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Get The Education Via The Distance Program: Excelsior College

download (8)Learning is something which helps the human being in the entire life. The learning or the education is based on the learner and the person who guides him in doing so. The institute where the learning process takes place is also important. The environment, the arrangement for the study, the tools for the smooth running of the process, the area, the surrounding everything plays an important role in the process of learning. The western countries have marked them as the best provider of the scopes to the students and make them the way to get the establishment in their lives. Among the other countries the university of new york has indeed a good reputation in the education system they provide for the students. The university of new york  has the programs for the students which are appropriate for the present world. They give importance to the passion of the students and also give them the opportunity to make the career with the passion because of the education system they follow focuses on the apt and intensive knowledge about the subject. The university of new york believes in the mastery of the particular subject but not the apparent knowledge in each field.

The Excelsior college of new York:

This is one of the most reputed colleges of new university of new york. This is a private college and also a non-profitable institute of education. the Excelsior college is among the new university of new york was established in the year of 1971 by the State Board images (16)of Regent of new university of new york. The institution is mainly made for the nursing training so the college had been an accredited by the Accreditation commission of Education in Nursing. Several programs are taught in this college.

Programs and courses:

The academic courses are very much flexible and for this reason the college of new york university nyu is very much popular than the other colleges. The main facility which is most preferred to the students are the distance courses of the college of new york university nyu. The scope of studying in spite of non attending the class physically by going every day to the college is not possible for every students specially who are the non native students. The college Five Towns College of new york university nyu brought the idea of distance education which are very much beneficial for the students. The college offers both the undergraduate and graduate programs for the students. In general most of the common subjects are taught over here. The nursing education has given an extra attention and the training which is given over here are very much practical as well as theoretical. The college prepares the students for the professional life after the educational life. The adequate knowledge offered by the college gives them the confidence also to stand in the professional world where one has to compete with others to get the best from them.

Utilize The Passion Of Music As Career With Five Towns College

download (6)The idea of education in the earlier days was narrower and then the education was only the syllabus oriented. The need or the wish or the students were not given the priority. The students have to take the education which is included in the syllabus whether they liked it or not. The scenario of the education in the present world is different from the earlier time. The students’ wish and need is given the primary importance because the knowledge which the students cannot take with the consent of their mind does not become helpful for their future. The intellectual cities including new york university new york realized it and they reform the education system accordingly. If the urge of learning the particular subject is genuine then the establishment with the same will be obvious, this is what followed by the institutes of new york university new york new york to prepare the next generation as the capable citizen.

Five Towns college of New York:

The college of new york university new york new york was founded by Stanley G. Cohen and Lorraine Kleinman Cohen in the year of 1972. At the time of foundation it was a business school of the new york university. At first the college was to be established in Lawrence in the southwestern part of Nassau County near the new york university. This part is known as the Five Towns from where the name of the college had been derived but ultimately it was situated in Merrick of New York. Then it was shifted to Seaford of New York in the year of 1982. From 1992 the present location of the college is the Dix Hills in Suffolk County near the new york university.

The academia:

download (7)As it is discussed before that the college of university at new york was a business school at the very first stage of the foundation. Therefore the business management for the undergraduate and the graduate schools all the courses associated with business management are included in the programs of the college. Students can pursue the higher studies in the business management of university at new york. Education is another subject of the academia of the college. The child education, the psychology an education, the family education etc all are for both the bachelor and the masters degree. The music and the entertainment subjects are also taught in this college of university at new york. One can learn the music including the Jazz and the commercial music, the video making or film making, the theatre arts etc in the college. If the students have passion to learn these subjects properly to make it their professional career. The music education can be learnt for various degrees like the B.Mus., M.Mus., DMA etc. the mass communication is another subject which is included as the program in the college. It is also available for the higher studies as well as the initial one.

Five Towns College – A College In New York

Five Towns CollegeSituated in Long Island, New York; Five Towns College is a private college. The college was founded in 1972. It’s a nonsectarian college. It offers coeducational learning. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.


Programs of the college
Doctor of Musical Arts – offered in four interdisciplinary forms with combination of Jazz & commercial music with different courses

Master of Music- offering various programs with combination of Jazz and commercial music with different courses

Music Education- Preparing educators for music

Bachelor of Fine Arts- offered in Film/Video and Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Music – Offering programs for those who have flair for music

Bachelor of Professional Studies- in Audio Recording Technology, Business Management and Music Business

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication- in Broadcasting and Journalism

Associate Degree Programs- in arts, science and applied science


College operates some clubs for recreation of students like:-
Student Government Association – works as a liaison between students, faculties and administration of the college

The Corner Pocket- amusing students with help of game of billiard

Music Education Club- organizing various activities for development of professional skills

Caribbean Connect – for those who are interested in exploring West Indian culture

Music Business Club- uniting students of the college through music

Latinos Unidos- acquainting students with Latin culture and traditions

Hip Hop Club – for increasing awareness of hip hop culture

Future Film Creators- for broad practical knowledge of film making

Broadcasters Club- for better understanding of functioning of the industry

Intramurals Program- offering wide range of recreational sports and physical activities

The college offers all financial aid services that an institution can. They grant a number of scholarships for qualifying students. For those who don’t qualify can have utmost guidance on student loans. The college provides all information regarding best suited scholarships, grants and loans for the students.

Career services of the college are there to deal with all career related issues of the students. They help students in making career goals and strategies to achieve them. The college also provides internships or practical experience through various methods. They have maintained contacts with various private and public sector organizations for providing such experience and internships.