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College Of Saint Rose: Study In a large Campus With All The Facilities

images (10)The career of a person is the most important for the person to make the future well established. Therefore the modern system of life gives the maximum stress on the learning system as it is the process of making the capable future generation for the country rather the world to make it progressive more than ever. The New York City is one of the most dynamic cities of the world. It is said that the city does not sleep. Always active the city New York has many institutes like new york university to prepare the next generation for making the more improved world.

College of Saint Rose apparently:

This is a private college of new York university which was established in the year of 1920 by the sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet. It is sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Joseph Carondelet like the other five colleges of New York. The college is the reputed one college of the new york university. It has more than five thousand students and lots of programs for giving the students maximum options for their career.

The campus and its use in the college:

The main campus of the  college is mainly situated in the Pine hills that is beside the Albany of new york university ny. The main campus is about 46 acres of land. This main campus is divided into many parts. All separate buildings are there for the different images (11)purposes. Another building of the college is the Moran Hall which was formerly known as the Saint Rose Hall but later it came to be known as the Moran Hall by new york university ny. This is the building for the office use, faculty office and also for the departments of History and Political Science. Saint Joseph hall is the important four storied building which is in the middle of the Moran Hall and the Science center. At first it was consisted with the classrooms, auditorium, dormitory, dining and but later it was used as the center hall for the occasions or the ceremonies and other events of the college of new york university ny but now it is replaced by the study center of the students and also the career center. Albertus Hall is the main academic center of the college. The main academic facilities are found here university in new york. It is the established in the year of 1932. The event and the athletic center are situated in the Western Avenue and it is used for all the cultural and sports related activities. Else there is a William Randolph Hearst center for the department of communicative media. The Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary is the prayer hall for the university in new york. Thelma P. Lally School of Education consists of the education department and also it is used for the educational discussion and seminar. The Huether school of Business is the recent most building which is majorly allotted for the business related studies at university in new york.

Quick Facts About The NYU’s College Of Arts And Science

download-1When it is time to choose a university from which you got to pursue higher studies, this is the time you are jumbled up maximally. It is an important step of your life because you are about to build the foundation of your career. To make your decision making process easy, let us give a thought to one of the world’s oldest and the largest, and the most renowned university; the New York University. Isn’t it a great choice? Well, of course. The University of NY is located in Washington, the heart of the city NY.

How does it sound to you about earning a degree from the New York University College of Arts and Science (CAS)? It feels privileged, isn’t it? So let us take a ride and understand all the aspects of getting into CAS.

Known as the oldest and the largest academic unit of New York University, CAS was founded about over 180 years back in 1832 followed by founding of the NYU. The CAS offers two main degrees at under-graduation level; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.S. degree is awarded only for majors in Neutral Science, Chemistry or Physics.

NYU’s faculty of Arts and Science is the most rationale unit of the College which has 29 departments. 23 programs and centers and also 14 research centers. The Morse Academic Plan, also known as MAP curriculum of undergraduate liberal arts followed by CAS, is mandatory for all students to fulfill its requirements in order to receive the B.A. and B.S. degrees. The core curriculum is designed in such a manner that it puts students into analytical thought process and includes courses in social policy, western civilization, scientific inquiry, expressive culture and non-western societies. The curriculum demands proficiency in a foreign language and a recognized course in writing. Though it is not necessary but most of the students typically taken MAP course in the first (Freshman) and the second (Sophomore) years and also students are offered the flexibility to choose an option from several MAP courses at the foreign campus of NYU.

imagesTypically, CAS courses are mostly in to form of seminars conducted either weekly and semi-weekly lectures with most of the lectures divided into the form of recitation. The Faculty of Arts and Science are distributed into various divisions of Science, Humanities and Social Science and the Faculty boasts of many protuberant departments. Just to know a few facts about the New York University’s CAS’ departments- the Philosophy Department stands in the first position amongst 50 Philosophy departments in the world. The Economics department stands in between 5-10. The International Relations program ranks 10th nationwide and the Polity Department always seek a place in top 20 every year. Part of the Courant Institute, the Mathematics department is also considered to be one of the best worldwide, its citation impact ranks 5th, applied mathematics is ranked 1st because of maximum Abel Prize winners from here comparatively.

College of Saint Rose – A College In New York

College of Saint RoseCollege of Saint Rose was established in 1920. It’s a private college situated in Albany, New York. It’s an independent college. The college is a coeducational one. It’s affiliated with Roman Catholic Church. Schools incorporating this college are the School of Arts and Humanities, the School of Business, the School of Mathematics and Sciences and the School of Education.

Some of the undergraduate programs offered by the college are:-
Accounting – for enhancement of accounting skills

Biochemistry- for knowledge of chemical processes in organisms

Business Administration- for developing business management skills

Childhood Education- for pursuit of career as an educator

Computer Science – for knowledge of various computer applications

Special Education- preparing educators for children with special needs

Forensic Psychology- for application of psychology in criminal justice

History- for analyzation of stories and traditions of past

Mathematics– opening a number of career options

Music Education- For pursuing career as teacher of music

Psychology- for studying human psyche and behavioral pattern

Sociology- for knowledge of functioning of human society

Studio Art- Offering two degrees i.e. Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science


Graduate programs of the college includes:-
Art Education- preparing educators for art

Creative Writing- for those who have flair for writing

Communications- for development of communication skills required for various purposes

Adolescence Education- offered in various disciplines like Biology, earth Science, Mathematics, Spanish, Special Education etc

Bilingual Education- for study of two different languages through one program

Counseling- offered with various options

The Office of Financial Aid run by this college helps students in arranging funds for their education. It offers some scholarships and grants for qualifying students. Assistance and guidance on student loans are also being provided by the college. The college also provides counseling services for various issues like family problems, difficulties in relationships, any type of depression or any kind of addiction. These sessions are conducted in full confidential manner. These services are executed by licensed professionals.

College of Saint Rose is well aware of significance of good health in academic success. Health disorders can hamper learning of students in many ways. They can also cause depression and other mental disorders to develop. So the college provides state of the art health services.

The college runs a number of student organizations including ALANA Steppers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The Chronicle, Geology Club, Golden Notes, Ice Knights, Minority Association of Pre Medical Students, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Phi Alpha Theta – National History Honor Society, Saint Rose Jazz Educators and Students Against Destructive Decisions. Students can join any one of them according to their likings. Career Center of the college assists students in finding good career opportunities and be prepare for them.