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The Elmira College : The Oldest College Of New York

download (4)There are several educational institutes in New York. Each year students from various countries and places come over new york university new york to study. If they get chance in those institutes they are sure of the fact they would get the best and apt knowledge which would help them a lot in their respective careers ahead. By the time the growth of the educational prospect in new york university new york has increased and developed a lot. Numerous institutes are made and students are getting more and more opportunities and options to choose for their future.

The Elmira college in New York:

The college was founded before new york university new york in the year of 1855. At that time the education for the women was not granted in the society. It is the oldest educational institute for the women which enabled the women to have the higher studies. When it was started there were only one thousand and two hundred students altogether. Initially it faced a lot financial troubles but  After that slowly by the time, with good faculty members and the students the college progressed it to the extent of nyu new york university. All the undergraduate and the graduate courses are done in the college. The college is the member of the NCAA and the ECAA like nyu new york university. The sports are given the special priority for the students. Some of the sports which are included are ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, softwall, tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball in nyu new york university.

The campus and the buildings of Elmira college:

Within the campus there are several buildings of university new york in which the campus has been divided into. There are separate halls for every purpose. The halls are Cowles hall, Gillett memorial hall, Hamilton halls which are the oldest buildings of the college of university new york. The cowls hall is enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places. The Gillett memorial hall is used images (10)for the music purpose. There are tools to learn music and other associated instruments. There are the offices of the faculty members also in the building. There is also a museum in the building of the college. The Hamilton Hall is used as the library for the students. There are many dormitories for the students and stuffs divided in several halls like the Tompkins Hall, Alumni Hall, Anderson Hall, Columbia Hall, College Cottage, Meier hall, Perry Hall, Twin Towers etc. the buildings where the academic sessions are done are the Harris Hall,  Watson Fine arts, carnegie hall, Fassett Commons, Gannett-Tripp Library, Speidel gymnasium or the Emerson Hall, Kolker Hall, President’s Hall, Campus Centter,, MaRK  Twwaiin  Study, Lowman Greenhouse etc. one of the most interesting facts about the college is the building named after Mark Twain is dedicated to the studies of Mark Twain. All the books of Mark Twain can be  found in he original version over here in university new york.

Elmira College – A College In New York

Elmira CollegeElmira College was established in 1855 as a women’s college but later in 1969 it transformed into a coeducational institution. It’s situated in Southern Tier, New York. It’s a private college.

Some of the majors programs of the college are:-
American Studies – For understanding American culture through history and literature

Chemistry- for those who want to make career in chemical industry

English Literature- for studying artwork of great English writers and authors

Individualized Studies – program offered with lots of options to be selected from

Political Science- for understanding the functioning of government and role of people init

Theatre- for those who want to pursue career in theatre as actors, directors, presenters etc

Minor Programs

Biology – for study of living organisms for enhancement of life

Criminal Justice- for pursuit of career in career justice at local state or national level

French- for knowledge of French culture and literature

Mathematics – for enhancing mathematical skills

Spanish- for understanding Spanish language and culture

Women’s Studies- for exploring various fields through females’ perspective

The college offers lots of merit scholarships and awards including Valedictorian & Salutatorian Scholarships, Trustee Honor Scholarships, Mark Twain Honor Scholarships, transfer Honor Scholarships, Out of State Award etc. If the students in search of financial assistance fail to qualify for scholarships, they can go for student loans. The financial aid office of the college will provide complete information on all the loans available according to individual needs and profile of students. Moreover, students can also ask college to arrange employment opportunities during academic years.

Students organizations encouraged by the college include Chamber Singers, Danceline, Tap Ensemble, Classics Society, International Student Organization, Political Science Club, Spanish Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Iota Tau, Pi Gamma Mu, Criminal Justice Club, Nursing Club, Pre-Law Club, Legal Eagles, TEACH, Amnesty International, College Republicans, Christian Fellowship, EC Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Red Cross Club, Rotaract Club, Comic Book Club, Extreme Eagles, Gold Key Society, Outdoor Adventure Club, Resident Assistants, Student Athlete Advisory Board, Voices United of Elmira for Diversity etc.

Full time students of the college can access eminent healthcare services through the Clarke Health Center. These services can be availed from Monday to Friday. The center pays utmost attention to health of the students. It also provides psychological counseling by appointment. These counseling are helpful students in dealing with the stress and depression of student life. Whether students confront any family issues or are finding any difficulties in adjusting in the college they can have an appointment and seek counseling.

When it comes to career services, Elmira College offers a number of services. These services include defining career goals, strategizing job searches, mock interviews etc. They also help in finding internships.