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Fordham University: World’s Most Renowned University

images (7)In the earlier days the educational system was syllabus oriented and the students were not given the least importance even. The students had to study whatever was there in the curriculum. The co-curricular activities were not introduced at all then so the education was limited within the study only. Days have changed a lot and now the maximum importance is given to the students and their need. Studying in abroad has also been very popular for the young generation. Among all the metropolitan cities of the world the New York is the most progressive city for the educational system. There are numerous colleges and universities in New York where the students get almost all the subjects that can be taught in the institutes.

The Fordham University:

Fordham is one of the most reputed Universities of New York. It was established in the year of 1841 by the Catholic Diocese of New York namely John J. Hughes. This is a private and nonprofit institute where the coeducational system f education is maintained. Fordham University of New York has ten colleges altogether four of which deal with the undergraduate programs and the remaining six deal with the post graduate programs at the universities in new york.


The university of New York called Fordham has three campuses altogether. The campuses are Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, the Westchester of West Harrison, and Lincoln Center of Manhattan for the university in New York. The Rose Hill campus is the main campus of the Fordham New York University NYU. The campus consists of the Gabelli School of Business which deals with the professional studies with the continuation programs, graduate programs of the arts, science and religious education. The Lincoln center is another important campus of the New York University NYU where the education of law and the social service and also the business administration is taught beside the professional and continuation studies. The Westchester campus is for the study of the students consisting a very well environment and facilities of smart classes.

Programs and courses:

images (8)The under graduate program is very much strict in the New York university NYU. The students who are admitted in the university for completing the under graduate course have to pursue the entire 17 courses under the nine disciplines like English, Social Science, Mathematics, Ethics, History, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Classical Language, the modern language, religious studies. This is called the core curriculum. The optional programs of undergraduate school are the pre-medical and health professions program, pre-professional courses of law, criminal justice and law, engineering programs, teacher certification programs, public accountancy etc and in the graduate programs there are law, arts and science, education, social service, business administration religion etc. Except this there are the medical programs, research programs for the students to get the proper education to be established in the future ahead. The university has program for the eligible students to provide them with the scholarships and financial aid to make them progressing in their life with the career.

Gain Wisdom And Learning By Enrolling Yourself At Fordham University

images (6) - CopyFounded in 1841, Fordham University is one of the best institutions of New York University. With 8325 undergraduates present in this university, the area is spread across 93 acres. Running on the semester system, the university held the 57th position in 2014 edition of best colleges of New York. With big campuses across the urban land of New York, students get the best study experience. Bronx Campus, Rose Hill is the original campus of the school but the university has two other campuses. One of them is Lincoln Center and the other is Westchester campus. Overall this college in New York University in New York comprises of four undergraduate schools and six graduate institutions.

Studies at Fordham University:

The faculty of the institute is very knowledgeable and has a distinguished experience in teaching. Embracing the undergraduate, graduate and professional courses, the college follows the Jewish tradition. The teachers work on the overall development of the child bestowing on them a lot of care and attention and also instilling in them the basic ethics of humanity. The coeducational research university is listed as the “more selective” university in New York University, New York.

Academic Life at Fordham University in New York:

images (5) - CopyThe academic life at Fordham College is inspired by Jesuit religion. Fordham College of New York University has major subjects as Business Administration and Management, Speech Communication and Rhetoric, Psychology, Accounting and Finance under General category. All the undergraduates need to clear 17 courses divided across nine courses which are English, Mathematics, Social Science, Philosophy and Ethics, History, Fine Arts, Religious Studies, Natural Science, Modern or Classical languages. The core curriculum is same for all the schools all over the world so that every student gets the best liberal arts education. This university in New York University, New York is also associated with NCAA athletic conference.

Libraries and Museums at Fordham University:

The Fordham University of New York adorns a vast repository of periodic as well as electronic journals. The students can access over 20 million volumes of New York Public Library. Besides they can also get their preferred material from universities like City University of New York, the New York University, Columbia University and much more.

Honors Programs offered at Fordham University:

This University of New York offers honors program under all undergraduate courses which is in the form of Core Curriculum. For instance, the college has a Great Book curriculum where various seminar classes are organized and a thesis is a major part of every student’s subject.

Services offered at the New York University’s Fordham institute:

The university carts out all kinds of services. Whether it is non-remedial tutoring or placement service, health service or any other facility, the place is best for the students who want to be a part of this college. Besides, the security services like 24-hr foot and vehicle patrolling, escort service, late night transportation, 24-hrs active emergency helpline and controlled access to university ensure extra comfort to the students. Alcohol is permissible only for students of legal age.


Management Colleges In New York

New York is one of the top education destinations for pursuing higher education at an international level. New York has a lot of international students because of pleasant climatic conditions, natural beauty, availability and accessibility of daily needs etc. These reasons make New York City a “hot-spot” for studying environment.

New York boasts of one of the top universities in the world, the New York University. The quality of education the University provides is remarkable and worthwhile. The courses at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels are distinct and significant. They have the best of faculties and skilled professors to pass on the quality of knowledge to students. The campuses are well equipped with libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums and health clubs and sports clubs. The New York University in New York believes in studies along with recreation and amusement activities. It leads to an overall development of the student physically, mentally and socially. The University converts raw students into fine, confident and skilled students with the course  they follow.

Although New York University in New York has courses for all the levels of studies, but MBA is the most popular course for which students apply. MBA has gained popularity in due course of time. Additionally, MBA from New York University has also become famous because of the accreditation and recognition of the degree all over the world. The course ware followed is also vivid and adaptable for students which altogether give them an endeavoring study experience.

images (5)For global opportunities and recognition, students prefer to pursue MBA. It helps in overall grooming of the student, the knowledge and exposure the student gains is relatively of superior quality which overall creates a better impression. Below is a compiled list of best of the MBA colleges in New York:



  1. NYU Stern School of Business, New York university
  2. Columbia Business School, Columbia University
  3. CUNY
  4. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
  5. Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

The above list of the top 5 colleges in New York is the best to pursue MBA. These Universities have world-class facilities which are catalysts to make studies easy for students.  To give exposure to students, all the colleges organize study tours and guest lectures conducted by renowned lecturers on various subjects and topics. All the students are assigned various management projects to give Fordham-Universitythem in-depth knowledge about certain topics or subjects. Students are also aided with all the facilities which would be required for the completion of projection. The colleges even issue reference letters to students in case if they need to visit an outside library or any other institution. Through these reference letters, students easily get entry in the respective institutes to get access to their facilities or date.

It is a tough time for any student to choose a university which offers the best education programs for MBA. But undoubtedly, New York City is the best hub for education. So go ahead, and choose the best of the college to add value to your career and growth.

Fordham University – A University In New York

Fordham UniversityFordham University is a private and not for profit University. It’s a coeducational university. The University was founded in 1841. Graduation rate of the university is 78% which is about 22% higher than the national average.

Undergraduate colleges under this university are
Gabelli School of Business – Major degrees bestowed by the college are Accounting, Applied Accounting and Finance, Finance, Marketing, and Communication Systems. Some of the minor programs are Accounting, Law and Ethics, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Information Sciences, Philosophy, Women’s Studies. It also offers some concentrations like Business Economics, Management etc.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center – When it comes to major programs this college offers American Studies, Classical Civilization, Italian Studies, Economics, Music, political Science, Social Work, Spanish Studies, Urban Studies etc. In minors students can go for Arabic, Russian, Irish Studies, Business Administration, Music, International Humanitarian Affairs.

Fordham College at Rose Hill – This college offers majors in African & African American Studies, French Language & Literature, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Studies etc. In minor programs there are Accounting, Art History, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, English, History, Mathematics, Theology etc. Some other programs are also being conducted by the college.

School of Professional and Continuing Studies – As obvious by the name itself this college imparts education primarily for those who long to resume college degree programs. Some of the majors offered by the college are Anthropology, Communication and Media Studies, Economics, Individualized Major, Organizational Leadership, Professional Studies in New Media, Social Work, Visual Arts etc.

Graduate and Professional Schools of the university
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences- This college offers degree programs in various disciplines like:-

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences – Biological Sciences, Urban Studies, Classical Languages and Civilization, Theology, Communications and Media Studies, Theatre, Computer and Information Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Ethics & Society, Philosophical Resources, Health Care Ethics, Philosophy, History, Center for Medieval Studies, International Humanitarian Action, Latin American and Latino Studies Institute and International Political

Graduate School of Business Administration – Some of the programs offered by this school are M.B.A. with specializations in Accounting, Marketing, Communications and Media Management, Management Systems, Finance and Business Economics, Information Systems etc. In M.S. degrees students can specialize in Accounting, Quantitative Finance, Business Enterprise, Taxation, Media Management and Investor Relations.

Graduate School of Education – Programs of this school relate to Counseling and School Psychology, School Leadership & School Administration Programs, Teaching Programs etc.

School of Law – A number of programs are being offered by this college. Students can go for LL.M. and Doctoral Programs in various specializations.

Graduate School of Religion & Religious Education – This college offers both online and on-campus programs in religious and theological studies. Some of the famous programs of the college are M.A. in religious Education, Doctor of Ministry, Graduate Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction.

Graduate School of Social Service – This college confers degrees related to social Services like Master of Social Work, Ph.D. in Social Work, Bachelor of Art in Social Work etc.

Student services of the college are stupendous. It offers excellent health, wellness, security, counseling, financial aid and career counseling services.