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Clarkson university: Why Is It famous?

images (3)Education is the thing that removes all the prejudices and it helps the human race to progress further. Education helps the people to get the establishment in the life and make their life better than before. The proper education can change the life of the people a lot. They can achieve everything in their life with proper education.In the university of new york gives extra importance to the education of the mass over there and therefore it is the most dynamic city in the world. There are lots of choices in front of the students to go ahead with. They have the liberty in the university of new york to study the subject only which they like and make the expertise in the same to get the establishment in life.

Clarkson university:

There are numerous institutes in new york new york university for the students to study in several subjects. The Clarkson university is one of the university of new york. This was established in the year of 1896 and in the present it is situated in Potsdam of New York. There are about 3500 students in the university who are studying several courses offered by the university. The sisters of Thomas S. Clarkson founded the institute. At first this was known as Thomas S. Memorial school of Technology and then in the year of 1913 it came to be known as Thomas S. Memorial College of Technology and then in the year of 1984 officially it came to be known as the Clarkson University among new york new york university.

The programs of Clarkson University:

There are programs for the Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree and also the Doctoral Degree in new york new york university. The programs start from the pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, and ends up with the professional programs. There are many courses images (4)under each program like the course of arts and science, school of business, school of engineering,school of sustainable environment and so on in nyu new york university. There are more than fifty major and minor programs for the undergraduate level. It is enough to testimony how much options the students get to study over there. There are the courses like engineering at the undergraduate level also the management, environmental science, digital arts and digital science, innovation and entrepreneurship. In the graduate programs of nyu new york university there are courses of arts and science, sustainable environment, course of business, engineering, business administration, physical therapy, philosophy. These are all courses which are for the masters degree and the doctorate degree.

Role of the faculty:

The faculty members of the nyu new york university are very helpful. The conception of small size classroom is followed over here to give the attention to the students individually. The students can discuss their problems and needs of the faculty members. For the professional courses also the students are helped by the faculty members. The professional courses are for making the student prepare to utilize the learning of the course professionally. The positive activities of the students are encouraged by the faculty members to let them rip by naturally.

Clarkson University – A University In New York

Clarkson University New York

Clarkson University New York

Clarkson University was founded in 1896. It’s a private university. The 640 acre campus of the university is situated at Potsdam, New York. It claims its student to faculty ratio to be 13:1, which really is low enough to provide better learning to students.

The university offers a number of undergraduate courses. Major Programs are Below –
Aeronautical Engineering- programs on techniques and designs of aircrafts

Biology- career oriented program in biological studies

Chemical Engineering- understanding concepts of chemical science

Communication- for enhancement of communication skills

Computing Programs- can be chosen from five different courses or combination thereof

Electrical Engineering- for pursuit of career as electrican engineer

Environmental Engineering- program based on environmental science

Environmental Science and Policy- comprehensive study of environmental concepts

Mechanical Engineering- for gaining dexterity in functioning of machines

Political Science- for knowledge of political machinery

Psychology- for knowledge of human behavior and psyche

Social Science- for understanding aspects of social world


Minor Programs
American Studies- Program focusing American culture

Biomedical Engineering- for pursuing career in healthcare

Business- for understanding fundamentals of basic major functions

Communication- for enhancement of communication skills

Economics- for knowledge on utilization of available resources

Environmental Health Science- for study of relation between environment ant humans

Information Technology- for comprehensive knowledge of web technology

Literature- have knowledge while enjoying work of great writers

Philosophy- learn through thoughts of great thinkers

Project Management- for skills required for project managers

Sociology- for knowledge of functioning and structure of society

War Studies- study various aspects of war

Moreover, Clarkson University also conducts some concentrations like Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material Engineering and Structural Engineering. In special programs there are Honors, Pre Law, Pre Physical Therapy, ROTC, Pre Dentistry, Pre Medicine and Ore Veterinary.

Students of the University can have fun in their academic life through a number of organizations like Anime Club, Bowling, Clarkson Men’s Hockey, ECO Club, Foodies, Gay-Straight Alliance, ISO, Math Club, Pep Band, Men’s Rugby, SPECTRUM, Ultimate Frisbee Club, AICHE, Alpha Phi Omega, Black Student Union, Cheerleading Club, College Republicans, Construction Management Speed Team, Electric Snowmobile Team, Field Hockey Club, Friends of India, IEEE, Knitting for the Needy, Mixed Martial Arts, National Society of Leadership and Success, Omega Chi Epsilon, Phalanx, Physical Therapy Club, Rocketry Club, Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers, Strength and Conditioning, Tennis Club, Turkish Club, Women in Business etc. A lot more are there to be chosen from.

For health and wellness of students, the university runs a student health center and a counseling center. Health center of the university provides various medical services to students. Counseling center is there to support students while coping up with their emotional issues. Career counseling services are also being provided to students.