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How To Get Admission In The Colgate University?

download (3)The education system as a whole is growing faster than anything in the world. It is meant to be the carrier of the student life. The proper education system is not the burden of the trainees but they study it from the bottom of their heart. The education or the learning which is learnt by heart always becomes useful for the one. Now there are lots of options for the students to choose from them for their career. New York is the place where the several courses are served by several institutes like new york university. The professional courses are also taught over there to make the students enable of flourishing in their lives in the university of new york. Many institutions have the opportunities for the students to make the course in less expense. The bright students with less financial back up can be supported by it in university of new york.

The Colgate University:

The Colgate university of the university of new york which is founded in the year of 1817 by a family named Colgate is the center of liberal arts program. With lots of students and program courses the university has made its mark among the university of new york. The university is located in Hamilton occupying 515 areas of land in New York. Many students from the other countries also come in new york university to study their choicable subjects. The new york university as is the university of arts so the subjects concerned with the stream is taught over here. Most of all the subjects of arts are dealing here with. The students who want to make their career with arts can apply in the university to get better education regarding the subject and get established in the life.

images (5)The admission process of the university:

Each year many students apply in the university of new york to study but approximately the twenty five percent of the applications are accepted. The undergraduate students who passed the under graduation from the university of new york get admission in the university for the further study in the arts and the remaining students go for the science courses. Many students from the other countries also come over here for admission. The applications which are accepted are toppers of their classes. There are a particular percentage of students who are allowed to be admitted in the same. After accepting the applications the students have to appear in the test which determines the ability of the student. The individual aptitude test and the academic test are a special characteristic of the Colgate University.

The financial aid:

The financial aid is the other program that is made by the institute to encourage the students who have academic ability but lack the financial ability. The financial help of the institute makes the students study at the university to achieve what they deserve in their lives. This is also the extra opportunity of the university to help the deserving students to establish in their lives through proper education.



Engineering In New York Can Add Great Credentials

POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LOGOOver a period of time, education abroad has gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Moreover, New York has become a hot spot as education destination mainly because of favorable climatic conditions, accessibility of the city facilities and physical environment of the city.

New York has few of the top universities of the world; most importantly University of New York The quality of education each university in New York offers is incredible. Students tend to choose New York mostly for pursuing higher studies because of its superior quality of education and distinct courses. Each university at New York has vivid and advanced courseware in the main streams of Engineering and Manufacturing, Business Management, Health Sciences, Law and Research. The syllabus is vast and unbeatable.

The most common but important stream chosen by various students is Engineering. Every university in New York offers engineering and polytechnic courses for national and international student. All the colleges have the best of the faculties and expertise to teach students who choose engineering as their field. The syllabus followed is very professional and technical which gives students an in depth knowledge about the subjects. There are a wide range of specializations to choose from in the engineering field. The Engineering Colleges in New York are regulated by University of new York. The credentials are undoubtedly the best with five-star ratings in teaching. The top universities in New York who offer the richest courses in Engineering are as follows:

Barnard College: Meant specially for women, it offers a wide range of professional specializations at Bachelor’s degree level in the fields of Aerospace Avionics, Civil and Construction, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Medical and Process engineering. The University also offers Post graduate degrees in the fields of Railway Infrastructure, Engineering Management, and Project Management. Doctoral degree courseware is available named as Doctor of Philosophy (Hosted by Science and Engineering Faculty). The college is affiliated to the Columbia University.

17engineers-inline1-650Binghamton University: It is the most famous university known for having highest number of international students. This University has excellent courses for Bachelor degree of Engineering with unique courses in Aerospace, Computer Systems, Mining, and Architectural Design. Post graduation subjects include Bioresource Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, Materials Engineering.

Colgate University: This University boasts of courses in Engineering at graduate, post graduate and Research levels in Aerospace, Automotive and Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical and Biochemical, Civil, Computer & Network, Electrical, Surveying and Geospatial science.

New York University: One of the ancient and most renowned universities in the world, NYU offers basic and advanced courses developed for students who wish to make a career in Engineering in varied fields. There are all types of courses for undergraduates, post graduates and Honours Degree. There are distinct courses for Engineering and IT at all the levels of studies be it graduation, post graduation or Doctoral Honours. The course extends across various streams such as Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geomatics, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering and Structural Engineering. They have excellent infrastructure for performing practical equipped with New York’s largest library.

Colgate University – A University In New York

Colgate UniversityColgate University is a private University. It’s situated in Hamilton, New York. It offers liberal arts education. The college has been on the list of “America’s Best College” of 2011 edition of It also occupied space on the list of best liberal arts college of U.S. News and World Report in 2012.

When it comes to academic programs, the university offers majors in:-
Asian Studies- for understanding diverse culture of Asia

Biochemistry- for knowledge of physiochemical and chemical processes in organisms

Chinese- for understanding Chinese culture and literature

Computer Science- for acquiring computer application skills

Educational Studies- preparing teachers for various subjects

Environmental Economics- new branch of economics dealing with environmental policies

Environmental Studies- Establishing relationship between humans and environment

Geology- for understanding physical structure of earth

History- focusing all important aspects of human history

Japanese- for knowledge of Japanese culture and literature

Mathematics- for enhancement of Mathematical skills

Native American Studies- program offering proper information on Native American culture

Peace and Conflict Studies- for understanding nature of peace and conflicts

Physical Science- interdisciplinary program with various courses option

Psychology- for knowledge of human behavior concepts and patterns

Social Sciences- offering programs from all the branches of social science

Theater- for dexterity in theatrical procedures


Minor Programs Offered by the University are:-
Applied Mathematics- Mathematics involved in any other discipline

Creative Writing- for attaining expertise in writing creatively

Film and Media Studies- comprehensive study of visual mass media

Jewish studies- overview of Jewish culture and history

LGBTQ Studies- for study of sexual minorities

Linguistic- studying languages with multiple approaches

Medieval and Renaissance Studies- study of European civilization in medieval era

Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization- for learning origin of Islam in Middle East

Writing and Rhetoric- including written, oral and visual communication

Clubs and organizations of the students in university are Active Minds, African Students’ Union, Aviation club, Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition, Brothers, Center for Leadership and Student Involvement, Clean Water Coalition, Colgate Anti Racism Coalition, Colgate Ballroom dancers, Colgate Culinary Union, Colgate finance Club, Colgate Jewish Union, Colgate Portfolio, Colgate Student Travel Agency, Friends and mentors etc. There are more than 180 such clubs and organizations.

The university offers a number of fellowships and scholarships to its eligible students like Marshall Scholarship, Mitchell Scholarship, Watson fellowship, St. Andrew’s Scholarship, Carnegie Endowment, Truman Scholarship, Beinecke Scholarship, Fulbright mtvU Grant etc. it also assists students in obtaining student loans. Moreover the university provides assistance in solving career concerned issues of the students. Nothing is charged in lieu of these services by Colgate University.

For health and wellness of students, the university runs a student health center and a counseling center. Health center of the university provides various medical services to students. Counseling center is there to support students while coping up with their emotional issues. Career counseling services are also being provided to students.