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Innovative Programs Of Boricua College For The Students

download (5)The every person of the world wants to lead a life with full of prosperity. Everyone wants to be self established and for the self establishment the proper build up of the career of the person is needed. Therefore the people in this world give stress on the education and it does not refer to some bookish knowledge but the knowledge of the depth. The New York is the city where the education is taught in the mean to make the student to gain the proper knowledge from it. There are several new university new york in New York which give the students the scope to achieve the knowledge for their career ahead. The institute of Boricua is one of the new university new York.

About the university in brief:

The Boricua College is one of the celebrated educational institutes of new university new York. The College was established in the year of 1974. From then onwards the institute has maintained the reputation of it. The students from several countries besides the students of the New York come over here to study in new york university nyu. This is a private college and it has the affiliation with the National Association of Colleges and universities. The college consists of four campuses like in the Washing heights, Brooklyn, Bronx, and in Williamsburg.

download (6)Procedure of teaching:

The thing that makes the Boricua College different from the other colleges is the procedure of teaching they follow to help the student in studying in new york university nyu. In general the colleges follow the traditional method teaching in which the students study the notes for getting marks and good result only but in this process adopted by the Boricua College of new york university nyu the students become able to understand the entire thing whole-heartedly to implement it properly in their practical life. Some of the processes are:

  • Individualized program: this is the most innovative and special process of Boricua College in nyu new york university for the student. In this process the student can meet the faculty members and the higher authorities for the needs regarding the study. They can be counseled individually and the importance to the particular is given in this process so that the students gain maximum benefits out of the course.
  • Colloquium Study: in this process the group of the students can meet the faculty for discussing and sharing their opinions regarding the program in nyu new york university they are availing.
  • Experimental way of study: the students here are given the power to get involved in the experiments of the college in nyu new york university regarding the improvement of the college as a whole including the study programs.
  • Theoretical study: this is a common method of lecture without which the process of study cannot be taken forward.
  • Cultural studies: the college gives stress in the creative cultural qualities of the students also beside the educational upbringing which the college thinks to be as important as the studies of regular programs.

Boricua College – A College In New York

Boricua CollegeBoricua college is situated in New York City, New York. It’s a post secondary college. It was established in 1974. It’s a private college. The college is affiliated with National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


Some of the popular programs offered by the college are:-
Bachelor of Science in Human Services – This program can be chosen for pursuit of career as human service practitioner. These professionals provide consultancy and assistance to people for coping up with their adversities of life.

Master of Science in Human Services – Next step of Bachelor of Science in Human Services enabling students to pursue a good career in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education – this program is for those who want to be educator. By getting a degree of this program you can be a teacher in childhood education.

Bilingual Education Extension Certificate – This program enables you to seek employment as an educator of bilingual programs. It gives you adroitness in two languages.

Master of Science in TESOL Education – This degree can be earned for pursuing career as teacher of English to speaker of other languages. English has become global language. So TESOL teachers are in high demand.

Bilingual Education Extension Certificate – It is a certificate program which offers study of two languages. It opens a number of career opportunities for students by enabling them interact in two languages.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – This program entails practices and procedures of business management. It doesn’t just enable you to find good managerial jobs but also develops entrepreneurship skills in case you want to establish a business of yours or join your family business.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences – These programs offer a number of courses to be chosen from. Some years back there was a belief that such programs don’t make people eligible for any jobs but nowadays the story has changed. A degree in such a program opens doors of a number of openings for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Inter-American Studies – If you want to know about American culture, this program is best for you. This program is combination of various courses relating Central, North and South American culture. It also establishes relationship among them.

Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies – If Latin American and Caribbean culture then you can go for degree in this program. It explains the relationship between culture of the people around Caribbean Sea and the Latin Americans.

For those who can’t afford the expenses of the college, there is full financial assistance. The college offers a number of educational grants and scholarships. If the student doesn’t qualify for them, then the college is there to help them raising student loans. Both the Federal and private loans are being disbursed there.