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Manhattanville College – A College In New York

Manhattanville CollegeManhattanville College is a coeducational college providing liberal arts education. It’s a private college situated in Purchase, New York. The college was founded in 1841. The college maintains student to faculty ratio at 14:1. The college imparts education in more than 90 areas of study.


Some Areas of Study
Academic Writing – for understanding academic writing through research and composition

Art History- for better knowledge on arts history through various approaches

Biochemistry- interdisciplinary program entailing study of chemical processes of living organisms

Classics- for studying culture of classic races through language and literature

Dance and Theatre – for those who are interested in performing arts

English- for gain adroitness in English language

French- for understanding French culture through literature

History- program explaining traditions and stories of mankind

Irish Studies – interdisciplinary program focusing Irish culture and traditions

Mathematics- for enhancing mathematical skills

Computer Science- for understanding various computer applications

Philosophy – for pursuit of wisdom through thoughts of great thinkers

Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Studies- pre professional programs preparing students for dental, medical and veterinary school

Sociology- for better understanding of functioning of human society

World Religions- for understanding various religions of world with in-depth approach

The college provides a number of scholarships and grants for students including The Barbara Knowles Debs Endowed Presidential Scholarships, The Kenneth F. Johnson Endowed Scholarships, The Rosemarie Ombres Memorial Endowed Scholarships, The Texaco Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Science etc. The college also assists students in obtaining student loans. They also provide employment opportunities.

Students of Manhattanville College can choose from a number of student organizations to be amused and refreshed in their student life. Some of them are Animation Club, Catholic Student Association, Dance Troupe, Gamers Guild Club, Graffiti Literary Magazine, Irish Step Dance Club, Latin-American Student Organization, Manhattanville Sound, Muslim Student Association, Pre-Law Society, SP@M, Table Tennis Club, WMVL Radio Station etc.

Manhattan College Counseling Center of the college has received accreditation from the International Association of Counseling Services. They provide all kinds of psychological and emotional counseling sessions like individual, couple, family and group counseling. All these sessions are operated in a very confidential manner. The student health center of the college takes care of all medical needs of students. Staff of the center is highly qualified, skilled and experienced. Moreover, the Center for Career Development is there to guide students on finding and pursuing a good career. It helps students in every possible way to face all career challenges successfully.