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Dowling College : Unveil The World Of Career Opportunities In New York University

images (8)In the United States of America the fields of the education is spread far away and the prospect of education is very much progressive over there. The new york university is the main den for the education and for the better ways of studies. The students who are very much particular about the studies and the career for their future ahead want to get their education in the institutes of New York. The various subjects and the programs are taught over the institutes of the new york university. Not only the traditional and the conventional studies but also the other programs like the sports, music, cooking etc. also are included in the programs of the new york university. The students can get the facilities of these easily if they are passionate about the respective subjects.

The Dowling College in short:

The Dowling college of university in new york is the college of the liberal arts. The campus is spread in three places altogether that is in the Long Island, New York and United States. The institute of university in new york was founded in the year of 1968. The college has the collaboration with the Adelphi university. It was an extended part of the university. Later it was separated from the main body of the university and was named after the planner and the benefactor Robert Dowling and introduced it.

The campus of the college:

The campus of the college of university in new york is divided into three parts. The Rudolph Campus, the Brookhaven Campus and the Melville Campus. It is fifty miles far from the east side of Manhattan in Oakdale. The campus of new york university ny is mainly images (9)used for the events and the other programs. The campus of Brookhaven consists of the multi-purpose stadium, the field for baseball, softball. The program of the aviation is done on the campus. The service building is also situated over here. Else there are the computer laboratories, classrooms with modern tools, cafeteria, library like new york university ny. The Melville Center is mainly used for the administrative purposes, else there are the library, conference room and also classrooms.

The programs:

In general the undergraduate and the graduate courses are done in the college of new york university ny. There are the schools for the education, arts and also science. Except these courses there is the school of business for the students. In the education there are the courses like the elementary education, special education, physical education, sports management etc, in the school of arts and science there are humanities, natural science, mathematics, environmental science etc. In the school of aviation the total programs of aviation are set to be taught. In the school of business the many courses are there including the business administration, accounting, finance, leadership and marketing for the students to give them the best possible knowledge to make their career established with the same.

Dowling College – A College In New York

Dowling College is a coeducational college offering liberal arts learning. The college is situated in Long Island, New York. It was founded in 1955. It’s a private institution. The college is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. More than 90% of the students of the college are employed either on full or part time basis which some where shows efficiency of college in terms of providing practical experience and financial assistance.Dowling College

The college endeavors very seriously to provide financial support to all the students of the college. Various scholarships granted by the college are Dr.and Mrs. Ralph H. Honsberger Scholarship, Dr. Bernadyn Kim Suh Award, Michael Wilson Scholarship, Captain Jodi Callahan Memorial Scholarship, Full Scholarship to Grantham University, Presidential Endowed Scholarship etc. However, if the students don’t qualify for the scholarships then the college will guide you on the ways to choose and raise student loans.

When it comes to undergraduate programs the college offers various minor and major programs in Accounting, Aviation Management, Criminal Justice Management, Elementary Education, Gerontology, Human Resource, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Philosophy, Pre-Professional Health, Quantitative Methods, Speech Communication, Web Design etc. Some of the graduate programs of the college are Educational Administration, Integrated Mathematics & Science Education, Banking & Finance, Management and Leadership, Childhood & Early Childhood Education, Special Education.

Some student clubs organized by the college are American Association of Airport Executives, Business Society, Council for Exceptional Children, Flight Simulation and Tutoring Club, History Club, Keeping it Real, Oakdale Hall Council, Pre-Law Society, Science Explorations Club, Science Explorations Club, Women in Aviation etc. Students can select any one of them to keep themselves recreated throughout their academic years. Each student organization is bound to have at least three meetings in each semester.

Health Services Office of the college is performing very well in maintaining good health and well being of the students. This department provides both regular and emergency treatments. The college is also very concerned about safety of the students. Campus Security Officers of the college are well educated about all aspects of safety and security of college premises.

The Career Services Center of Dowling College helps both students and alumni to find good job opportunities. It assists students in setting career goals, way to achieve them, conduct efficient job searches etc. It offers a number of services like providing tips on writing resume and cover letters, telling ways to face interviews, developing professional image etc.