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Engineering In New York Can Add Great Credentials

POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LOGOOver a period of time, education abroad has gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Moreover, New York has become a hot spot as education destination mainly because of favorable climatic conditions, accessibility of the city facilities and physical environment of the city.

New York has few of the top universities of the world; most importantly University of New York The quality of education each university in New York offers is incredible. Students tend to choose New York mostly for pursuing higher studies because of its superior quality of education and distinct courses. Each university at New York has vivid and advanced courseware in the main streams of Engineering and Manufacturing, Business Management, Health Sciences, Law and Research. The syllabus is vast and unbeatable.

The most common but important stream chosen by various students is Engineering. Every university in New York offers engineering and polytechnic courses for national and international student. All the colleges have the best of the faculties and expertise to teach students who choose engineering as their field. The syllabus followed is very professional and technical which gives students an in depth knowledge about the subjects. There are a wide range of specializations to choose from in the engineering field. The Engineering Colleges in New York are regulated by University of new York. The credentials are undoubtedly the best with five-star ratings in teaching. The top universities in New York who offer the richest courses in Engineering are as follows:

Barnard College: Meant specially for women, it offers a wide range of professional specializations at Bachelor’s degree level in the fields of Aerospace Avionics, Civil and Construction, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Medical and Process engineering. The University also offers Post graduate degrees in the fields of Railway Infrastructure, Engineering Management, and Project Management. Doctoral degree courseware is available named as Doctor of Philosophy (Hosted by Science and Engineering Faculty). The college is affiliated to the Columbia University.

17engineers-inline1-650Binghamton University: It is the most famous university known for having highest number of international students. This University has excellent courses for Bachelor degree of Engineering with unique courses in Aerospace, Computer Systems, Mining, and Architectural Design. Post graduation subjects include Bioresource Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, Materials Engineering.

Colgate University: This University boasts of courses in Engineering at graduate, post graduate and Research levels in Aerospace, Automotive and Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical and Biochemical, Civil, Computer & Network, Electrical, Surveying and Geospatial science.

New York University: One of the ancient and most renowned universities in the world, NYU offers basic and advanced courses developed for students who wish to make a career in Engineering in varied fields. There are all types of courses for undergraduates, post graduates and Honours Degree. There are distinct courses for Engineering and IT at all the levels of studies be it graduation, post graduation or Doctoral Honours. The course extends across various streams such as Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geomatics, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering and Structural Engineering. They have excellent infrastructure for performing practical equipped with New York’s largest library.

Brad College – A College In New York

bard college new yorkBrad College is a private college offering liberal arts education. It’s situated in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. It was established in 1860 as Saint Stephen’s College. The student to faculty ratio of the undergraduates of the college is 9:1.

As discussed earlier, mainly the college offers programs in liberal arts learning.


Undergraduate Programs
Dance – for those who have flair for dancing

Photography- for making career as a photographer

Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures- for understanding culture of various civilizations across the globe

Biology- for a number of career opportunities in field of biology

Mathematics- for enhancing mathematical skills

Anthropology – for studying story of development of humans and human society

Historical Studies- for analyzation of stories and traditions of humans

Religion- for understanding religions in better way

Asian Studies- for enhanced understanding of Asian culture and languages

French Studies- for gaining adroitness in French language and literature

Italian Studies – for having comprehensive knowledge of Italian culture and traditions

Spanish Studies- for complete knowledge of Spanish language and culture

Global and International Studies- for analyzing relations among various countries of the world

Jewish Studies- for knowledge of Jewish traditions, practices and history

Middle Eastern Studies- for comprehensive knowledge of cultures of Middle east

Theology- for studying various religions and gods


Graduate Programs
Environmental Policy- Study policies which can be very efficient for environment

Music- for those who are music buffs and want to make career in the field

Curatorial studies- for pursuing career as a curator

Photography- for those who have flair for photography and want to make it a career

Some Student organizations of the college are there to keep students entertained during academic life like Asian Student Organization, Bard Free Press, Buddhist Meditation Group, Darfur Action Campaign, Latin American Students Organization, Philosophy Discussion Group, Students for a Free Tibet etc. The college also takes good care of the health of the students through its health services. These services are available throughout the academic life of students in the college.

Brad College also offers very good counseling services. These services are available if you are depressed about something, facing difficulties in relationships or any other issue is bothering you. Career services provided by the college are also magnificent. They maintain list of latest job and internship opportunities.