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Columbia Law School-The Best Center For Law Studies

imagesAre you confused about your further studies? Are you even confused about which field to choose? If you are stuck up in this situation then; how about studying law from the Columbia University, University at New York? The Columbia Law School is one of the most prestigious schools in the world and has been in top five rankings ever since 1987. The Columbia School of Law at the Columbia University, university in New York is a professional graduate school and is located in Manhattan of USA.

It would be interesting for you to know that Columbia School of Law was among the first schools to establish both; international and comparative law centers. The School also has notable centers for the international law study including the Centre for Korean Legal Studies, the Center for Chinese Legal Studies, the Center for European Legal Studies, The Center for Japanese Legal Studies (the first and the only of its kind in USA), in addition to centers for Climate Change Law, Corporate Governance, Law and Politics, Law and Economics, and fourteen other centers for law studies and several law programs.

Interestingly, the Columbia School of Law at the Columbia University, university in New York established three new centers in July 2012:

I.            The Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership to provide studies in global financial markets and their distinct factors

II.            the Center for Constitutional Governance to study bringing together a dynamic roll of constitutional scholars who are closely engaged in the learning of the governmental relationships and structure which even includes experts who work on separation of powers and federalism issues

III.            the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration Law to study international arbitration at advanced levels

A lecturer in the Law School at the Columbia University, University at New York, Sonia Sotomayor was nominated as a judge to be images (1)a Justice of the Supreme Court by President Barrack Obama. Judge Sonia designed and co-taught “The Federal Appellate Externship” course in the Law School every semester. Such other Externships are offered by the Columbia School of Law every year.

Amongst other externship programs, the Law School offers an externship, which is full semester, on the federal government in Washington DC that allows students to gain real experience in government law establishments. Students are required to attend seminars conducted weekly and even write research paper. The Federal Government Externship comprises of the following three components:

  1. Field Placement: Students necessarily need to work for a minimum of 30 hours every week into legal work at any federal agency. There are various agencies that can be chosen to work in. some of them include the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and many others.
  2. Seminar: Each seminar in the Law School at the Columbia University, university at New York is lectured by eminent speakers and Law faculty at the Columbia. Students need to analyze these seminars and the role of lawyers in the federal offices thoroughly.
  3. Supervised Research: Students necessarily have to submit a research paper of 8,000-10,000 words on any topic associated with their field placement and externship.

With such a comprehensive coursework for law studies, any student is sure to have a bright career scope in the future.

Some Notable Aspects Of One Of The Most Dynamic Universities In New York-The Columbia University

images (1)When we talk about education, precisely high quality education, the Columbia University in the New York City is one of the most preferred institutions for higher learning. It is the fifth oldest university in the United States of America. The University campus was first located on the 49th Street and Madison Avenue and stood there for forty years but the president of the University, Seth Low thought of having a village of academics that has more space also that is why it shifted to its existing location on Morningside Heights in New York. It is considered to be the best university in New York for higher studies.

The architectural eye-candy of the Columbia University, University at New York, is its Low Memorial Library named after Seth Low’s father in his honor. The architecture of the building follows a Roman classic style which is also registered in the Register of Historic Places of the New York City. The library is filled with a rich collection of latest editions of books, journals, research, papers, and may other study materials.

The University in New York, the Columbia University offers a wide range of distinguishable courses across all the levels of education. It offers courses, programs, full time programs, part time programs, summer courses, fall winter courses, and certificate courses in diverse fields through its fifteen affiliated schools and colleges. The coursework designed by the Columbia University, university at New York is apt for all its courses offered which prepares students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their areas of study. The advanced level courses are unbeatable because the level and quality of research that is carried during the course of study is commendable. The research papers are also published on wider and renowned platforms to expose the quality of research that is carried out in this university of New York.

images (50)The Columbia University, university of New York offers distinct courses in varied spheres of study including Architecture, Dental studies, Medical studies, Engineering and Applied science, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, law. Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Business Management, and the list still continue. The campus is equipped with state-of-art educational facilities and infrastructure. Because of its wide sphere of courses, thousands of residents and international students desire to pursue education from this prestigious university at New York.

Columbia University is also remarkable for its dynamic and vibrant students’ life. The campus has many students union, clubs, sports clubs, social cause fraternity, and any other small students groups that function with an objective of addressing various issued in the campus that need to be improved. They also see to it that each and every student of the university is ensured security and safety. That is why; hardly few cases have been reported of abuse and discrimination. The university also has incorporated various laws and regulations to ensure safety of students in the campus.

The Columbia University in New York is known for its blend of education and extracurricular activities. That is why; students get an opportunity to develop in all aspects.


Name Of The Perfect Study Center Of NY: Columbia University

images (8)New York is the city where there is the scope for the people to grow them for their future ahead. The education is the main way to get established in the lives. Proper education can make the people perfect for their lives. The prosperity and the well living style are desired by every person in the world and the education makes the person to achieve those. In the New York City there are lots of possibilities for the people. So the students from several countries come to this city to make their future bright with the help of the learning and the knowledge regarding the particular subject in the New York University.

There are numerous educational institutions in the New York City and all of it consists of many programs and courses. The Columbia University is the most renowned among them. This is the most prestigious and adorable New York University of the city. Every student wants to have their education from the university. The Columbia University is one of the oldest New York University of the city. It was at first the place for the royal families. The people of the royal family can only get their education over there. It used to be the school for the families at first. Then later in the school had been opened for all the people. After that the school had been enlarged and by increasing the studies and the subjects and other all associated things the school had become the college. People started getting the benefits of studying the graduate courses over there in the university at new York. The numbers of the subjects and the departments started increasing in a rapid manner. After that with the help of the faculties and the others the college has become bigger and the program of the college started increasing and then it introduced itself as the Columbia University among the university at New York.

images (9)There are separate buildings for the departments in the Columbia University. There are departments of arts, language, and literature of various states, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and many more in New York university nyu. Many languages are also taught over there. People from several countries and the students of New York also come here to learn the languages in the university at New York. There are a separate set ups for the sports also. If the one wants to progress with the sports then there is the option for the one also. The campus is bigger than any other universities. There is a separate study center for the students and also the huge library.

As it is the most renowned university of New York so anyone cannot get admission in new york university nyu. The student has to have that much of ability to take up the studies over there. The admission procedure is a bit stricter than the others. Many students come here to get their education on the basis of the scholarship in new york university nyu. The faculty members and the professors who are with the responsibility of the teaching are award winners for their scholars.

Come At The Campus Of Columbia University, A World-Renowned Campus In New York

images (7)It was founded in the year of 1896 as the name of Columbia University, the new york university but before establishing this one it has to pass many stages like at first it was known as the King’s college or the center for the royal families only but later it was reformed as the Columbia School and then from increasing the domain it has introduced itself as the new york university.

The campus of the Columbia university:

The main campus of Columbia, the new york university almost covers the 32 acres of the land that means six city blocks. The campus owns 7800 apartments for the students and the stuffs in the university new york. The campus is called the Morningside Heights and it has a lot of buildings. The buildings are:

  • Low memorial library. This is the main library building of the university new york having the classical architecture and now it is served in the administrative works of the university new york and the central hall of the library which was primarily the reading room now used as the hall for the special events and exhibitions.
  • Low plaza: it is the open air place within the compound of the university which is used in the outdoor programs of the nyu new york university.
  • Kent: this is used as the East Asian library and the books related to the eastern culture and the language are found in nyu new York university.
  • Philosophy: the sculpture of The Thinker is the symbol of this building of philosophy comparative literature, English, French etc..
  • Buell Hall: this is the department of French, American Literature and Japanese architectural studies.
  • St. Paul’s Chapel: this is mainly used as the religious purposes in nyu new York university.
  • Avery Hall: this is used for the department of architecture, preservation and planning.
  • Fayerweather: this building at the northeast end serves for the department of History and Sociology.
  • Jerome Green Hall: it is the main building of the Law School of the university.
  • CASA Italiana: is the new building of the Italian academy and the advanced American studies.
  • International affairs Building: this is from the school of international affairs of Columbia.
  • Schermerhorn: this is the building for the study of the natural science.









  • Uris: it is the main building of the business school.
  • Schapiro center: this is the building of engineering and applied science.
  • Social work: the school of social work is studied over here.
  • Pupin Hall: this is a hall of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center: this is for all the members of the university.
  • Havemeyer: it is dedicated to the study and research of chemistry.
  • Mathematics: the name suggests the study over here.
  • Earl Hall: it is the headquarter of the religious studies.
  • Lewisohn: it is the school of general studies.
  • Dodge Hall: it is the school of art.
  • Journalism: this is for the study of journalism.
  • Alfred Learner Hall: the study center.
  • Butler library: the academic library.
  • Hamilton: the main college building.

Some Universities In New York

NYU_TORCH_TEXTOver a period of a decade, pursuing higher studies abroad has become very popular. Students prefer to pursue post graduation and doctoral degrees from international universities rather than native university. A lot of reasons are involved in doing so namely, different study experience, vivid campus life, international grades and accreditation, students mix, etc. For these reasons, New York has become a hub to maximum number of international students on their university campuses. In addition, New York University too has gained popularity as education destination.

The study culture, campus life, natural beauty and physical features of New York are favorable for having a perfect study atmosphere. The universities have a wide range of approximately 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions. The courses and syllabus are flexible whether to pursue full -time or part -time. Many vocational courses are also there in the syllabus and faculties. Students can learn any course they desire according to their respective eligibility criteria.

New York has become popular for its excellent universities, majorly the New York University. Most of the New York universities in New York have been rated five-star for their quality education. The Universities in New York are spread all over the city but mostly within the periphery of the city making it convenient for students to access the city comfortable. Universities situated in the important cities, automatically has gained additional advantage because of access to the city.

Universities in New York have varied courses for under graduation, post graduation, research and doctoral honors. The main streams include Engineering and Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Law, Research, Management, Theology, etc. All the universities offer scholarship programmes and financial support as the University believes in picking the potential students so that they not be deficient of pursuing high quality education. The syllabus and course structure is flexible and easily adaptable by students.

The Major Universities in New York besides the New York University are Cornwell University, Hamilton College, Cooper Union, Columbia University, City University of New York (CUNY), University of Rochester etc. All these universities rank among st the top universities in the world because of their world class educational courses and facilities. all the courses offered by these universities are well accredited and renowned all over the world.

main_imageNYU is recognized mostly and is known to be of high credentials. Students get an opportunity for their overall development because of a perfect balance between studies and participation in cultural events which happen throughout the year within the campuses. For distinguished facilities of rich library, highly advanced equipped practical laboratories and other amusement facilities such as gymnasiums, sports clubs and cultural clubs, New York University is rapidly becoming more and more preferable by almost all the internationals and national students to have an endeavoring educational experience.

All the professors and lecturers here are highly accredited and most of them have qualified the doctoral courses which makes the delivery of all lectures even more qualitative. They give students an in depth knowledge of each and every subject and every single topic of each subject.

Where else can you get such a bundle of benefits other than NYU?


Management Colleges In New York

New York is one of the top education destinations for pursuing higher education at an international level. New York has a lot of international students because of pleasant climatic conditions, natural beauty, availability and accessibility of daily needs etc. These reasons make New York City a “hot-spot” for studying environment.

New York boasts of one of the top universities in the world, the New York University. The quality of education the University provides is remarkable and worthwhile. The courses at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels are distinct and significant. They have the best of faculties and skilled professors to pass on the quality of knowledge to students. The campuses are well equipped with libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums and health clubs and sports clubs. The New York University in New York believes in studies along with recreation and amusement activities. It leads to an overall development of the student physically, mentally and socially. The University converts raw students into fine, confident and skilled students with the course  they follow.

Although New York University in New York has courses for all the levels of studies, but MBA is the most popular course for which students apply. MBA has gained popularity in due course of time. Additionally, MBA from New York University has also become famous because of the accreditation and recognition of the degree all over the world. The course ware followed is also vivid and adaptable for students which altogether give them an endeavoring study experience.

images (5)For global opportunities and recognition, students prefer to pursue MBA. It helps in overall grooming of the student, the knowledge and exposure the student gains is relatively of superior quality which overall creates a better impression. Below is a compiled list of best of the MBA colleges in New York:



  1. NYU Stern School of Business, New York university
  2. Columbia Business School, Columbia University
  3. CUNY
  4. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
  5. Graduate School of Business, Fordham University

The above list of the top 5 colleges in New York is the best to pursue MBA. These Universities have world-class facilities which are catalysts to make studies easy for students.  To give exposure to students, all the colleges organize study tours and guest lectures conducted by renowned lecturers on various subjects and topics. All the students are assigned various management projects to give Fordham-Universitythem in-depth knowledge about certain topics or subjects. Students are also aided with all the facilities which would be required for the completion of projection. The colleges even issue reference letters to students in case if they need to visit an outside library or any other institution. Through these reference letters, students easily get entry in the respective institutes to get access to their facilities or date.

It is a tough time for any student to choose a university which offers the best education programs for MBA. But undoubtedly, New York City is the best hub for education. So go ahead, and choose the best of the college to add value to your career and growth.

Some Renowned Universities In New York

New York is one of the dream destinations not just for tourism activities but for education. Thousands of students enroll themselves in one of the most prestigious universities in States, the New York University. New York has become a hub for students and educational institutes. The eligibility criteria to enroll in NYU are really cut-throat.  Not all qualify for admissions. Here is an overview of some of the top universities of New York.


Situated in Manhattan and established in 1831, the New York University is the most famous universities in States. It is a very vast University with 18 schools and colleges under it. It is the largest residential educational system which provides accommodation to nearly 12000 students. The New York University provides unbeatable educational courses facilitated with renowned and experienced professors. The start-of-art infraimages (4)structure of the University is worth mentioning. The University also hosts numerous cultural and sports activities for their students to emphasize on overall development. The average ranking of New York University is 22nd worldwide but the Philosophy School has been ranked No.1 globally.


The University of Rochester is a private university at New York known for its famous Eastman School of Music from which, most of the famous musicians today have passed out. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees along with professional and doctoral degrees. There are six schools in the University and various inter-disciplinary courses. The University is the 35th top school in USA because of its distinct programs. Experienced lecturers and advanced laboratory.


Another university at New York is the Cornell University. It is located in Inlthaca. This university offers plenty of courses and is open to all the national and international students. It has 14 colleges mostly for undergraduate and graduate students. This university is a hub for thousands of international students from across 120 different countries. The culture here seen is very diverse because of the presence of so many international students.


This university at New York is again a private university and is one of the oldest universities in USA. The University operates in several nations including France, China, Jordan and India. The Research programs offered by this university are worth mentioning because it has been ranked #1. Various other disciplinary courses are offered by this university. It has received many prestigious awards.


City University of New York is a public University with international students across 200 countries pursuing graduation and under graduation courses from here. The campus is too large because of which, it has been ranked at the 3rd position in USA for its wide area. This university is aided financially by the New York City. Various courses are offered by this university which are taught be renowned professors.

With so many public and private universities in New York, New York has become an educational hub for all the students who wish to pursue courses from here.

Columbia University – A University In New York

Columbia UniversityColumbia University is a private university in New York city, New York. Its complete name is Columbia University in the City of New York but it’s popular as Columbia University. It is fifth oldest institution of United States engaged in providing higher education and the oldest one in the state of New York. It includes a number of schools as follows:-

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation – offering programs in architecture, historic preservation, urban planning, real estate development etc

School of the Arts– offering programs in film, visual arts, theater art, writing etc

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences – offering programs in cultural studies, linguistic studies, statistics, sociology etc

Barnard College – offers programs in cultural studies, education, human rights, urban studies etc

Business School – offering programs like M.B.A., Executive M.B.A., Doctoral, Executive Education etc

College of Physicians and Surgeons – offering programs for those who want to make career in medical field

Columbia College – offers programs in liberal arts education

School of Continuing Education – offers programs in actuarial science, information & knowledge strategy, sports management, technology management etc

College of Dental Medicine – conducting various programs on dentistry

Engineering – offering degree programs in various engineering disciplines

General Studies – conducting various liberal arts programs

School of International & Public Affairs – offering programs like Master of International Affairs, Program in Economic Policy Management, MPA in Development Practice, MPA in Development Practice etc

Jewish Theological Seminary – offering programs in Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation, Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies, Jewish Professional Leadership etc

Journalism School – offering programs in M.S., M.A., Ph.D. etc

Law School – offering programs in advanced legal education, careers in law teaching, human rights, law and history etc

School of Nursing – offers various Masters, Ph.D and non degree programs

Mailman School of Public Health – offering programs in M.P.H, M.S. etc

Teachers College – offering courses in arts administration, english education, history, philosophy etc

Union Theological Seminary – offering programs in divinity, arts, philosophy, sacred theology etc

Columbia University offers world class student services. It provides counseling and psychological services throughout the academic years. Health services are also very excellent. They ensure well being of all the students and staff members of the university. It also grants a number of scholarships for deserving students. Students can seek guidance on students loan from the financial aid department of the university.