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LIU Global Provides Best Quality Learning Experience

a9adWhen we talk about pursuing higher studies, you need definitely would want to study in such a university which has high credentials and great recognition. With similar credentials, the LIU Global is one of the campuses of the Long Island University, university at New York. It is one of the campuses of LIU located in Brooklyn.  It is one of the best campuses to pursue B.A. in Global Studies. It offers a unique program which integrates old cultures. This B.A. program is of four years which on completion awards students with a Bachelor Degree in Arts.

LIU Global of LIU, university of New York, boasts of a prestigious history of more than forty years. It was previously known as Global College of Long Island University and the Friends World Program. It is one of the most prestigious establishments which offer a unique educational experience. Students are provides with an individualized global experience and wide-scope-based liberal arts learning from one of the most honored and comprehensive universities in USA, the LIU, university, New York.

The unique program of LIU Global affiliated to LIU, university, New York, leads students to earn B.A. in Global Studies along with options to study abroad for semesters or years. Only visiting students are offered these options. The unique structure of the B.A. program is such that students need to spend the first three years of the program in the various campuses of LIU Global overseas where they live and learn their programs. The overseas campuses of LIU Global are in China, Costa Rica, India, Turkey, Australia, Peru, Taiwan, Ecuador, and Thailand. Thus, students get exposure to various cultures and people throughout their fieldwork, coursework, internships, service learning projects, immersions, and independent studies.

BK_CostaRica-Jun26The LIU, university at New York, offers students with foundation studies in their first year at the Costa Rica Center. In the second year, students at their discretion can choose to study at the Centre located in India or they can take part in the Comparative Religion and culture Program (CRC) which is for a year and thus, students can reach Thailand, India, Taiwan and Turkey. Being juniors, students can choose to spend one year the Center in China or keep travelling with CRC. Students also are given the option of spending the fall semester which is an integral part of the Global Issues in South America (GISA). This semester brings students to Peru and Ecuador or they can choose to spend their spring semester in Byron Bay in Australia. The final year of the program usually begins with a detailed independent research project in that location where the students wish to live. The program is at peak when students come to campus of university, New York where students are required to complete a continuous series of crowning experiences and a high quality thesis.  Throughout the program, the students get to learn and develop various language skills, great experience through fieldwork and cross-cultural learning experience and all these aspects are extremely necessary in today’s globalized economy.

Know Everything About The Campuses Of The Long Island University In New York

_520886_i0The City of New York is a hub for quality education. In fact, it is one of the preferred destinations for learning because of its diverse culture and liveliness round the year. Because of the geographic location of the city enveloped in greenery and urban infrastructure, there are major universities located here with maximum number of its campuses in New York. Amongst these universities, the Long Island University is also one which is a private institution for higher education. Although LIU is not a new university in New York, it follows a unique educational plan for the students. The plan includes tremendous counseling for students from the first year until completion, wide range of career opportunities, huge amount of exposure to the students, essential placement assistance provided to students, and involvement of students into various cultural and sports activities for complete development.

Long Island University, university of New York has its two major campuses; LIU Brooklyn which is located in Brooklyn and the LIU Post located in Brookville. The other campuses of LIU are in Brentwood and in Riverhead and LIU Hudson has its campuses in Rockland and Westchester.

LIU Brooklyn:

Established in the year 1962, LIU Brooklyn is the first and permanent site of the university, New York.  This campus is noted for its historic growth of the campus because it bought the world’s first theatre, Brooklyn Paramount Theatre for converting it into a university campus. The balconies of the theatre were used as lecture halls. Later, the campus infrastructure was developed further. Today, the campus comprises of various schools and colleges including the LIU Pharmacy, the School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences, Richard Connolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Health Professions, School of Nursing, School of Continuing Education, and LIU Global. This campus offers a wide range of courses and programs of under graduation, post graduation, Honors, and advanced certificates.

LIU Post:

Long_Island_University--C.W._Post_Campus_NY_391478LIU Post, campus of LIU- university, New York was founded in the year 1952 which is located in Brookville on the shores of Long Island. It is the university’s hugest campus. The colleges and schools at this campus include the College of Information and Computer Science, Palmer School of Library and Information Science, School of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Management, School of Health Professions and Nursing and School of Visual and Performing Arts. The campus also houses the School of Continuing Education that offers a large number of programs for professional studies and the classes are held in summer, fall, and spring semesters.

The other campuses of LIU, university of New York are in Brentwood and Riverhead and in the Rockland and Westchester campuses of LIU Hudson. Both of these campuses offer distinct graduate degree programs and advanced certificate programs. Notably, the Homeland Security Management Institute, one of the leading institutes in US for homeland security training houses at LIU Riverhead campus.

Long Island University – A University In New York

Long Island University

Long Island University is a private institution. It was established in 1926. It’s a non sectarian university. It offers coeducational learning. The university is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It comprises of Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Richard Conolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Health Professions, School of Continuing Education, School of Business Public Administration, and Information Sciences, School of Education, School of Nursing etc.

Some of the degrees granted by the universities are:-
B.S. in Accounting- for enhancement in accounting skills

B.A. in American Studies- an overview of American culture and history

M.S. in Applied Mathematics- for understanding utilization of mathematics in other disciplines

B.F.A. in Art Education- for pursuit of career as an art educator

M.A. in Art Therapy- for gaining adroitness in art therapy

B.S. in Biochemistry- for studying chemical changes in organisms

B.S. in Biomedical Technology- establishing relationship between biology and medical science

B.S. in Business Finance- understanding financial concepts of business

M.S.Ed in Childhood Education- preparing educators for children

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology- understanding human psyche and behavior patterns

M.S. in Counseling- preparing counselors

B.F.A. in Dance- degree program in performing arts

M.S. in Drug regularity Affairs- for career in pharmaceutical industry

B.A. in Economics- Understanding use of available resources optimally

B.S. in Environmental Science- for knowledge of environment around us

B.A. in French- for study of French culture and Literature

B.A. in Geology- for studying structural formation of earth

M.P.A. in Health Administration- preparing health administrators for hospitals, nursing homes and clinics

M.S. in Human Resources Management- preparing HR managers for business organization

M.S. in Information Systems- understanding computer applications used in information technology

M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies- programs combining courses from various disciplines

B.F.A. in Journalism- for making career in print or electronic media

M.S. in Mathematics- for enhancing mathematical skills

B.F.A. in Music- for those who have flair for music

M.S. in Nutrition- for pursuit of career as nutritionist

B.S. in Physical Education- Preparing educators for physical education and training

M.A. in Psychology- for knowledge of behavior and psyche of humans

M.S.W. in Social Work- for career in a field where one will be able to serve needy people

M.A. in Spanish- for studying Spanish literature and culture

Long Island University pays utmost attention to health and wellness of the students through its health centers. Students can also avail counseling from the university. Students looking for guidance on financial matters can also contact officials of the university. It provides career counseling also.