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The Cooper Union College And Its Interesting Programs

images (10)Earlier days the education did not use to give much importance y the people and they take it only for getting the degrees. The education has been just the mean of being literate and that was the limitation of it. But if the presence is offered towards the few decades it can be seen that the people got very much conscious in making the process of learning proper. They want to get established with the help of the knowledge they gain from the education. Studying in the abroad has become a trend that is followed by most of the young people but it is not because of the trend only. Studying in the western states like new york new york university is opening up the great opportunities in the lives of the students. The university in new york are there who are having miscellaneous programs for the students to make their career bright and the Cooper Union is one of them.

The Cooper Union and its whereabouts:

The full name of the institute is the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Arts is established in the year of 1859. It was initiated under the inspirer Peter Cooper in the year of 1830. According to Peter Cooper education should be gained by the people irrespective of caste, sex, religion and color, status, money and any other factors. It is one of the earliest institutes of new york new download (6)york university for the higher studies. Initially the institute used to give the tuition scholarship to the students but later on for some financial crisis the service was stopped by the administration of university in new york.

The programs of Cooper Union:

There are majorly four schools of program courses those are provided in new york new york university. The four schools are- School of Architecture, School of Engineering, school of Art and school of Humanities and Social Science. There are various courses under the schools which are offered by the nyu new york university and are availed by the student with expertise in the particular field of education at university in New York. In the school of architecture the students can take the training regarding the architectural field. The further studies in the architectural field like the master degree program is also available in the program. At the end of the year the exhibition of the course has to be presented by the students. The architecture program of nyu new york university is the thing that is availed mostly by the students in the Cooper Union. In the school of arts there are various courses that the students can avail and also there are two programs of bachelors and masters. The other school is the school of engineering where in general all the subjects regarding the engineering are present for the students to get the maximum choice to study in nyu new york university. The last but not the least is the school of humanities and social science in which also the college the prospect to give the students the best possible results.

Some Universities In New York

NYU_TORCH_TEXTOver a period of a decade, pursuing higher studies abroad has become very popular. Students prefer to pursue post graduation and doctoral degrees from international universities rather than native university. A lot of reasons are involved in doing so namely, different study experience, vivid campus life, international grades and accreditation, students mix, etc. For these reasons, New York has become a hub to maximum number of international students on their university campuses. In addition, New York University too has gained popularity as education destination.

The study culture, campus life, natural beauty and physical features of New York are favorable for having a perfect study atmosphere. The universities have a wide range of approximately 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions. The courses and syllabus are flexible whether to pursue full -time or part -time. Many vocational courses are also there in the syllabus and faculties. Students can learn any course they desire according to their respective eligibility criteria.

New York has become popular for its excellent universities, majorly the New York University. Most of the New York universities in New York have been rated five-star for their quality education. The Universities in New York are spread all over the city but mostly within the periphery of the city making it convenient for students to access the city comfortable. Universities situated in the important cities, automatically has gained additional advantage because of access to the city.

Universities in New York have varied courses for under graduation, post graduation, research and doctoral honors. The main streams include Engineering and Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Law, Research, Management, Theology, etc. All the universities offer scholarship programmes and financial support as the University believes in picking the potential students so that they not be deficient of pursuing high quality education. The syllabus and course structure is flexible and easily adaptable by students.

The Major Universities in New York besides the New York University are Cornwell University, Hamilton College, Cooper Union, Columbia University, City University of New York (CUNY), University of Rochester etc. All these universities rank among st the top universities in the world because of their world class educational courses and facilities. all the courses offered by these universities are well accredited and renowned all over the world.

main_imageNYU is recognized mostly and is known to be of high credentials. Students get an opportunity for their overall development because of a perfect balance between studies and participation in cultural events which happen throughout the year within the campuses. For distinguished facilities of rich library, highly advanced equipped practical laboratories and other amusement facilities such as gymnasiums, sports clubs and cultural clubs, New York University is rapidly becoming more and more preferable by almost all the internationals and national students to have an endeavoring educational experience.

All the professors and lecturers here are highly accredited and most of them have qualified the doctoral courses which makes the delivery of all lectures even more qualitative. They give students an in depth knowledge of each and every subject and every single topic of each subject.

Where else can you get such a bundle of benefits other than NYU?


The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art – New York

Cooper Union for the Advancement

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a private college. It’s situated in New York City, New York. Schools forming this college are the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, the Albert Nerken School of Engineering and the School of Art.

Most popular programs offered by the Cooper Union are
Master Programs

Master of Architecture II – for those who have gained bachelors degree in same discipline

Master of Engineering – opening a number of career opportunities in various engineering fields

Graduate programs

Bachelor of Architecture- for comprehensive study of architecture

Bachelor of Fine Arts- preparing architectures for future with knowledge of visual art

Bachelor of Engineering- offering engineering degrees in various disciplines like chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art runs a Financial Aid Office to help those students who can’t arrange for the whole expense of learning in the college. They suggest a number of options to such students and the ways to obtain the funds. They provide students with all required information on the process of applying for student loans and grants.

Students of the college can join any of the student organizations according to their interests. There are various Literary and Performance Groups, Professional and Honor Societies, Religious Clubs, Greek Organizations, Recreational Sports clubs and Ethnic Organizations to choose from.

The college is always there to take care of your emotional issues. It provides counseling for any kind of psychological disturbance. Whether you are having a family issue or facing problem in adjusting in the college, you can go for a counseling session. You can ask for either individual or group counseling. The staff at the college for counseling is quite friendly and supportive. They will pay full attention to your problems and try to alleviate it accordingly. These counseling sessions are kept very confidential.

Healthcare services provided by the college are also remarkable. The college provides utmost medical assistance in times of needs. Safety of the students is also taken good care of. Safety and security staff of the college are always ready to meet any emergency security problems.

The Center for Career Development of the Cooper Union suggests various programs for the students. It offers wide range of services like writing impressive resumes and cover letters, exploring latest job opportunities and polishing professional image. It has connections with some external organizations for recruitment purposes.