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Mercy College – A College In New York

Mercy CollegeMercy College is a private college offering liberal arts education. It’s located in Debbs Ferry, New York. The college was founded in 1950. It’s a nonprofit organization. It offers education through its five schools i.e. School of business, School of Education, School of Health and natural Sciences, School of Liberal Arts and School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Some of the Master programs offered by college through its various schools are
Masters in Business Administration – for those who want to secure managerial positions in business organizations

Masters in Public Accounting- for those who want to go to heights in field of accounting

Masters in Childhood Education- preparing teachers for childhood education

Advanced Certificate in Teaching literacy – in birth to grade 6 and grades 5 to 12

Doctorate in Physical Therapy- for pursuit of career in outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals etc

Masters in Nursing Administration- for acquiring leadership positions in healthcare organizations

Masters in English Literature – for those who have flair for writing

Masters in Cybersecurity- for those who want to fight cyber crime

Masters in Mental Health Counseling- for pursuit of career as mental health counselor

Masters in Health Services Management- program with lots of electives for better personalization of the program


Graduate programs
Bachelors in General Accounting – in comprehensive, Computer and Information Systems, Taxation and Financial Accounting

Bachelors in Business Administration- in general, Finance, Management, Sport Management, International Business and marketing

Bachelors in Exercise Science- for studying responses of human body on physical activities with scientific approach

Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science – preparing clinical laboratory technologists for various clinical tests

Bachelors in Media Studies- in Film/Culture, Journalism and Radio and Television Production

Bachelors in Computer Arts and Design- opening a number of career opportunities

Bachelors in Psychology- for those who want to analyze human behavior and psyche

Bachelors in behavioral Science- in general, Community Health, Health Services Management and Gerontology

Moreover, the college also conducts some programs online programs like Masters in Adolescence Education, Bachelors in Business Administration, Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, Masters in Human Resource Management, Masters in Nursing Administration, Masters in Web Strategy and Design etc. It also offers pre proffessional programs in dentistry, medicine, Veterinary, Law and Osteopathy. Some customized programs are also being offered by the college.

For students looking for financial aids, Mercy College is having all expected options. Various scholarships open to qualifying students are Mercy College Opportunity Scholarship, Transfer President’s Scholarship, Daddy Short Legs Scholarship, E.L. Franz Scholarships, Mortimer Levitt Scholarships, Rockland Community College Transfer Scholarship, Luzette Ceneus Scholarships, The Linda Christof Guglielmo Scholarships, Gioietta and Alberto Vitale Scholarship, Carol Burnett Scholarship, Michael I. Muro Scholarship, Juan Miguel Roldan Scholarship, College Department Scholarships etc. Students can also contact college for student loans, apprenticeship programs and employment while studying.