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Concordia College: What Is It Famous For?

images (8)While discussing about the improvement of the educational system the name of the state New York of course will take a place in the first row. The new york university ny is very much particular about the education of the students over there. The students of the next generation are the future leaders of the state who will take forward the state towards the gaining of further progress. Therefore they consider the students to get the best possible knowledges regarding their comfortable subjects to make the expertise on it and make the progress of oneself and the state with the help of it. Among the various institutes of new york university ny the Concordia College is one of the famous one.

images (9)Brief about Concordia College:

The Concordia College is  a famous private college in the university at new york which is founded in the year of 1891 by the Norwegian settlers. At first the institute was connected with the Evangelical Lutheran church in America. In the institute of new york university ny at first only the liberal arts were practiced. Later the higher studies of the arts are introduced in the college with the expansion of the college. The college of the university at new york is affiliated by the Higher Learning Commission. It has approximately 3000 students in it. Apparently the college deals with the Bachelor and Master degrees of Arts and its associated subjects.

The programs that the college offers:

There are various programs that the university at new york offers to the students. The programs have many courses within them. The programs are:

  • Undergraduate programs- in this undergraduate program of nyu new york university the students can get the subjects like biology, business, social work, liberal studies, church service vacations, ROTC, education, English, Special education, nursing, honors programs, English as a second language, new media etc. from which they can choose their preferred subjects and can go with it to complete their graduation.
  • Adult education- this is the name of the master degree programs of the nyu new York university. The program includes the liberal arts, business administration, health care administration, behavioral studies, health studies etc. for the students to make the expertise in the field.
  • Management programs- the management programs are there in the nyu new york university to get the degree in the management related subjects like the business management and many more.
  • Nursing programs- the nursing program of the college is very important an famous. Through this program the college makes the students prepare with the nursing training for giving the best health care to the patients.
  • Music- in the arts program the music is given the attention in a proper manner in the college. The students who are passionate about music can go through the course provided by the college to make their career in this field.
  • Other- the college has the other programs like the sports, and physical fitness, and many other co-curriculum activities to encourage the students in their study and student life.

Concordia College – A College In New York

Concordia College

Concordia College is a coeducational college situated in Westchester County, New York. It offers liberal arts programs of four year duration. It was founded in 1881. The college is affiliated with the Lutheran Church. The student to faculty ratio of the college is kept at 13:1. The college has gained accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


Under graduate programs of the college includes:-
Biology- for those who want to pursue career in field of biology

Education- preparing educators in various disciplines

Liberal Studies- interdisciplinary program with various course options

Social Sciences- for knowledge of any branch of social science with a systematic approach

English as a Second Language- for making students adroit in English language

Moreover, the college also conducts some adult learning programs, i.e. Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies. It also offers two masters programs, i.e. Masters in General/Special Education and Masters Program in Special Education. A Post Baccalaureate Nursing program is also being conducted by the college.

More than sixty % of the students reside on campus which clearly shows efficient campus life of the college. Students can choose from lots of clubs and organization like Alpha Mu Gamma, Arcade, Cheerleading, Festival Choir, Commuter Council, Delta Omega Pi, International Club, Nursing National Honor Society, Pre-Law Club, Poetry Society, Theta Zeta Upsilon etc.

Concordia College offers various scholarships including Regents’ Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, Alpha Beta Gamma Scholarship, Transfer Merit Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, Choir Scholarship, Girl Scout Gold Award etc. The college also assists students in finding part time employment while academic years to bear some of their educational expenses. It also provides students with some practical knowledge. Besides, the college is also there for guidance on student loans.

The college offers some very good health services to students through its Student Health Services. In addition to it a Fitness Center is also being run by the college which provides very effective services like fitness classes, weight management, posture rectifying exercises, cardiovascular programs, rehabilitation etc.

Moreover Career Development Center of the college assists students right from admission in the college. They will assist you in both on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities. They also have tie ups with a number of organizations for internships like MTV, PepsiCo, Westchester County Medical Center, Comedy Central, The American Red Cross etc.