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Cornell University-The Greatest Hub For Quality Education

download (1)New York has always been characterized by state-of the-art educational facilities; hence, it is a hub for many universities, colleges, and institutes for higher studies. Out of these universities, Cornell University is one great university in New York. It is an American university which is situated in Ithaca in New York in USA. It offers a wide range of courses for undergraduates, graduates, and research students.  

Cornell University, university at New York has fourteen schools and colleges that admit students on their own and even provide faculty on their own but all the students are awarded a Cornell University degree. This university in NY has two largest colleges for under graduation which includes the College of Arts and Sciences and the second one is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The university also boasts of the College of Engineering, the S C Johnson Graduate School of Management, the Law School, and the Weill Cornell Medical College.

Within the Cornell University, the university in New York, more than hundred interdisciplinary departments, centers, and institutes exist that offer distinct advanced programs. These centers are dedicated to in-depth study of various electives. Here, students and faculty get along together for research, training, and teaching purposes on various hot topics such as life sciences, images (3)environmental sustainability, nanofabrication, space research, human development, agriculture and many others. You be glad to know that their work falls in line with today’s global needs in public’s interest. You would feel honored to know that Cornell also has two national research centers that cater to the national and international needs of scientific groups and communities. These two centers are the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) and Cornell Nano-Scale Facility (CNF).

Along with great infrastructure for learning, the university in New York the Cornell University is also recognized for it’s highly learned and reputed faculty for teaching. The professors are not just friendly but helpful also. They believe in sharing and passing knowledge to every incoming batch of students and empower them with great amount of knowledge to make them stand honored in the crowd. They also help students in gaining access to NY City’s sources for research purpose. The university is also proud to have faculty members that have brought laurels to university by gaining Nobel and Pulitzer Awards.

The Cornell University in New York has high appreciation for quality students who wish to pursue higher education but unfortunately have limited financial resources. That is why; the University also has exciting scholarship programs to offer for students. There are various schemes of scholarships in collaborations that allow students to seek financial assistance for Research purpose. Besides, the university is continuously active in various areas. Students keep continuously participating in various cultural fests, activities, and social forums. Students also get an opportunity for physical development through various inter-college and inter-university sports activities. Students continuously manifest multi ethnicity yet unity.

Cornell University is one of the best universities to get overall development along with great maturity in beliefs and imaginations. Truly, there can be nothing more honoring than being a student of the Cornell.

The Specialty Of Cornell University: The Programs And The Financial Aid

download (7)In some of the few decades the trend of studying in the foreign countries has increased in a rapid manner. The people in the world who are in the study prefer to get their education from the institutes of the foreign countries. The university of new york is one of the famous names for the dynamic system of education over there. There are numerous colleges and universities in New York which offers the various types of courses for the welfare of the students. These courses not only give the students the proper knowledge regarding the subject but also make them prepared for the professional life ahead. The area of expertise is given the maximum stress at the university of new york.

The Cornell University of New York:

The Cornell University is the famous university of new york. This was founded in the year of 1865 by two persons called Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. This is the university where all the subjects are taught regarding any field. Most of all the studies are done over here. The institute has approximately 100 departments which are concerned with almost all types of courses. It is the oldest new york university in new york and it had been maintaining the reputation very strictly.

The campus:

The campus of the new york university in new york is huge as it has the facilities of studying all the subjects. Initially when the university was started then the area was about 300 acres all together but now after expanding itself it has revealed itself containing the area of almost 2300 acres. There are many branches of the Cornell University like the New York university in New York city. The main campus of the university is called as the Ithaca Campus which is situated on the Ithaca hill of new York. The total university has images (11)260 buildings which are divided into the central campus, north campuses, west campus and the south campus. The central campus has the academic building, administrative buildings, laboratories, museums, auditoriums and so on. There are the residential facilities in the college buildings. Each campus has a separate residency for the students like the university of new york.


Every year  from many countries the application of the studying in the university of new york for the students are received by the university but very few among them are selected. The merit is only considered as the eligibility criteria of the students. There are undergraduate programs, graduate programs and also the programs for the doctoral courses and the professional courses are taught here.

Financial support:

The founder of the university Ezra Cornell established this university for making the scope for every person irrespective of anything. Therefore the financial aid to the needy students are given the university of new york. The minimum charge is taken from them and there is the system of scholarship to help the students in the higher studies. This is the characteristic which made the university special.


Some Universities In New York

NYU_TORCH_TEXTOver a period of a decade, pursuing higher studies abroad has become very popular. Students prefer to pursue post graduation and doctoral degrees from international universities rather than native university. A lot of reasons are involved in doing so namely, different study experience, vivid campus life, international grades and accreditation, students mix, etc. For these reasons, New York has become a hub to maximum number of international students on their university campuses. In addition, New York University too has gained popularity as education destination.

The study culture, campus life, natural beauty and physical features of New York are favorable for having a perfect study atmosphere. The universities have a wide range of approximately 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions. The courses and syllabus are flexible whether to pursue full -time or part -time. Many vocational courses are also there in the syllabus and faculties. Students can learn any course they desire according to their respective eligibility criteria.

New York has become popular for its excellent universities, majorly the New York University. Most of the New York universities in New York have been rated five-star for their quality education. The Universities in New York are spread all over the city but mostly within the periphery of the city making it convenient for students to access the city comfortable. Universities situated in the important cities, automatically has gained additional advantage because of access to the city.

Universities in New York have varied courses for under graduation, post graduation, research and doctoral honors. The main streams include Engineering and Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Law, Research, Management, Theology, etc. All the universities offer scholarship programmes and financial support as the University believes in picking the potential students so that they not be deficient of pursuing high quality education. The syllabus and course structure is flexible and easily adaptable by students.

The Major Universities in New York besides the New York University are Cornwell University, Hamilton College, Cooper Union, Columbia University, City University of New York (CUNY), University of Rochester etc. All these universities rank among st the top universities in the world because of their world class educational courses and facilities. all the courses offered by these universities are well accredited and renowned all over the world.

main_imageNYU is recognized mostly and is known to be of high credentials. Students get an opportunity for their overall development because of a perfect balance between studies and participation in cultural events which happen throughout the year within the campuses. For distinguished facilities of rich library, highly advanced equipped practical laboratories and other amusement facilities such as gymnasiums, sports clubs and cultural clubs, New York University is rapidly becoming more and more preferable by almost all the internationals and national students to have an endeavoring educational experience.

All the professors and lecturers here are highly accredited and most of them have qualified the doctoral courses which makes the delivery of all lectures even more qualitative. They give students an in depth knowledge of each and every subject and every single topic of each subject.

Where else can you get such a bundle of benefits other than NYU?


Engineering In New York Can Add Great Credentials

POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LOGOOver a period of time, education abroad has gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Moreover, New York has become a hot spot as education destination mainly because of favorable climatic conditions, accessibility of the city facilities and physical environment of the city.

New York has few of the top universities of the world; most importantly University of New York The quality of education each university in New York offers is incredible. Students tend to choose New York mostly for pursuing higher studies because of its superior quality of education and distinct courses. Each university at New York has vivid and advanced courseware in the main streams of Engineering and Manufacturing, Business Management, Health Sciences, Law and Research. The syllabus is vast and unbeatable.

The most common but important stream chosen by various students is Engineering. Every university in New York offers engineering and polytechnic courses for national and international student. All the colleges have the best of the faculties and expertise to teach students who choose engineering as their field. The syllabus followed is very professional and technical which gives students an in depth knowledge about the subjects. There are a wide range of specializations to choose from in the engineering field. The Engineering Colleges in New York are regulated by University of new York. The credentials are undoubtedly the best with five-star ratings in teaching. The top universities in New York who offer the richest courses in Engineering are as follows:

Barnard College: Meant specially for women, it offers a wide range of professional specializations at Bachelor’s degree level in the fields of Aerospace Avionics, Civil and Construction, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Medical and Process engineering. The University also offers Post graduate degrees in the fields of Railway Infrastructure, Engineering Management, and Project Management. Doctoral degree courseware is available named as Doctor of Philosophy (Hosted by Science and Engineering Faculty). The college is affiliated to the Columbia University.

17engineers-inline1-650Binghamton University: It is the most famous university known for having highest number of international students. This University has excellent courses for Bachelor degree of Engineering with unique courses in Aerospace, Computer Systems, Mining, and Architectural Design. Post graduation subjects include Bioresource Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, Materials Engineering.

Colgate University: This University boasts of courses in Engineering at graduate, post graduate and Research levels in Aerospace, Automotive and Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical and Biochemical, Civil, Computer & Network, Electrical, Surveying and Geospatial science.

New York University: One of the ancient and most renowned universities in the world, NYU offers basic and advanced courses developed for students who wish to make a career in Engineering in varied fields. There are all types of courses for undergraduates, post graduates and Honours Degree. There are distinct courses for Engineering and IT at all the levels of studies be it graduation, post graduation or Doctoral Honours. The course extends across various streams such as Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geomatics, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering and Structural Engineering. They have excellent infrastructure for performing practical equipped with New York’s largest library.

Management Colleges In New York

New York is one of the top education destinations for pursuing higher education at an international level. New York has a lot of international students because of pleasant climatic conditions, natural beauty, availability and accessibility of daily needs etc. These reasons make New York City a “hot-spot” for studying environment.

New York boasts of one of the top universities in the world, the New York University. The quality of education the University provides is remarkable and worthwhile. The courses at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels are distinct and significant. They have the best of faculties and skilled professors to pass on the quality of knowledge to students. The campuses are well equipped with libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums and health clubs and sports clubs. The New York University in New York believes in studies along with recreation and amusement activities. It leads to an overall development of the student physically, mentally and socially. The University converts raw students into fine, confident and skilled students with the course  they follow.

Although New York University in New York has courses for all the levels of studies, but MBA is the most popular course for which students apply. MBA has gained popularity in due course of time. Additionally, MBA from New York University has also become famous because of the accreditation and recognition of the degree all over the world. The course ware followed is also vivid and adaptable for students which altogether give them an endeavoring study experience.

images (5)For global opportunities and recognition, students prefer to pursue MBA. It helps in overall grooming of the student, the knowledge and exposure the student gains is relatively of superior quality which overall creates a better impression. Below is a compiled list of best of the MBA colleges in New York:



  1. NYU Stern School of Business, New York university
  2. Columbia Business School, Columbia University
  3. CUNY
  4. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
  5. Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

The above list of the top 5 colleges in New York is the best to pursue MBA. These Universities have world-class facilities which are catalysts to make studies easy for students.  To give exposure to students, all the colleges organize study tours and guest lectures conducted by renowned lecturers on various subjects and topics. All the students are assigned various management projects to give Fordham-Universitythem in-depth knowledge about certain topics or subjects. Students are also aided with all the facilities which would be required for the completion of projection. The colleges even issue reference letters to students in case if they need to visit an outside library or any other institution. Through these reference letters, students easily get entry in the respective institutes to get access to their facilities or date.

It is a tough time for any student to choose a university which offers the best education programs for MBA. But undoubtedly, New York City is the best hub for education. So go ahead, and choose the best of the college to add value to your career and growth.

Some Renowned Universities In New York

New York is one of the dream destinations not just for tourism activities but for education. Thousands of students enroll themselves in one of the most prestigious universities in States, the New York University. New York has become a hub for students and educational institutes. The eligibility criteria to enroll in NYU are really cut-throat.  Not all qualify for admissions. Here is an overview of some of the top universities of New York.


Situated in Manhattan and established in 1831, the New York University is the most famous universities in States. It is a very vast University with 18 schools and colleges under it. It is the largest residential educational system which provides accommodation to nearly 12000 students. The New York University provides unbeatable educational courses facilitated with renowned and experienced professors. The start-of-art infraimages (4)structure of the University is worth mentioning. The University also hosts numerous cultural and sports activities for their students to emphasize on overall development. The average ranking of New York University is 22nd worldwide but the Philosophy School has been ranked No.1 globally.


The University of Rochester is a private university at New York known for its famous Eastman School of Music from which, most of the famous musicians today have passed out. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees along with professional and doctoral degrees. There are six schools in the University and various inter-disciplinary courses. The University is the 35th top school in USA because of its distinct programs. Experienced lecturers and advanced laboratory.


Another university at New York is the Cornell University. It is located in Inlthaca. This university offers plenty of courses and is open to all the national and international students. It has 14 colleges mostly for undergraduate and graduate students. This university is a hub for thousands of international students from across 120 different countries. The culture here seen is very diverse because of the presence of so many international students.


This university at New York is again a private university and is one of the oldest universities in USA. The University operates in several nations including France, China, Jordan and India. The Research programs offered by this university are worth mentioning because it has been ranked #1. Various other disciplinary courses are offered by this university. It has received many prestigious awards.


City University of New York is a public University with international students across 200 countries pursuing graduation and under graduation courses from here. The campus is too large because of which, it has been ranked at the 3rd position in USA for its wide area. This university is aided financially by the New York City. Various courses are offered by this university which are taught be renowned professors.

With so many public and private universities in New York, New York has become an educational hub for all the students who wish to pursue courses from here.

Cornell University – A University In New York

Emblem of Cornell UniversityCornell University is a Private University of New Ithaca York. It’s a private university. It’s an Ivy League University. Students from 120 countries come to study in this university. Cornell University provides top notch quality student services. Gannet health services are there to take care of health and wellness of all the students, faculties and administrative staff of the university. The university also provides financial assistance and career counseling services..

Colleges comprising Cornell University are :-
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Some of the major programs offered by this college are Agricultural Sciences, Biological Engineering, Food Science, Science of Earth Systems etc. In minors there are Agribusiness Management, Animal Science, Crop Management, Nutrition and Health etc. It also offers some pre professional programs.

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning – Under graduate degrees offered by the college are Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts or Science (dual degree program) and Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies. In graduate degree programs there are Master of Architecture (professional), Master of Architecture (post professional), Master of Science in Computer graphics, Doctor of philosophy, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Regional Planning, Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Planning, Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate, Doctor of philosophy and master of Landscape Architecture.

College of Arts and Sciences – Popular majors offered by the college are Anthropology, Psychology, Classics, German Studies, Philosophy, astronomy, Molecular Biology and genetics. Some of the minors are Archaeology, Biological Sciences, European Studies, Human Biology, International Relations, Law and Society, Southeast Asia Studies etc.

School of Hotel Administration– This college offers programs in Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, Master of management in Hospitality, M.S. in Hotel Administration and Ph.D. in Hotel Management.

College of Human Ecology – Programs offered by this college are Biology and Society, Human Biology Health & Society, Nutritional Sciences, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Design and Environmental Analysis, Human development and Policy Analysis and Management.

School of Industrial and Labor Relation – Programs conducted by this college relates to Labor Relations Law & History, Human Resource Studies, Economics, Organizational Behavior, International & Comparative Labor and Social Statistics.