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Cornell University-The Greatest Hub For Quality Education

download (1)New York has always been characterized by state-of the-art educational facilities; hence, it is a hub for many universities, colleges, and institutes for higher studies. Out of these universities, Cornell University is one great university in New York. It is an American university which is situated in Ithaca in New York in USA. It offers a wide range of courses for undergraduates, graduates, and research students.  

Cornell University, university at New York has fourteen schools and colleges that admit students on their own and even provide faculty on their own but all the students are awarded a Cornell University degree. This university in NY has two largest colleges for under graduation which includes the College of Arts and Sciences and the second one is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The university also boasts of the College of Engineering, the S C Johnson Graduate School of Management, the Law School, and the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Within the Cornell University, the university in New York, more than hundred interdisciplinary departments, centers, and institutes exist that offer distinct advanced programs. These centers are dedicated to in-depth study of various electives. Here, students and faculty get along together for research, training, and teaching purposes on various hot topics such as life sciences, images (3)environmental sustainability, nanofabrication, space research, human development, agriculture and many others. You be glad to know that their work falls in line with today’s global needs in public’s interest. You would feel honored to know that Cornell also has two national research centers that cater to the national and international needs of scientific groups and communities. These two centers are the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) and Cornell Nano-Scale Facility (CNF).

Along with great infrastructure for learning, the university in New York the Cornell University is also recognized for it’s highly learned and reputed faculty for teaching. The professors are not just friendly but helpful also. They believe in sharing and passing knowledge to every incoming batch of students and empower them with great amount of knowledge to make them stand honored in the crowd. They also help students in gaining access to NY City’s sources for research purpose. The university is also proud to have faculty members that have brought laurels to university by gaining Nobel and Pulitzer Awards.

The Cornell University in New York has high appreciation for quality students who wish to pursue higher education but unfortunately have limited financial resources. That is why; the University also has exciting scholarship programs to offer for students. There are various schemes of scholarships in collaborations that allow students to seek financial assistance for Research purpose. Besides, the university is continuously active in various areas. Students keep continuously participating in various cultural fests, activities, and social forums. Students also get an opportunity for physical development through various inter-college and inter-university sports activities. Students continuously manifest multi ethnicity yet unity.

Cornell University is one of the best universities to get overall development along with great maturity in beliefs and imaginations. Truly, there can be nothing more honoring than being a student of the Cornell.

Stern School Of Business- The Best Hub For Management Studies

images (38)When it concerns studies or choosing field of specialization, the very first field that comes to mind is the management field and no other university can be better than the New York University. The Stern School of Business is one of the best hubs for acquiring management education with ace quality of studies and educational facilities.

The Stern School of Business at the University of New York offers a wide range of notable courses and programs across various levels of education. Their programs include full time and part time MBA in Westchester, Executive MBA, Part time MBA in Manhattan, Dual degree program, Global degree program, TRIUM Global Executive MBA, Executive Education, and PhD in Management.  The Stern School also offers super specializations in various subjects which include Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Economic Policy, Actuarial Science, Accounting, and many other fields. The objective of the School by offering undergraduate programs is to integrate business with a liberal, social, and a global view. The aim of the programs is to expose students with today’s challenges and needs of the business environment and marketing world. To attain this objective, the School organizes various presentations, seminars; study tours, guest lectures, and many other mediums t promote exposure. A unique degree in Business and Political Economy (BPE) is also offered by the Stern School which is also quite notable. Stern School also offers internships and career assistance to all its students so that they gain proper guidance for their career.

The full time MBA program, which is for two years offered by the Stern School of NYU, allows students to choose from a wide range of specializations from to gain an in-depth knowledge about the same. The campuses at Manhattan and Westchester provide part time MBA programs specially aimed at working professionals who wish to enhance their existing skills and upgrade their management knowledge theories. These programs are offered at flexible timings of that the working professionals do not need to give up their employment. The programs can be accomplishes within two years or up to a limit of six years. The accelerated 22- month Executive MBA is also offered by the New York University for working professionals. The classes are scheduled on every other Fridays and Saturdays. There are two Global Study tours also included in the curriculum of the EMBA.

The Stern School at the University of New York offers dual degree programs that contain subjects such as public administration, law, film making, medicine, and many other subjects also. The TRIUM Global EMBA is one of the most prestigious programs for senior managers and executives and has been ranked 2nd in the world. The curriculum aims at blending business with cross border economic and socio-political domains.

The PhD program offered by the Stern School at NYU is himages (39)ighly comprehensive program. It is provided with an aim to allow the researchers to have a close look at some core subjects of business management. The Stern School is equipped with world class facilities which allow students to complete their research very conveniently by gaining access to all the facilities.

Being a Sternie is highly valuable. Enroll at the New York University’s Stern School and be a Sternie.

New York University- A World Of Best Education Courses

images (4)There are many reasons to go and study abroad, one can learn a new languageexplore a new world, study the world’s best program, and choose the best promising field. The no of people studying abroad is increasing day be day and and for good reasons. Countries across are making it easier and simpler for students to immigrate from all over the country and study in their institutions and one of the name is New York University. University of New York opens up the gate of private and non-denominational Union College which was founded in 1795 with a motive to impart liberal arts to students wishing to go for higher studies. The college dedicated itself in molding and shaping the upcoming future of students with their top faculty, staff and upgraded administration and strong supervision.

 University of New York has always been first choice of students when it comes to studying abroad as it offers cheaper tuition fees and all programs to get enrolled into to increase the pool of students. Union college, a premier institute of University of New York has grown and expended its Education tentacles in all fields such as Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, East Asian Studies, etc and has warmly welcomed additional programs like Classics, Jewish Studies, and African Study. The University of New York welcomes young and fresh talents from across the borders into their community and closely work with them to nurture seeds of the future by providing extensive and deep knowledge in all fields. Getting globalized is as simple as studying abroad at University in New York.

Cultural sensitivity, language skills, adaptability and be the first choice of all employers is one of the major concerns when it comes to getting graduate at abroad. With all Major and Minor programs that Union College at University in New York one can develop not only independence but can enlarge circle of internationally fields and contacts which plays a major part in future of any student. Some of the courses in Unions fold are – Arts for those students who wish to pursue creative thinking in their work and flair be it a profession images (3)related to dance, theatre, music, visual arts, writing, etc. Classics for those who want to get rooted and at the same time get themselves involved in the current world by distributing the ancient past. In this program one can study ancient languages originally written in Greek and Latin. Environmental Science, Engineering and Policy for those who wish to pursue their career in the field of Science, Environment, Human Resources, and Politics. Various Programs related to Women and General studies for those who have interest in Gender analysis, feminist studies, how ones construction affects men and women life.

Neuroscience is one of the emerging and most promising for students who have interest in biology and studying brain psychology, behavior and its functioning. Nanotechnology is a program for those who have interest both for science and engineering. Astrophysics, digital media, film studies are also the fields which gives you an opportunity to explore the world of astronomy, computational processes and cultural communication of films. Jewish Studies and Worlds Music and Culture are also minor course available for students thinking in different aspects. The student life at Union College in New York University is full of experience. Students across border meet on a huge platform and connect socially, locally and globally and promote innovation and creativity.




Cazenovia College: A Jewel Of The Famous New York University

images (3)It won’t be wrong to say that Cazenovia is one of the best colleges of America. A part of the magnanimous University of New York, the college is an old treasure. Standing for over 188 years, the institution is still operating from the same old building in Village Cazenovia, as it used to in 1824, when it came into existence.  Undoubtedly the college has emerged as the leader of higher studies and has witnessed a great change over the years. The college doesn’t work on “one size fits all” strategy and provides the students an individualized study pattern so that they can groom them in every field. In a nutshell the Cazenovia College at University of New York gives individual priority to every student which makes it stand apart from others.

Academics at Cazenovia University of New York:

Working with a mission to make every single student successful, the college of Cazenovia at the New York University includes majors from literature to science. The Baccalaureate programs embrace degrees like that of Arts, Fine Arts, Science and Professional Studies. The college is also known for facilitating the e-learning programs to students from arts, applied sciences and science.

Sports at Cazenovia College, a part of the New York University:

This college is NCAA Division III member and comprises of men’s as well as women’s sports teams such as basketball, swimming, soccer and much more. While the intercollegiate includes teams like cheerleading team, men’s crew team and equestrian riding teams, the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) adorns teams with colors blue and gold.

images (4)Student Life at New York University’s Cazenovia College:

This college of New York University is provides teaching that not only helps you to pursue a good career but also bestows upon them a worldly learning. Nearly 2-3rds of the college hours are dedicated to extra-curriculum activities which help in the overall personality development and personal grooming. It is seen that those who actively participate in extra co-curricular activities besides the syllabus, gains more from this university at New York. The quality campus life with lot of fun and activity makes you much more enthusiastic.

Student Accommodation at Cazenovia:

As the institution is tagged as the residential community, most of the students prefer staying in its campus. This helps them develop socially as well as personally also enabling them to perform much better in academics.

Various Clubs and Organizations:

This College of New York University is closely associated with many clubs and organizations which help them put their common interests across. This is instrumental in developing leadership qualities, community building, developing a positive thinking on various subjects and exposure to society practical world and much more. With the due permission of the Vice President, the Student Government Association gets the authority to link up with various clubs and organizations. Everyone is open to availing the membership of any club or society one wants to part of.


The University Of New York Is The Hub Of New York Academics

academics_photoCollege or university life could be the best days of a person’s life just because of the fun, zeal, vigour and the crazy moments that they bring in. apart from studying and the dull moments that might be spent in a library, it is that part of life when friends become the best support. The time spent together becomes memorable and cherishing through the rest of their lives. Working together on assignment, project or course study makes it all the more interesting.

Leaving the enthusiastic and well known professors the university of new york has an environment that is competitive yet spirited for the academicians who come across. The staffs are very helpful and any query is entertained with complete help from the staff. The campus also help scholar from different background, countries, or academic courses to meet and they can speak and interact with each other. The new york university also have researchers from all over the world. NYU operates performance and theatre facilities. This pretty often is used by the university in the Tisch School of the Arts and also in their conservatory. There are external productions that are held in NYU at times. The Greenwich square has attracted talented writers, musicians, intellectuals and artists for generation after generation. The centre of NYU is the campus of the Washington Square.

The new york university ny in United States of America have program study that is offered under academic resources includes Acting: Graduate, taxation, accounting and business law, advanced digital appliances, animation, anthropology graduate and a host of academicsBanner4other courses that continues in the list. The list is long enough and hardly so many courses are offered by the different universities across the globe. The recent graduates can even request a transcript in NYU. The website gives each and every information necessary of the university. The university of new york have a very efficient leadership team for reaching the enterprise and fulfilling the objectives of the university. The transportation in New York is very feasible and easy and there is ample number of options for the academicians to travel. The MTA runs the subway, bus and trains that will get one where they need to go. Other than these there are yellow cabs that could be availed at any point of time.

The office of the president present in the university campus is the highest ranking office. Other than this there are administrative offices as well. NYU have a number of clubs of sports that includes baseball, badminton, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, tennis, crew, lacrosse, equestrianism, softball, squash, martial arts and many more. The prestigious history has given a number of well ground achievements to this institution and it continues to offer the world a large number of brilliant students each year. The faculty and the professors are helpful enough to bring the best out of a student and show the right way to a glorious future. There is an alumni community of this renowned institution as well.

New York University- The Best Resources That It Offers Globally

1366908074725There are professors or teachers in our life who just shows us the right way to the future and guide us like parents and help us to establish a valued career. They come to our lives as mentor and philosopher and never leave us or cease to support us in the entire course of our student life. There are schools, colleges, universities and academic institutions that that have these excellent guides in the form of teacher. The scenario is nothing different in new york university where the faculty is very much supportive to the students.

NYU welcomes the visiting students who can come to the university throughout the year. There could be a course that could be opted by students for a session or an entire depending on the type of course undertook by them. The website provides all the information of the courses that is suitable for one and if they fail to understand contacting the university might resolve their queries completely. The university of new York have summer sessions, precollege, spring in NY, January term for students with different needs and look out of courses. The NY school of continuing education is perfect enough for pursuing degrees and interest along with the certification that is essential for career advancement.

The intellectual development of the students is ensured by the highly regarded degree programs. This helps in the creative development of students as well. The courses could serve as a global leader in regard to university based higher education. new york RS26777_Photo 4university or nyu is situated in the heart of new York city and the conveyance is very easy to reach its students or scholars to any place in the city. NYU also provided open education to the interested academicians as the concept of open education is gaining its importance and due respect all across the world these days. Incoming students, alumni, parents are always welcomed in the university for the different events and award function that it organizes every year. There are traditional events that are organized throughout the year that distinguishes NYU with many other well known universities of the world. The rich tradition continues from generation to generation.

The university at new York provides health insurance to the students many a times as part of the registration process. There is primary care that is offered by the centre along with women health care facilities. It is very important to have a healthy environment for all the universities across the world and NYU takes special care of this. There is student resource center for capitalizing all the amenities and services that the university has to offer.  The Wasserman center for career development help students take advantages of the internship, and other professional opportunities. The NYU card and campus cash is a debit card that could be used within the campus which also includes 95 local merchants. To ease the university life there are loads of other resources that are offered to the students by NYU.

The Vibrant and Dynamic Academic Life At The New York University

BAD2Various universities across the globe boast of vibrant academic life which includes studies and activities with high participation from all the students. But the New York University in New York has a unique academic life; without the presence of walls. Because of the location of the New York University being so apt, students get an opportunity to be in the New York City, enjoy the city life along with campus life.

The campus of the New York University in New York is located in the heart of the city. Most of the administrative and academic buildings and first year students’ residence are all situated on the borders of Washington Square Park, the most happening place in United States. At any point of time, you find NYU students walking on their way to classes, NYU community members into the shops, restaurants, and other businesses around the city. Be it on-site or off-site, all the people of NYU are directly or indirectly involved in the daily culture, excitement, and being in the city because of the campus location being so ideal.

Besides, the New York University in New York boasts of friendly and altruistic professors who share their research experiences and professional lives with the students. These professors are not just teachers in the campus but also are the consultants to the city banks, governments, and school system, advisers to corporations and d museums; and also working choreographers, artists, and music and film directors. Their style of teaching depicts their professionalism which motivates students to take the advantage of the opportunities and excellent resources of the city and the campus through research, networking, internships, service learning and part time jobs.

In the campus of NYU, students get an opportunity to get involved and connect themselves with members of the community of the University. Students get involved with their respective college, with the University because of the presence of over 400 student organizations and clubs, hundreds of residence and sports hall activities, film screenings, guest lectures, and many other activities. boston_academics_02Such a vibrant framework brings all the students together regardless of caste, nation, religion, sex. What just matters is being a student of NYU.

When it concerns education, students and faculty members have unlimited access to a wide array of facilities, residence halls, services, and dining locations which are all provided by the NY University. Academic facilities comprise of nine libraries and many specialized institutes and centers. All the students at NYU are allowed to access the computer labs and specialized offices which are meant to cater to the needs ranging from taking a discounted movie ticket to urgent medical attention.

With so many facilities and activities happening within the NY University campus, students are assured of all round development then be it, sports, cultural fests, and studies. The University has been leading not only because of superior quality education but also because of extracurricular activities which offers ample of opportunities to all the students to get indulged into various activities along with studies.

An Overview Of The Distinct Programs At CATT, NYU-POLY, New York University

downloadIf your area of interest is into doing research on telecommunications and advanced technology, you’ve reached the right place- New York University in New York. The Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT) is located in the Polytechnic Institute of New York University. Located amidst New York City, NYU-Poly along with CATT offers university-industry collaborative research opportunities to various students. The core aim of CATT is to have an economical impact through intensive research on various areas of telecommunication. CATT is equipped with the best expertise from NYU Poly, researchers of Columbia University and New York University.

CATT at the University of New York offers various programs and courses for national and international students. Short term courses are offered on some key topics relevant in the field of telecommunications and advanced technology. These short term courses are monitored by highly-qualified NYU faculty. Off-site faculties also pay a visit to the center to educate the students and members o different lines. Students can earn any one degree out of M.S. in Information Systems Engineering, M.S. in Telecommunications Network, and M.S. Telecommunications and Information Management.

NYU-Poly in the University of New York offers CATT Fellowship programs for graduate students aiming to pursue Ph.D. degrees in areas of telecommunications and distributed information systems. The research  areas include Wireless Network, High-Speed Networks, Multimedia Communications, Distributed Information Systems, Hardware and Software Security, Control and Robotics, Analysis, Management and Visualization of data, Electric Power Systems and Power Electronics, Internet and Web Search, and lastly Computer Engineering.

CATT invites applications from students who have excellent academic credits. GRE is a compulsory prerequisite of this program. The fellowship program offers stipend to all its students and free tuition for one year. Students who wish to apply can apply for admissions in the Computer Science and Engineering department or the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of NYU Poly at the New York University.

download (1)CATT at NYU in New York also conducts various Graduate Research Seminar Series which is run by the students wherein every week, two Graduate Research Students associated with CATT faculty present their research overview on various topics. These seminars are open for general public also.  The core objective of these seminars is to update students with the ongoing research in Department of Computer Science and Engineering and also at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. These seminars provide an opportunity to students to enhance their communication and presentation skills and sharpen their confidence levels in front of friendly audiences.

Such unique and distinctive programs at NYU lead to an overall development of the students. Besides, students also get automatic added credentials because of degrees obtained from such a prestigious university and one of the leading global universities. NYU has been successful in accomplishing its mission of providing the best education with superlative education system along with ideal curriculum for all its curses and programs. Needless to say, but NYU is one of the best universities across the globe.

Earn A Highly-Renowned Professional Nursing Degree From NYU

1325935389053If you are driven to eradicate the health problems of several diseased patients, then you definitely should think about pursuing a professional course in Nursing from the College of Nursing at University of New York. Situated in the heart of the city of New York, the NYU College of Nursing offers distinct programs across all the levels of education to fit today’s nursing needs of student.

Students here at University of New York get a vivid learning experience through unique academic programs of the college blended with delivery of lectures via experienced teaching faculties. Students get an opportunity to build a strong career foundation to further build their career with a broader scope. The faculties comprise of highly qualified professors, mentors and researchers who throw light on various specialty electives students choose. The college is equipped with high-tech state of the art facilities to give students a better practical learning of the subjects they elect.

The New York University College of Nursing offers a 15-month accelerated four-year Bachelor of Science program which intends to prepare students to face the challenging aspects of professional nursing. The curriculum is created by NYU in such a way that it develops a strong base in sciences and liberal arts. The most prestigious centers are included in the clinical educational setup which includes world-class Clinical Simulation Learning Center. Students also get an opportunity to take and pass the licensing exam meant for registered nurses (NCLEX). It is the devotion of faculties which leads to more than 90% of students passing the exam in the first attempt.

The College of nursing of the New York University has an extensive offering of master’s and doctoral certificate programs for students who further wish to enhance their existing nursing skills.

Simages (5)tudents or nurses can earn a NYU certificate in Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) and a PhD in degree also. The advanced programs of PhD are offered for nurses looking to enhance their abilities in nursing administration, clinical practice, informatics, and education. The college of the University of New York has designed the Masters program for students seeking leadership in clinical consultation, teaching, administration, nursing management, and advanced nursing practice in care of elderly, care of the adult, adolescents, care of the infants, holistic nursing, mental health, nurse midwifery, and palliative care nursing. Just look at the number of electives you can choose from to strengthen your foundation. But regardless of whatever elective you choose, the curriculum also comprises essential research, nursing theory, population-focused care, statistics, and issues and trends in health care delivery. The current DNP is completed over fiver semesters.

All the programs of the NYU College of Nursing are designed to provide students a strong foundation for nursing career through adequate in-class sessions and in-lab sessions to get a perfect balance of understanding in theory and its applications in today’s nursing needs.

Students may even choose a perfect course of study to attain admissions to the BS/MS Dual Degree program via BS to PhD and MS to PhD.

An Overview Of Management Programs Offered By NYU’s Stern School Of Business

download (3)It’s been a long time you’ve spent on browsing various universities with an intention to pursue a degree in management. I do understand the gravity of this phase when you need to take the most important decision of your career and life because it is about to be the very foundation of your career. So here I am to help you a little bit by throwing light on the New York University’s Stern School of Business, one of the oldest and the honored business schools worldwide.

To talk about the New York University Stern School of Business, let’s begin with the academic programs offered by this prestigious school. Stern offers a spectrum of academic courses and programs which includes programs for undergraduate, Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA Westchester, Part-time MBA Manhattan, Executive MBA, Dual Degree, TRIUM Global EMBA, Global Degrees, PhD Program and lastly Executive Education.

The New York University’s Stern School offers majors in distinct subjects including Marketing, Actuarial Science, Finance, Economic Policy, Information Systems, Accounting and many more. The Undergraduate program is offered with an intention to blend business with social impact, liberal arts, and a global perspective. The idea is to give maximum exposure to students with various lectures on different subjects, guest lecturers delivered by doctoral professors, study tours, seminars, and many other channels. The School also offers a special degree in Business and Political Economy (BPE) which is known to be the one of the renowned programs. Stern also takes care of Internships and Careers. Get a perfect stability overall with the best education integrated with social activities hosted by the New York City.

images (4)The New York University’s Stern offers a full-time two-year MBA program with an array of electives to choose from to enhance your career. The Part-Time MBA programs offered at the Manhattan and the Westchester campuses provide working professionals the maximum flexibility in choosing their slots of classes. The entire program can be completed in two years up to maximum six years. The executive MBA (EMBA) is a 22-month management program for experienced working professionals. The classes are held every other Friday and Saturday coupled with two Global Study Tours. The dual-degree program of New York University’s Stern consists of subjects like law, medicine, public administration, film making, and many others. Ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times reviews 2009, the TRIUM Global EMBA program is for senior executives from around the globe meant to blend business curriculum with international economic and socio-political dimension. Stern offers highly renowned four Global Degrees program in association with HKUST and NYU Shanghai. One of the most intensive programs offered by Stern is the PhD program meant to provide an opportunity to students to do state of the art research in various electives. A unique Executive Education program meant for professionals to enhance outputs for their firms by means of in-depth knowledge delivered to students in finance, marketing, management and innovation.

What are you waiting for? Be a Sternie of the New York University here in the New York City.