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Marymount Manhattan College – New York

Marymount collegeMarymount Manhattan College is an independent and private college located in New York City, New York. It was founded in 1936. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This college offer liberal arts education. This college specializes in imparting education in performing arts. The college keeps its student to faculty ratio at 12:1 for ensuring adequate attention to each student.

The college offers various scholarships for qualifying students like New York City Scholarship, Student Leadership Scholarship, Diplomatic Scholarship, Community College Honor Society Scholarship, Dollars for Scholars Collegiate Award, Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship, Margaret Mary Connolly Memorial Scholarship, Sister Edmund Harvey Scholarship, Zeuschner Family Endowed Scholarship etc. It also assists students if they want to obtain student loans. Students can also go for employment opportunities provided by college while their academic life in the college.


Major Programs offered by the college are
Accounting – opening number of career opportunities

Acting- for those who want to become actors

Theatre Arts- for excellent understanding of theatrical study

Communication Arts – for those who want to gain adroitness in communication skills

Interdisciplinary Studies- program offering choices from a number of courses

Psychology- for proper knowledge of human behavior and psyche

International Studies – for studying relationship among various countries from various points of view like economical, cultural etc

Sociology- understanding functioning of humans as a society


Minor Programs
Business Management – for those who want to acquire managerial or administrative positions in business organizations

Arts Management- opening various career options

Music- for those who have flair for music

Studio Art – for those artistic natured people who are interested in making career in the field

Creative Writing- for those who are gifted in writing and want to make it their career

Gender and Sexuality Studies- interdisciplinary program analyzing gender and sexuality concerns and issues

Media Studies – program entailing details of mass media

Religious Studies- program throwing light on different religions

Chemistry- for pursuit of career in chemistry field

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Asian Studies- for those who want to understand Asian culture

Political Economy- program amalgamating courses from political science and economics

Social Work- for those who want to serve others

Career services provided by the college are very efficient if enabling students in pursuing an excellent career. The college provides full assistance in finding good jobs. It also provides tips on preparing resumes and cover letters. The college also provides internships for willing students.