management of international public service organization, and lastly Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in public administration. All these courses are highly renowned all over the world and students get better future career prospects on a broader platform. To offer a high-tech educational atmosphere, the school is equipped with highly advanced 10 operating research centers.

images (7)Wagner, NYU also offers joint degree programs in close association with the NYU School of Law, Stern School of Business, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, and other units in the New York University. MPA students in public and nonprofit management and policy can specialize from Policy, Management, Finance, and International Policy and Management to learn cutting-edge skills and concepts of the chosen subject.

One of the unique programs of the New York University Wagner School is the Capstone Project wherein MPA and MUP essentially need to complete one year project which is team-oriented. All the students essentially need to conduct a research on some social issues or apply theories with practical for a specific client organization. The faculty members monitor the local, national, and international Capstone project in which students are deeply dipped in a specific content or issue to enhance their skills on project management and teamwork, develop competencies in collecting, analyzing, and preparing reports.

Now that you have explored the scope of taking a career in public services and administration, hurry up for the admissions before the deadlines.

Niagara University – A University In New York

Niagara UniversityNiagara University is situated in Lewiston in Niagara county, New York. It’s a catholic university. It was founded in 1856. It offers liberal arts education. Colleges comprising the university are College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Business, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Some of the programs offered by the university are:-
Academic Exploration Program- This programs make students clear about his choices for major program

Actuarial Science- Science related to statistical approaches

Chemistry- career oriented study in Chemistry

French- for knowledge of French literature and culture

Social Studies- including all disciplines of social science

Africana Studies- for knowledge of African culture and history

Applications & Analysis- for enhancement of analyzation skills

Biochemistry- study of chemical and physiochemical processes in living organisms

Biology- for knowledge of different forms of life

Biotechnology- use of biological processes for various purposes

Black Families Studies- for study of culture, traditions and history of black people

Environmental Studies- for study of environment around us

Education- preparing educators

French- For studying French language and literature

Childhood and Special Education- for pursuing career as educator of special children

Communication Studies- for enhancement of communication skills

Computer & Statistical Analysis- to work as analyst in business organizations

Criminology & Criminal Justice- for knowledge of techniques of fighting crime

Design Tech- opening career options in many fields

Educational Leadership- preparing students for leadership roles in echools and colleges

Fine Arts- with lots of course options

Gerontology- study of elderly people

Hotel & Restaurant Management- for pursuit of career in hospitality industry

Human Resources Management- preparing HR managers for business organizations

Mental Health Counseling- For choosing career as a mental health counselor

Philosophy- Studying in the light of thoughts of great thinkers and philosophers

Social Work- opening career options with opportunities to serve others

Student services offered by Niagara University are really state of the art. It provides confidential counseling to students for alleviating any kind of issues. Health services are also there to keep all the students in pink of health. It also provides full assistance students from all backgrounds to arrange for the expenses with the help of scholarships, grants and loans. It also helps a lot in finding good career options through career services.