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The Davis College: Unveiling A World Of Career Options For Everyone

images (5)The education is very much dynamic and progressive in the city of New York. The prospect of the educational system is widely spread and this helps the student to choose the best and most perfect career option for themselves. The new york university nyu with the numerous course and program help the students by providing a lot of options in front of them to make their future perfect with the education. The religious studies also give importance in the institutes and they are taught beside the other subjects also.

The Davis College as a whole:

The college was founded in the year of 1900 so it is comparatively new university new york. It is established by John Albert Davis and the college is named by his last name. At first it was named as the Practical Bible Training School but after the death of Davis it was named after his name. In the year of 1993 the school was recognized by the state and then the higher study regarding the Bible are started in the new university new york.

The Academic Planning:

There are many departments which are taught now in the new university new York. Though it was first started with the Bible studies but later on it added many more subjects for the students. The departments and the programs of the academic section are as follows:

Department of Administration and Health: in this dept. of new york university nyu the courses like the Administrative Professional course, Medical assistance course, Software Application course, Medical Practice Insurance and coding course etc. are images (6)taught.

Department of Business Administration and IT: the Accounting course, the Human Resource course, the Business management course, Insurance course, Computer Forensics course, Hospitality management course, Fashion course, Marketing course, Sports Marketing course belong to this department of new York university NYU.

Designing Department: the Interior designing course, the Motion and Effects designing course, Graphic Designing course, Website designing course etc. are available in this department.

All the departments of new york university nyu have the facility for the students to pursue the degree for the diploma and also for the associates. The student can choose according to their capability and need.


It is mandatory for any of the new york university ny in New York to fulfill some admission criteria to get the admission in the very institution. The Davis College has also some criteria for the admission process. Those are:

  • The candidate has to complete the school of graduation from any renowned institute like new york university ny.
  • The candidates may have to complete the required things for the high school graduation.
  • General Education Development Test or in short the GED should be completed by the candidates for the admission in the Davis college.
  • The verification level should be passed by the candidate which is compulsory to check the authenticity of the information given by the candidate in the new york university ny.

Davis College – A College In New York

Davis CollegeDavis College was established in 1900. It’s a private college situated in Village of Johnson City, New York. The college acquired its regional accreditation in 2005 by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Basically it’s a Bible college. It has been given professional accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education till 2016. It has also been chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.


Various programs offered by the college are:-
Christian Counseling Certificate – for those who want to serve ministries in local church

Christian Ministries Certificate- offered with various courses to be selected

International Ministries Certificate- offering ministry and professional training for various career options

Pastoral Studies Certificate- entailing Biblical teachings in an effective manner

Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate – with combination of education, cross-cultural communications and anthropology

Youth Ministries Certificate – preparing students for playing various roles in shaping future generation

Music/Worship Leader Program- with practical training in local church ministries and chapel worship team

Organizational Leadership Program- for enhancing leadership and managerial roles in students

Four Plus One Elementary Education Program- preparing efficient and well qualified teachers

The college also conducts some Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs.

The college is always ready to support those students who can’t arrange for the expense of learning in it. It offers a number of scholarships including Heart for Ministry Scholarship, Excellence in Academics Award, AWANA Scholarship, New Tribes Scholarship, Word of Life Steadfast Award, Alumni Scholarship, Sibling Scholarship etc. It also lends a hand to students looking for Student loans. About 96% of the students receive financial aid in one form or another.

The Health Services Office of the college is run by registered nurses. Students can consult them anytime during office hours. Prior appointment can also be taken. This department offers services like general consultancy, over the counter medication supplies, referring to local clinics etc.