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College Of New Rochelle: An Institution That Offers Women Empowerment

images (6)Everyone in this world wants to establish in their lives by every means. The establishment does not come easy. It needs a lot of effort. The proper knowledge makes it easy for someone to get the establishment. The knowledge needs to be gained by proper education and learning. Therefore the learning and education is essential to the lives of the people. For these reasons the education is given the maximum importance to the countries all over the world. The New York is one of them which has the huge options for the students to get educated by the subjects they like and make it the way to get success in life. Among the several institutes of new York the College of New Rochelle is one of the most renowned.

The College of New Rochelle:

The college of New Rachelle was the second college where the women can study also in the new York. The college of St. Angela was the images (7)first name of it. Then in the year of 1910 the name was changed to the College of New Rochelle. The college was first dedicated to the women who did not have the right to take higher education in those days. Then the coeducational study was started afterwards. The college includes twenty main buildings. It also has the a center for encouraging the students in sports and recreation which is called the wellness center including a fitness center, basketball court, large swimming pool for the competition, volleyball court, meditation center, indoor running practice place. There are computerized laboratories, production studios, library, and residence halls for the students.

The programs under the college:

The main motive of the college of new Rochelle is the development of the women properly. The college has progressed a lot in succeeding the improvement of the women by the means of education. The programs that the college offers to the students are divided into four schools like:

  • The school for arts and science- through this school the students over here have made their lives established. They choose and get the chance to prove themselves in the fields of science and arts in various careers.
  • The school for nursing- the nursing program makes the students totally prepared for the experience of nursing not only theoretically but also mentally and practically.
  • The school for the New resources- the new resources grow the leadership within the students and make them prepare for the future ahead.
  • The school for the Graduates- this program is for the higher studies of the students to make the knowledge and the learning utilized in the professional areas. The expert faculty members help the students in achieving the success in the respective fields through this professional courses and graduate programs.There are in the college options for the financial aid to the students who are in need of the financial backup to study further.



College of New Rochelle – A College In New York

College of New RochelleCollege of New Rochelle is affiliated with Roman Catholic Church. It’s a private college located in New Rochelle, New York. It was established in 1904 as women’s college but today three out of four schools of the college are coeducational. T he college is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and chartered by the Regents of the State of New York. Moreover, some of its programs have also gained specific accreditations. The student to faculty ratio is kept as low as 11:1 to ensure marvelous academic success of the students.

Schools comprising the college are School of Arts & Sciences, School of New Resources, School of Nursing and Graduate School. All schools except first one are coeducational.


Various programs offered by these colleges are:-
School of Arts & Sciences – This oldest school of the college has educated lots of women and take them to new heights of career. Some of the programs offered by the school are Art Education, Art Therapy, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Some pre professional programs are also being offered by the school.

School of New Resources – This school conducts programs for adults. Students can choose from Communications, Letters, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages and Psychology according to their interests and demand of the career.

School of Nursing – Healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly industries of the world. So, the opportunities for people having a degree in nursing are countless. The School of Nursing offers five such programs, i.e. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, R.N. to B.S.N. or Master of Science, B.S.N. program for people having degrees in other fields Master’s program with various further options taking to an M.S. degree and Post Master’s Certificate programs.

Graduate School – Through its three academic divisions i.e. Education, Human Services and Studies, Education, and Human Services, the Graduate School conducts 24 degree and 12 certificate programs. All programs of the School are designed to prepare skilled and qualified professionals of relevant fields.

The college provides opportunity of participating in any of its student organizations like Class Boards, The College of New Rochelle Student Nurses’ Association, Women In Lasting Defense of the Environment, Black Student Union, Black Ice, CNR Drama, Fly Angels, Phoenix etc.

The college provides all necessary student services. Health services of the college are there to take care of each and every student of the college free of any costs. For sound mental health, students can take counseling services of the college. These services offers counseling sessions for students confronting any kind of personal or emotional problems.