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Ithaca College- A Center For Education

images (12)Ithaca College is a premier institute falling in the community of University of New York. Ithaca is a private college found and established in 1988 targeting students who wish to pursue to liberal arts and other graduate programs in their higher studies.  Ithaca college is located is situated in the heart of New York which makes it welcome more than expected visitors to campus on regular basis. The strategy followed at the premier part of University of New York is to nurture, hire and retain only the best quality staff and lay emphasis on the importance of quality education and research.

Ithaca college always maintain the standard of New York University and provide a high quality education that stretches student and is globally oriented and results in overall development of the students and makes them reach their full potential. Our strategy is to focus on high impact research that will result in advance knowledge of all fields which is of high international quality and application. Injecting a spirit of enterprise both in education and research will develop an auto synergy in education is our belief and we practice the same. Within a dynamic environment where are there no walls of assumption or prejudice we nurture commitment and develop a global profile and aspire to reach as a leader of all colleges in University of New York.

We at Ithaca adopt and adapt always the best practice and management for best effective and efficient management of all our resources and staff and optimization of student services. We offer diverse fields of study; some of the programs offered by our institute are as follows –

Acting – for those who want to be an actor’s or be a part of drama or theatre

Art Education – for those who have interest in art.

Biology – those have interest in life and living organisms

Communication Studies – for those who have interest in developing communication skills

Environmental Studies – for those who wish to pursue career in the field of environmental studies

download (4)Health Science– to pursue career in health care field

Journalism – for those wish to become journalists

Music Education – those who interest in music

Physics Education, Pre Professional Programs, , Sport Management, Business Education Programs – specially designed for student who wish to become physical trainer

Pre Professional Programs like Law, engineering or Optometry

Sport Management – designed for preparing students as manager’s sports and events.

Various subjects and language courses are also available like Chemistry, Mathematics, French, , Spanish etc respectively. Undergraduate programs as Business Administration, Childhood education, Health education, Speech Courses are also available for all students.

Ithaca College for its excellence has been awarded various awards. To mention Flora Brown Award, Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Award, Renowned by Atena Life and Casualty Insurance Foundation. Various scholarships have also been granted by Ithaca College to get the best pool of students from the borders. Few Scholarships like Student Govt. Scholarship, Richard University Scholarship, Uanita Rivera Endowed Scholarship, Margaret I. Gibson Scholarship etc.  Moreover many scholarships are school specific. College offers various employment opportunities to those who wish to earn while learning.   Ithaca College is one of the best choice of all students when it comes to picking up one from University of New York.

Ithaca College – A College In New York

Ithaca CollegeFound in 1988, Ithaca College is a private college situated in Ithaca, New York. It’s a private college. Most programs offered by the college relates to liberal arts but some pre professional and graduate programs are also being offered.


Some of the graduate programs offered by the college are:-
Acting – for those who want to be actors

Art Education- preparing educators for art

Biology- for those who have interest in living organisms

Chemistry- opening a number of career options

Communication Studies – developing communication skills

Environmental Sciences- for analyzing environment around us and find ways to enhance it

French- for understanding French culture and literature

Health Sciences- for pursuit of career in healthcare industry

Journalism– preparing journalists with all required skills

Mathematics- in Computer Science, Economics, Physics and Computer Science Teaching

Music Education- for those who want to be music teachers

Physics Education– for those who want to join schools and colleges as physical trainer or teacher

Pre professional programs- in Law, Optometry and Engineering

Spanish- for better knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions

Sport Management- preparing managers for sports events and federations


Undergraduate Programs
Business Administration – for those who want to hold managerial posts in business organizations

Childhood Education- preparing educators for elementary and primary classes

Health Education– for those who want to pursue teaching of health education

Speech- in Language Pathology and Language Pathology with Teacher Certification

Financial aid provided by the college is really matchless. The scholarships offered by the college include Flora Brown Award, Flora Brown Award, Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Award, Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Foundation

Scholarship, Danielle Beschle Scholarship, Georgia Hume Evans Memorial Scholarship, Margaret I. Gibson Scholarship, Richard Hirshfield Scholarship, Leonard B. Job Scholarship, uanita Rivera Endowed Scholarship, Student Government Scholarship, J. J. Whalen Turtle Bridge Scholarship etc. Moreover some school specific scholarships are also being granted by the college. It also offers all required assistance in obtaining student loans. The college also provides employment to be pursued during academic years.

Ithaca College offers excellent student services. Health services of the college are there to take care of all the students, faculties and administrators of the college. Besides, it also offers very efficient career services. All these services are provided without any charges.